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Sports Memorabilia

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Hey, remember I bought the Saints Jerseys for Christmas Presents, this year? Well, the Seller is great, and his seller's name is Soundofheaven.. can you GET a better name for a guy who sells SAINTS JERSEYS??? So I found the link -- his prices are crazy-low (like, under $25., plus Shipping), especially right now when he has them on sale for the Super Bowl, so go get you one!! Tell him Ailsa sent you in, too! I'll write and tell him I just put him on my site -- he'll be all excited about that, too! Go, Saints, Baby!!

Hello you Sports Fans, You! I don't know whether you're a Long-time Reader of Build Your Own House, or you just popped in to check out my Sports Page, but either way, I hope you find what you're looking for in here. In case you've never Ordered on-line, it's very safe and easy, and when it arrives in the Mail a few days (or Weeks, depending on what you've Ordered!) later, it feels like a Present to yourself! ha,ha!

I just ordered some Football Jerseys online, yesterday (The New Orleans Saints!), so I'll let you know how they look when I get them ... I'm excited about it, though, because it was super-easy to order them, and I feel like I got a pretty good deal, too. I got some emails from the Merchants, this morning, and the Jerseys have already shipped... now that was fast! I love when I can get what I want, and I don't have the hassle of getting dressed! hahahaha! (Okay, I think I might be the only one really amused by that, unless you've seen my iMovie, and now you're picturing it, too...! hahaha! Happy Shopping!

I've found some really good sources for 'All Things Sports' that I thought you would like -- and a few other things, too!

GO, LAKERS!!! Yes, I live in L.A., so I loves me da Lakers!! L.A. Lakers, all the way, Baby!!

Donate to a great group of kids I know -- The Baldwin Hills Youth Football Association needs your Help, and it's Tax-Deductible, too. There are over 500 kids in this Volunteer Youth Association, and they really need the help with their Funding, so if you would like to give a donation, or know a company who would like to help them out, pop into this page to get the Tax I.D. Number and the rest of the information you will need to make a donation. Thanks!! :) xox

Hey, you know what's funny? Every year I call my great old friend, Les, during his annual Superbowl Party, and every single year, everyone's too drunk to talk -- must remember to call before the Fourth Quarter! Les lives in Los Angeles, and I used to always go to the Superbowl Parties when I lived in L.A., too (oh, those were the days!), but now I'm up here in the Land of the Snow (Alberta), so I just have to call. Always an entertaining chat, though, with a whole lot of "Elsa!! Elsha... when you comin' back, Girl??" Technically, my name is Ailsa, pronounced like 'Ale', the beer, and then a 'Sa', as in delicious salSA, but that's tricky enough when you're sober, so I'm fine with "Elsha", spoken with love & affection! ha,ha,ha!

Oh, hey, guess where I got to go, a while back?? Dwight scored a couple of fabulous (everyone at the Hockey Game says 'fabulous', only some folks not as loudly as the others, mostly out of fear of incrimination, whatever that means...!) seats at the Opening Calgary Flames Hockey Game! Yahoo, Hockey's back!! Oh, and we missed it so... Some cynics said that Hockey Fans wouldn't forgive the Players for the Strike (and the length of the Strike), but that ain't so. People were sooo excited to see the Players skate back onto the ice -- including slightly drunk me! ha,ha,ha!


MLB Snow Globes, Christmas Stockings, MLB Santa Hats, NFL Santa Hats, and so much more! Star Struck's newly designed website is filled with thousands of gifts for any and all team sports fan! From fun stocking stuffers to MLB Authentic Customized Jerseys or our popular Customizable Replica Jerseys! Free Shipping on all orders over $75.00.

More great links for you to find your Hockey Gear -- really good prices and it's easy to Order online. is a great Source for the Rubber Wristbands, too -- they have them for all the Causes (like the Lance Armstrong LiveStrong Bracelets...), and almost anything else you can imagine. Don't let the Pokemon stuff throw you off, although I did find this Company because my 6 year old son, Aidan, loooves all things Pokemon!

