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Fan Mail (No Kidding!!)

Hey, I'm getting some very sweet Fan Mial! ha,ha,ha,ha! That's sooooo funny! Good thing I put in extra-large doors, so I can still squeeze my head through the door!

Don't you loooove e-mail?? You can write anything to pretty much anyone (and I do...maybe I'll drop a line to Mr. Gates..."Hi, Bill! Can I call you 'Billy'? No?? Okay, let's try to get back on track...how's about slippin' me a few grand?? I mean a few Hundred Grand...you won't even miss it...you probably haven't even counted it yet..." ) Rich people looove letters asking them for money -- it's their favorite part of their day. I think... I guess I'll have to get back to you on that as soon as I hear back from 'Billy'! chortle, chortle!

Just so's you know, I don't edit these letters, because they're more fun to read when they're in their 'natural state'!

Wanna be read by millions?? Seriously! Drop me a line and I'll post it! buildyourownhouse@hotmail.com

Hey Ailsa!

I am just popping into your site after such a long time being away, i really have to get back more often, reading a few months of updates in one night can, whew, take a lot out of a girl! lol

So, Greg, my personal hero when it comes to the world of dating, you may have heard of him, he wrote a little book, "he's just not that into you" has now come out with a new book. "it's called a break-up because it's broken" i can't wait to get my hands on that book. Every woman needs a Greg in their life, usually easier if he's a gay man, just cause the straight ones will ruin a friendship over sex (see i did read "he's just not that into you"!), that man who will tell you "sister, you need to dump his @ss! :)

omg! i just realized i am not reading about rock star inxs on your pages! how could you miss that! A woman who easily admits to watching a lot of tv and loves reality shows! Dwight would even had liked it! a lot of good old classic rock, and now that JD Fortune is the new lead singer, and you may have heard a little song called "pretty vegas" on the radio. And no, I do not like him just cause he's from NS (Nova Scotia), or if you read the msn page on him, "lived in the country just outside of nova scotia", hmmmm, well call that province NB (New Brunswick) and no, that's not where he's from, lol. the cat scraps! the fights! the drama! sorry Dwight the girls (most of them) were fairly well dressed! JD though, at time he gives that look and *sigh* i just can't describe it in a very lady-like manner. but there is melting and lots of sighing involved. lol

at work we have a small "library". these books are self help books aimed to work. i just recently read a great one, "don't sweat the small stuff at work" and to be honest, what i was reading in there applied to more than just work, can totally be applied to life. it's a quick read, not all demographics and studies, but nice small summaries with nice short stories in it. it was really great, the author (sorry i don't remember his name) i believe has another book named "don't sweat the small stuff". something for you to check out. very good read.

ok, i am keeping it short and sweet, i must be going to sleeps! wow, i really have to keep more up to date with your site, and keep surfing it more regularly, cause i am up for HOURS reading stuff that i have missed, updates on ask Ailsa and all that good stuff.

hope the family is going well and we need more pictures in the updates! definitely some of the new mantles! :)


Hi, Theresa! So nice to hear from you! What's happening with your lovelife, now?? I love 'Greg' -- great advice! I haven't read the new book, but I'll pop it on my Book page for all 'da goils' out there...
I've read Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, and I was good up until the real estate section, and the idiot bit about always take a vacation (a great vacation), no matter what. Stooopid. Too expensive, and I don't agree with living like a pauper all year to take a great vacation. I'd rather have a great life all year round, and do something affordable... wonder if those are my Scottish Roots showing?? ha,ha,ha! (reminds me, better colour my hair again, soon!)
My favorite new 'Self-Help' books are The Four Agreements and all the rest of don Miguel Ruiz' books, particularly 'The Mastery of Love'. You'd love it. Very practical.
I never did see Rockstar Inxs, but I heard it was good. A lot of the Shows have gone downhill, this year, sadly enough. The Amazing Race, Family Edition is crap... lucky Survivor is still good!

Anyway, better get going -- have to get to the Gym, and actually do some work on the Site, today! Was painting even more trim out in the garage, yesterday -- have about another 1000 feet of Trim to go, then we're finally done -- who knew this job would last sooo long?!

