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Astrology -- New: Celtic Astrology - What Kind of Tree are you?

Hello there! I had a feeling you might want to pop in here for a wee visit! ha,ha! Some people secretly take a peek to see what might be in store for them or to gain a little insight into themselves, and others study Astrology very seriously... I'm somewhere in the middle. I love Astrology, and started studying Numerology, Chinese Astrology and Color about Ten Years ago. And I've been to a Psychic twice, and each time it had a profound affect on me -- there always seems to be some information that hits on what you need direction in, so I like that, too. My feeling is that anything that helps to shed a little light on your life is a good thing, right?? Anyway, it's endlessly fascinating to me, so I thought I really oughtta share some of what I've learned over the years with you, My Lovely Reader!

You can check your own Annual Horoscope from -- you can have a wee peek at the Astrological Sign of someone you might like, or your Family and Friends to gain a little more insight into their Personalities. It's surprisingly accurate, and fun to read!

Okay, so now you know I can be a procrastinator (some would say lazy, but they don't know me! hahaha!), not changing this link from 2006, but it'll take you straight into, and that's what you're after, anyway, so it's all good 'til I get around to fixing it!

Aries , Taurus , Gemini , Cancer , Leo , Virgo , Libra , Scorpio , Sagittarius , Capricorn , Aquarius , Pisces

I am Pisces (Piscean, technically...), so it's no big surprise that I enjoy Writing -- it is a bit of a surprise that I learned how to actually run my own Website, though, but I was determined to 'get my writing outr there'... you know how that is! I used to live in California, right down by the Ocean (a great location for a Piscean!), and there were plenty of opportunities for Writers down there, but now I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (technically, I live outside of Calgary... in 'The Boonies'!), and I don't write about living on the Prairies, which is what the vast majority of Published Canadian Authors write about, so I had to come up with another method of getting 'out there', so that's how this Website came to be. Now it totally has a life of it's own, which is pretty neat.

Dwight, my ex-husband, is also Pisces, so it's a miracle and a half that we have any money between us, since typically Pisceans let money just sift through their fingers and they aren't able to save it. Luckily, Dwight is a very good little 'Saver', and I am quite frugal, so between the two of us, we've managed to accumulate a wee bit, and then got into the Real Estate Market, where we are doing quite well. (Check out my wee hoosie! That's Scottish for 'House'! ha,ha!)

First, I've put together some good Sources for you to peruse, to see what this coming year might hold for you (my guess is that you will do very, very well, will discover a way to make an absolute Fortune, will buy some Land and Build a Great House, but that's just what I see!).

I am a real believer in Luck, and have been known to do many 'odd' things that I consider 'Lucky'! ha,ha! Ah, well. That's just me ... and perhaps it's you, too! For years I carried around this little 'Love Doll' -- it's tiny and it was at the bottom of my purse for God Knows how long, but I felt it kept me connected. Strangely enough, when I didn't need that anymore, I lost it. Weird, eh? Anyway, you can find that sort of thing at these Links.

I think the whole thing about Luck is that you prepare yourself for whatever it is you want to do, be, or whatever person you might want to be with, then when a 'Lucky Opportunity' arises, Whammo, you're all ready. Now that's real Luck!

Oh, and here's a bizarre little fact about me -- I can find 4, 5 and 6 Leaf Clovers all over the place. I have no idea why, except that I've been obsessed with 4 Leaf Clovers since I was very young, and love to search for them. We actually have patches of Four-Leaf Clovers on this Property where we built this house -- now what does that mean?? ha,ha!

<SM_Destinyy_125x125><SM_125x125karmaa>Oh, and has their very own Horoscope Section! It's Free and a lot of fun! And you can check out all the gorgeous shoes, too! Click on any of the Steve Madden Links from my Site and you'll see the Horoscope section on their Homepage under Entertainment.

Astrology *Astrology - Aries , Taurus , Gemini , Cancer , Leo , Virgo , Libra , Scorpio , Sagittarius , Capricorn , Aquarius , Pisces - Gifts for Women

My all-time favorite Book about Astrology is Linda Goodman's Star Signs -- it's bang-on accurate, and a great laugh at the same time.<Linda Goodman's Sun Signs
Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

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Check out your Individual Astrological Forecast for ... Aries , Taurus , Gemini , Cancer , Leo , Virgo , Libra , Scorpio , Sagittarius , Capricorn , Aquarius , Pisces

One of my favorite Websites for Astrological Forecasts is It's Free, and a good read. I first came across Rose Marcus in a Financial Magazine, which appealed to my sense of humor, so of course I went in to check it out. It's always an interesting Forecast, and there's a new Astrological Forecast every month, so you can pop in at the beginning of every month. (Come here, first, though! ha,ha! I love a Visitor!)

TIBETAN PERSONALITY TEST My friend, Steve, sent this to me, and it has to do with the importance of Color, so it's a cool 'test' -- you'll like it!

So it turns out that there are a ton of things on eBay to do with Astrology -- who knew?? I'll tell you, everything is in there! Just remember to learn through my little mistakes, and don't click the 'Buy Now' Button unless you really, really mean you want to actually 'Buy it now'! Man, why I can't learn the easy way is beyond me! ha,ha,ha!


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If you've been watching the News and wondering how you can Give Something, click here for more Info. You can check out the American Red Cross or the Canadian Red Cross, too, since their Relief Efforts are going straight to the Tsunami Victims, Thank God.

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It's a Great Big Site, chock full of all sorts of Fun Stuff and Useful Information... take your time and have a wee look around -- I think you might be surprised by some of the stuff you find!<


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At Home with Ailsa Finally, I have time to add a Daily Chat Section. (Now I've run out of time and it's more like a Weekly Update!)I'll tell you what I think about stuff, and you write and tell me what you think. I think everybody needs a voice for some topics (well, maybe not everybody -- some people are just idiots ... ). I called it 'At Home with Ailsa' because, you guessed it, I'm always At Home! Come on in and see what's goin' on, today! Check out the New House Pictures!!

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Hey, check this out! I found a great Link for you to get one of these Personal Breathalizers. It's called a Digital Alcohol Detector. Use the Coupon Code AILSA (recognize the Name?? ha,ha!) for an extra 5% Off! Scooore! We'll Save Lives AND Save Some Money!

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