You can get your Sports Team Logo, here...

Find Out about the Wholesale Custom Buffwear (Like on Survivor!) I have a great Wholesale Connection!

NEW These hats are what the players wear on the field and are great for fan or sports sites.

NFL: With the pre-season wrapping up and the official season beginning - fans will want this year's Sideline Cap - the Hard Count. This is the 2005 Official Players Sideline hat that the players wear on the sidelines. They go great with an NFL Jersey! Don't forget all the great new collector's helmets and authentic helmets. These are great as gifts or for the office.



Personalized Products: Put Your Gym Logo on a Buff! Find Out about the Wholesale Custom Buffwear (The Buffs they wear on Survivor) - Customized Wristbands, Baseball Caps, T-Shirts, and More...

Yahoo!! Hockey is Back, and I'm pretty sure all the Fans will come on back, too... some folks are still mad about the whole Strike-thing, but they'll get over it as soon as their Team wins a few games!

So this is here so you don't, God Forbid, forget about Valentine's Day -- you can't go wrong with this lovely Ring! And let's just say that you might be a guy (or know a guy) who thinks that if you give a Girl a Ring, you're there for Life (don't say that like it's a Sentencing Hearing! ha,ha,ha!). No, no. Not necessarily for Life, but you will be more likely to be allowed to stay a bit longer than if, say, you don't give any gift, or give a crappy one... them's the rules! Think of it as Relationship Insurance... Ya'ha,ha!

Now here's a wee treat for you and you can really get away with this sort of 'gift' on Valentine's Day, so go ahead and have a wee look through, and see what looks good to you! ha,ha,ha!

Yahoo!! Hockey is Back, and I'm pretty sure all the Fans will come on back, too... some folks are still mad about the whole Strike-thing, but they'll get over it as soon as their Team wins a few games!

(This is old...!) Ugh, I've sooo had it with Hockey, this year. Man, why oh why couldn't they work that out?? I hope that doesn't cause people who finally turned to Hockey after such a great season last year to go back to whatever else they were watching, before (bowling, maybe...!). Ah, well. If I ever hear anything positive, I'll let you know. Until then, we have Football, right??

I read a little blurb on an email, a while ago (from a reputable Company, but still, I'm hopeful, but a little skeptical!) that Hockey Season is going to start soon... Is it really true?? I have to go check it out, but I'm thrilled if it does, 'cause Hockey is my favorite Sport!

Now, what happens to the Players who have already moved back to their Homelands to play on the European Teams? Do they come on back, or will they be gone for the whole Hockey Season? Okay, really, I'm just wondering about Kippersoff on the Calgary Flames, since we're in Calgary and the Calgary Flames are our Faves! Go Flames, Go!!

But I'm thrilled at the thought of a whole Season of Hockey -- I hope to God that's true, and not some sort of cruel hoax for Internet Folks like me! ha,ha,ha!

Quick Update: Yahoo, it's true, Hockey's Back, and I've already been to a Game, so it's on, Baby, it's on!

October 15th, 2004. Ugh. What idiot came up with that stooopid information to make Hockey Fans all excited?? Well, I know who came up with it, and that's why I was soooo disappointed when I was watching the Sports News on October 13th (what was supposed to be the beginning of Hockey Season...), and the Sportscaster said that Hockey was a No-Go. Ooooh. That sucks! How much hope should we hold out for a Late Start to the Season?

Well, if I hear anything at all that seems hopeful, I'll let you know, but you're probably on the look-out for the same info that I am, so maybe you can write to me! ha,ha!

And Congratulations to all the Red Sox Fans! Wow! What a Series! Curse, schmurse! Now all we need to do is get the Hockey back on track, and we're all set! (Man, I must have written this a long, long time ago!)

Now you can use this Link to Bet on any of your favorite Sports Teams -- and now they have a section where you can even Bet on the U.S. Election!

Make sure that if you Fly a lot (or just plan to bring your Memory Stick with you) that you get the Swiss Army Memory Stick without the Knife -- they'll just take that from you at the Airport.

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