Talk to you soon, Love & Laughter, (and I really mean that!), Ailsa

P.S. When my computer was fixed in the summer after it totally crashed I lost the ability to put the pictures from my Video Camera into the computer, so I'll put up the pictures of the mantels that Cara took with her fancy wee cell phone...!

Ailsa Forshaw

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I just want to tell you how impressed I am with your website. With the hundreds (or thousands) of sites we all see each month, I put yours on the top. It's easy to navigate, quick, informative and fun. If I lived in Alberta, I promise I would use many of the trades you suggest and I would definilty Dwight as my generalissimo. Way to go.

Reid B.
Vancouver, BC


Very neat , I greatly enjoyed your site. We are planning on building a house in rural Arkansas. Was very informative going through your building process step by step. You have a very beautiful house, gave me some great ideas, not planning to build quite that large but want to do some of the same things on a smaller scale. Enjoyed your narratives also - very funny.

Thanks Karen J.

Thanks, Karen! Let me know when you're ready to get started on your Build! Take Care, Ailsa!


Dear Ailsa,

Words cannot express how happy your website has made me. It has some of the most helpful and simple information that even a rock could understand the building lingo!! You make everything sound so gratifying that it puts the icing on my cake as I have been toying with the notion of building our own home. We currently own a home which we purchased before the big price boom. Now, we may have the opportunity to make an approx. 80 percent profit from. It would be a dream come true for myself and I am wondering if you have any tips for the Edmonton area and if you think it is best to sell your own home first, then build a new one after purchasing a piece of land? We may have an opportunity to stay with a relative while the building took place and I am on a maternity leave which would enable me to oversee all of the hussle and bussle you described. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you so much for your inspiriation.



Hi, Jodie! First of all, congratulations on your new Baby -- man, I loooove babies!! And an extra congrats on buying a home before the 'Boom' and making a massive Profit -- bet you didn't see that kind of profit in the Stock Market, right?? Real Estate is almost always a safe and lucrative bet!

In answer to your big question, "Should you Sell Your Own Home First, then buy some land and Build on it", it's a resounding YES! Especially right now when you have a lot on your hands (I used a lot of Baking Soda and Anti-Bacterial Soap to take care of that problem... ha,ha,ha!), it is much less stressful to know your House is Sold, and you know exactly how much money you have to deal with before you run out and get in too deep with a new Property.

Now, that said, I would definitely be out looking at all the potential properties, so you can make a swift decision as soon as you have a firm Offer on your Home. A Firm Offer is one that has been to the Lawyer and they say everything is fine.

When you're out looking at Land, know in advance what size of Property you want to Build on -- and be sure there's ample water to the Site, since you'll have a lot of laundry in your future, and a lack of water will cause many tears (yours and then the baby's... then your spouse... you get the picture!) -- and no, you can't just save up the valuable water from your tears to wash one more Baby Item! ha,ha,ha! The Edmonton Area (that's in Northern Alberta, Canada, for our Readers further away...) has a few areas where there is NO water to the Site. No matter what anyone says to you about that, don't buy there. It's just a nightmare waiting to happen, on a personal level. Try to find a Lot with Town Water, if at all possible (it's very rare, but we're on an Acreage with Town Water, so it does happen from time to time..), or Water that's on a Co-op, then water that's at least 6 Gallons/minute. With a new Baby, you won't want anything less than that.

Then, after you have a good handle on what type of Land you'll buy, find out the Architectural Controls for the area, then go ahead and choose a couple of Styles of Homes that you really love. I have more info on House Plans and Blueprints (pretty much the same thing -- the paper is different...!) on my House Plans Page. I have some good likns there for you to browse through. It's waaaaay less expensive to Buy Your House Plans On-line than to have them Drawn for you. You can always find a House Plan you really like, except for one aspect, and in that case, they can generally make modifications to the plan for you at a nominal cost.

Now, before you do any of that, go look at the New Show Homes, and check the prices very carefully. Some of the new Builders are so competitive, it's better to have them either Build the House for you, or to buy one directly from them. Remember, in an Acreage Home, you're going to want to be able to save at least $50,000. to make Building it Yourself worthwhile and viable. The other good thing about Buying from or through a Builder is that you won't have to part with so much of your own money. Generally, it's $20,000. Down, then the Builder will carry the costs 'til Completion, when your Mortgage would take over.

When you're Building on Your Own in Alberta (and in most other places...), you have to have the Land Paid in Full before you can get any Permits for the Build. That's a lot of money, right off the bat. Then you'll need enough cash to get you to the end of the Subfloor, unless you have a crappy appraiser like we had who won't release your Building Loan First Draw until the House is at Lock Up. We would have lost this house if we hadn't had enough money saved up to get us all the way to Lock Up. (No, that's not prison -- ha,ha! Lock up is the Stage where the House is Up and the Doors and Windows are in. Then it can be 'Locked Up'...)

The other thing is that when you are building on your own on an Acreage, you can often build a muuuuuch bigger house for the same money that you might spend on a new home in the city. So be sure to compare apples to apples... And put on at least a Triple Car Garage when you're in the Country. The difference in cost from a Double Car Garage to a Triple Car Garage when you're building yourself is almost always under $10,000., if anywhere near that, so do the mat very, very carefully to amke that good money decision. A Home with a Triple Car Garage has a much higher re-sale value than a home with a Double Car Garage. Plus, you're gonna need the extra room for the Stuff you accululate out in the country -- a riding lawn mower, old pieces of furniture you plan to restore.... your husband, when you've had enough of him after the build...ha,ha,ha! Better heat the garage, too, just in case! Oh, and skip the Radiant In-Floor Heat in the Garage -- it's too expensive and not as effective as a Forced Air Heater hung from the ceiling.

And if you can possible have a Walk-Out Basement, choose that, too. It usually adds a cost of under 10 grand to develop it when you're building, but it'll raise the house price by at least triple that... always a good investment!

Well, wasn't that a long answer?? It happens to be one of my favorite topics!! I wish you all the luck and success with you new project! Good for you to follow your Dreams!!

Love and Luck, Ailsa!

Oh, I just had another look at your letter and you mentioned about staying with a relative during the Build. It takes a long time to Build a House, because things don't always go smoothly (often just getting the Permits can eat up a few months...), so you could easily be looking at a year-long process. If you can manage it at all, buy something little that's really easy to sell when you're ready to move into the new house (might as well make a little more money on real estate while you're waiting for your dream home (!), and you would save the $800/month that would have gone to Rent...), or Rent something without a Lease for the duration of the Build. Living with Relatives is really hard, and it could cost you waaay more in the long run than you ever want to pay... get my drift?? ha,ha,ha!

Talk to you soon, Ailsa!!

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Your website was both inspirational and extremely valuable in taming some of my more adventurous ideas about building my own home - thanks for being the cool, clear head I think I needed, I know my wife will be grateful!

I have a passion for building my own home and I'd like you to offer any advice you can. We are currently selling our apartment in Montreal, there is a plot of land in the suburbs which is nearly twice the average plot size for the area it's in (8900 sq.ft. as opposed to an average of about 5000 sq.ft.). There's a house on this land that is being sold without legal warranty and basically needs to be torn down.

The land itself works out at about $16 per sq.ft. (list price divided by lot size) and given the opportunity we would either build a single unit that will be our home for a long time to come or we split the lot and sell half the land to increase our equity.

The thing is, I'm scared.....!

I have very little construction experience (I'ma salesman for goodness sake!) and unfortunately your website is just about the only encouraging story I have heard about dealing with contractors. I'd love to build on this lot on the island of Montreal and have some magnificent space to play with but I'm not sure of the following things.

- What principles are used in the evaluation of land value in general? In this instance - a 4 bedroom house of 1300 sq.ft on a 6900 sq.ft. lot lists for $225k. Can I use that as a valid com[parison for the price I am looking at for my land? Should I take into consideration the cost of removing the existing property from my land BEFORE getting my cost per sq.ft.? My end goal is to be able to say "my land costs x, the cost of removal of the exiasting property costs y, the cost of building the new property costs z., therefore my total budget needs to be x+y+z plus a percentage to cover incidentals and "unexpected" costs". Am I ever going to get to this stage realistically?

- Banks seem to be a necessary evil rather than a helpful ally. Are there other organisations that you are aware of that provide non-financial assistance to house builders? I think I would definitely need help in sorting out city codes and requirements.

- Average build times (declared by builders) for stock houses seem to be in the region of 3 months, can you advise whether there are agencies responsible for the recording of this information? Do you know where I might find details of any board or organisation responsible for building standards in Quebec?

My gut feeling is that I might be better buying something built just now and then learning more about construction by renovating first. Any info in regards to the questions above would be most appreciated!

Very best of luck on the sale of what appears to be an absolutely incredible house! You deserve it for the website alone!


Hi, Jamie! Thanks for the kudos -- you're very kind! Wow, what a deal on the Land -- if you have the Funds, I'd snap that right up, and just sit on it until you feel ready to Build.

Contractors are easy to deal with -- it's just like any other Business Arrangement. You just need to know What to do and When. Money is the number one concern, because you need soooo much money up front to get things moving.

Do you have TD Canada Trust in Montreal? Not all the Canadian Banks are Canada-wide... anyway, they're good to deal with. I happen to be fond of Mortgage Brokers, too, since they are often more flexible, but Banks are 'getting with the program', now, so they don't miss out on so much Business.

One thing that might be really practical for you to do for this First Build is to Hire a Contractor to Oversee the House Build. Dwight offers this Service out here, and you could probably find a Reliable Contractor in your own area who could do this. Dwight usually charges about $3,000./Month, but the Client saves at least double that with the Contractor Discounts that aren't available to the General Public.

You have the right attitude, though! Do you have a House Style in Mind, yet? A Two-Storey is less expensive to build than a Bungalow, and takes less space on the Lot.

There are so many things to consider -- but the biggest one is to be absolutely sure your Wife is on board, because you'll need to work as a team to get through the job.

Have a good look through the Lists and Lists on my Site, so you can really get a handle on the whole thing. Knowledge is everything (just like Money! ha,ha,ha!) -- it'll make you more secure in your position!

Talk to you Soon! Take Care, Ailsa



< >


Hi, Ailsa!

So I came across your site, and I've found it quite useful, Let me explain why this is strange...

A little background info:
We built a house 3 years ago, Hubby and I have been talking about "moving up" in the next 1-2 years.
We have browsed houses in our city, but find it frustrating that we have to pay some builder when both my Husband and I are civil engineers and my husband is a construction project manager (happens to be building condos right now), so we are fully capable of taking on the challenge. (I am a stay-at-home-mom currently, so I have some free time for such activities...yeah sure, stay at homes moms have nothing to do now do they...haha).
Today I happen to be taking a drive to admire the falls colors, and happened upon an acreage showhome. Stopped in for a look for kicks. For the rest of the drive home I was thinking, we are crazy, we should move out of the city and build ourselves, why wait.

Fast forward to tonight, I am no longer thinking about this building thing, I just happen to be on the computer looking for decorating ideas for my sons bedroom. I type in the keywords "decorating kids rooms". Your site is the third site that comes up. I click and find this info on building your own home. COOL. I surf a little more into the area where you talk about land. you describe your lot and a mountain view, I think to myself, wow that sort of sounds like here. I read further...it is here! I live in the community of Evergreen in Calgary, and the area I was out and about in today was probably where you live. Was that fate intervening telling me to go for it? I'm not sure, but I sure thought it was funny either way and I had to share (sorry about the long winded e-mail). Anyway, I'm going to have a good browse of your site and learn what I can. We still have lots to consider, so who knows. But thanks for the site either way!


PS, Question...

I have done estimating for warehouses, and commercial space, but never residential. If I act as general contractor, in your experience, what range could I expect to pay per square foot? I don't know if you can answer that, but I'm throwing it out there just in case. I have a number in mind but I'm not sure if I'm out to lunch.

Hi, Kara! Soooo glad you found my 'little site'! It's fun to be so highly ranked in the Search Engines! WooHoo! You are in the perfect position to Build Your Own House! You should be able to garner enough information from my Site to really get a good handle on the whole process -- plus, you're so close, you can swing by with your family!! It'd be fun to meet with my 'Readers'!


(This is still Kara!)

I e-mailed you earlier this evening, I found your website and Now I've killed a good chunk of time on there. That's saying something about your site! I can't wait to try your apple crumble for one! I recently lost 55 pounds but have a bit to go. Anyway, thought I would mention that I buy my applesauce at superstore. They have a "Presidents Choice" brand apple sauce called "Just apples" and it isn't sweetened. It's extremely well priced too. Just thought I'd let you know!

Hi, again! Let me know how you like the 'Apple Crumble for One'! I looove it, even though I have it a number of times throughout the day. Let us all know how much you can lose from it, too! I could give this a new name -- the 'Chin-Be-Gone Diet'! ha,ha,ha,ha!

P.S. Congratulations on losing 55 pounds!! Doesn't it feel great?! Did you find that you mostly focussed in on your eyes when you were carrying the extra weight?? I actually didn't think I looked all that different until I saw some pictures that Dwight took of me. Initially, I just thought, "That Dwight -- man, he can't take a decent picture of me!" The problem was that he couldn't take a picture of me and make me look 28 again! ha,ha,ha! But I look better than ever (I think!), now, and it's all thanks to my delicious Apple Crumble!

Thanks for writing to Build Your Own House! Later, Baby! Ailsa!

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Hi, Ailsa!

Well, the clock just struck "midnight", so I can't take long , but I just
wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoy your website !

I "stumbled" across it while doing a search in Google for "gold sheers".
It's truly amazing what you can find on the web, isn't it???

I was cursing a minute ago when I read that Elton John was on the Ellen show
today !!! Drats, I've seen a few of her shows and really enjoy her, but I've
missed the past few episodes, and didn't know he would be on !

I live in Fort St. John, B.C. My hubby and daughter (10 now) moved up north
from the Vancouver area over a year and a half ago (first to Dawson Creek
for 9 months, then to FSJ last year).

I spent so many years in Vancouver, working in various office environments
where the conversation was fast and furious, and you could cover about 18
topics in 10 minutes flat, and I really miss it !!!!

Reading your website, with SO many different topics scattered through REALLY
reminds me of that environment, where you go from talking about TV, recipes,
breast cancer, tooth decay, decorating, tips, etc., all within a few

It's great !

Can't wait to make it part of my daily routine....

MUST go now, I have to get up early tomorrow to help out my daughters school


Lisa C.,

Fort St. John, B.C.


HI Ailsa,

I couldn't sleep so I was on the net surfing for a material list because yes we are building a duplex for rental property and ran across you web page. I went though almost the entire thing, just because of you personality, you are a burst of sunshine. Thank God for people like you. I love high energy people, I'm out there to so I guess it take one to know one. My husband is so laid back and reserved -- it feels good to draw on someone else with energy and you have it. The web page is both informative and fun, full of great stuff that make you go Waaaaaaa.............. Thanks for letting us share in your sucess of building a home.

We had a master level college student from one of the local colleges here in Houston Texas draw our plan and now we are getting the contractors together . So I saved you in my favorites not only for the building information but to see what you've done next. Seems like you are always thinking of creative things that you can explore and sample.

I'm a mother of 1 and now me and big daddy oooh.... my husband, have saved enough money to start building on our project we've planned for some years and we're pretty excitied. I'll have to send you picture because your house is gorgeous and spacious. However, we are going commercial grade on all of our products the first time around since this is our first rental property. We own lot of land and plan to build this same plan though out Texas. So it will be a joy to have someone to relate to, you seem so down to earth.

I like your picture of you and your baby, we have two dogs, Precious, and Shebba --
poodle, and rothweller what a combination, and they are both house dogs, too.

Well I gues I'll chat with you later it's 5:00 am and I'm sleepy now that I been up since 1:30 a.m. so talk to you soon

My name is Reedy

P.S Keep up the good work and STAY COOOOL...............



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And now here's some letters from my new online buddy, Theresa!

hey Ailsa,

I have been to your site a few times, i LOVE it. there is soooo much information @ times i get lost. have you thought about a site map or some type of organization? i LOVE the tips of the day, but when i want to reread them i have to scroll & scroll, is there somewhat to link them to a "tip of the day" page? just suggestions. Keep up the good work, for someone who didn't even know how to turn on a puter to doing her own site, you have done a great job! kudos & a big pat on the back. :)


oh so as i sit here in front of my pc, i have my tv on in the background........ listening to entertainment tonight, it seems on some morning show this morning, sam from the apprentice asked his girlfriend to marry him, and the dumb broad accepted. let's see if he makes his millions first before you COMMITT yourself, in more than one way, lol


hey babe!

haven't forgotten you, just been toning down my online time recently & just do a great big catch up every few days, this way i don't feel guilty taking up your day with my emails & emails & emails, lol.

LOVE outcast the way you make me move

another thought with what you are approved for with a loan, remember there is not a need to go that high, what happens if you financial situation changes, you want to do reno's or want to work on your savings, i went lower than what i may have been approved for, thank goodness, for a few months after moving in, yikes, car accident, left me off work for months with expenses. if my loan had been more, would have lost my little place.

well, also there is a new product out there, electrical tape? think that's what it is called. i don't mean that black (or whatever color it is nowadays) stuff. this stuff you wrap around your pipes & can plug it in to thaw pipes or as a preventative measure. we are experiencing a "lovely" thing right now. my pipes coming to my faucets aren't frozen, but my kitchen drain pipe is frozen, lovely, just lovely.

well i have sup-sup cooking, oh yeah, no smoking, watching the diet & got mike to buy me a brita water container for my b-day that just passed & have been gobbling back the water. that's the great thing about water, no calories & it really is filling. come beginning of feb time to add more exercise into the cirriculum.

well take care, catch ya next week.


Hey Ailsa,

You are always so kind in your words describing your readers. It's the great hostess that keeps us coming back! : ) She keeps us amused with her wonderful sense of humor, her true to life stories that we can relate too (although we haven't all dated Ben Johnson, lol) (although there have been those ones that we will always wonder, what happened to them???) & your great informative tips!

So to delve into you mind for a few, I know you designed this house for the land it lays on, but have you ever thought in your mind of the ultimate house that would fulfill everything that you ever dreamed? Your ultimate dream home? With the plans that you create, do you find that you incorporate touches of it? Just curious & when are you going to give us a hint of what's in that mind of yours for the next house you build? lol Will there be the basics of what you want in that one? Or is every house different for you? I tend to be a very curious person, haahaa.

Well that's about it for the day, have yourself a good one & we still haven't heard about any New Year's Resolutions from you! Or you saving that for your New Year's day page? lol


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hey ya,

hey ya, hey ya, hey ya, sorry, still prefer the other song, argh! the name escapes me, the song by outkast you mentioned on the site before, geeze, i actually like the song, i just can't think of it! lol oh well.

in one of the last few days updates, you mentioned the sharon osborne show. hate to tell you but it's being cancelled too. caught it yesterday morning on the bottom of much more music with their new update in the morning.

did you see, wait, i am not going to finish that sentence, of course you saw survivor last thurs! poor jenna, i mean 8 days after leaving her mom dies. she said she knew something was wrong & she had to leave & as much as she loves the game (it's not that she's afraid of losing, she' already proved she can win it) she just would never forgive herself for being out there her mother dieing. That was soooo sad & you saw the best of human character come out there, for even though they are out there competing, everyone reached out to hug jenna before she left & meant it.

Ugh, we won't mention that V-day. I was receiving a phone call when i should have been on my way home, to meet for supper at the one place that i love, but leaves me with a tummy ache. so cause i was already home i got harvey's. yes as in a hamburger & fries. *sigh* could have at least got chinese food for a treat! lol oh well, guess we take what we can get, lol

you keep telling us the view you have from the office windows, would love to see the view to the outdoors you have from there one day, that would be nice! anywhooo take care, have fun



hey ailsa,

just when i finally get you to put that dang email addy up top, you no longer can access that page! lol.

anywhooooo, seems like some realator is looking to make a quick buck off your place. any agent who trys to say a finished basement isnt' worth anything is either a. on crack or b. is hoping you are on crack! hell in that case why even bother finishing the upstairs, cause you know, drywall, flooring, paint, extra living space isn't worth anything! lol. & we all know that you CAN call a lexus dealer & tell them to sell ya one for 12 grand. oh wait, that falls under the crack thing again. *sigh* some ppl are just idiots.

you seem like me, hate dealing with rude people & idiots. pls note here that idiots are referring to fully mentally functioning people, not those who are incapable, but those who are capable & chose not to be. but that's just my 2 cents.

oh, have you seen tlc's in a fix. heehee, love the t-shirt that they make the offender wear "IT'S ALL MY FAULT!" heehee.

oh check out www.oprah.com to vote on america's most ugly room. needless to say it's the bathroom. the kitchen, well that is just old & self inflicted. the bedroom, some people would pay for that room. the bathroom is just, well it's nasty! and that's not slang for good! lol.

but that's about it for me, talk with ya later


ps. monday nights on discover(??) is monster house. that's very cool too. another redo the home without the owner's input. but the crew that does the work gets prizes too!


Hey there ailsa

did my catch up reading today, whewwww, missed a few days i did. ok, let's see what do i have to contribute my 2 cents worth today? jewelry, reality, & realty! lol

now i have learned a sweet trick as opposed to buying your own jewelry, heehee. i refuse to buy my own jewelry, pride, stubbornness, don't know, just won't do it. Telling him what i want isn't just good enough, as i never quite get what i want. BUT going to the store & trying on what o want, then getting one of their business cards & putting all the info on the back, i go home give it to my other half. This way there is no confusion & this way I get what i want. as for tanzanite, check out the shopping channel on tv or their web site, www.theshoppingchannel.com . I refuse to watch commercials, so commercial time i switch between the music channels & the shopping channel. some of the jewelry (drool, sloop, drool) is to die for!

ok, now onto reality. love the apprentice. the "amy" tug of war. like "the don" said, I may as well just give her the job now! lol. it's weird though, it looked like she didn't like having that attention drawn to her. as long as she does her job, well even if someone drags her into the board room, it's still going to be donald's decision. i like amy, nick & bill. troy at times comes across sometimes as being a bit too much of a "hustler". Omarossa........ I am SOOOO glad to see her gone. I do admire her ability to keep an even voice & appear calm no matter what. She is exceptional at it, but I think she's a bit of prima donna/control freak. Loved amy kicking her under the table when they had the water challenge. heehee. that was halarious. Then there's the, "Oh I got hit with a piece of plaster, I have a concussion, I can't paint, I am going to go sit outside. Oh look there's kids playing ball, can I play too?" & when trump asked them to leave so that he could talk with his associates & then Omerossa barges in & THEN asks donald for a minute to get a Kleenex??? OMG! I just about died! Stick with politics sweetheart.

I THINK i overheard on tv that evan marriott from the first joe millionaire is going to give the reality tv thing a go again & do another joe millionaire. Now that one I would like to see. I had Zora picked out from the beginning. She was the one I liked the most, the most down to earth, the least sluttish, lol.

(sidebar of politics, hmmm, gov't spending. I think the gov't should be more accountable for it's spending. I listen to tv as i am on my pc & i was listening to a station in ontario (satelite) & it was the new hamilton riding thing going on. one of the politicians was being criticized for not being in politics for ages but her comeback was something about the ministers that we have now are responsible for chosing what monies go where but have no experience with business & finance, whereas she does. Personally I think we need our gov't to act more as a business & to be accountable. there's my rant, lol)

ok, & now onto realty. I have seen these boxes out there, that you can actually put curbside, post to a pole or something. they will hold extra flyers with your house specs that people can take, but there's a plexiglass front that has one of the flyers on display.

well that's about my update for the week, lol, take care & once again happy 40 + 1!

Thanks, Theresa! Always great hearing from you!! Take Care, Ailsa!


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