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Gym Tips

Oh, I love a Great Gym! I've just joined a new Gym (they've been around for a long time, but they have a really nice new facility in Okotoks, Alberta), and I'm back on 'The Gym Track'! Yahoo! I really missed going to the Gym, so it's great to get back into that lifestyle. Greig's Gym in Okotoks, Alberta - 403-938-3067. Great rates, by the way!

The most important thing for me when I'm looking for a gym is to find a gym that is bright and cheery, with great music and great equipment. Actually, the Great Equipment is the most important thing, but there was one gym I popped into where they play Country and Western Music when people are working out, and I just can't go there, so-to-speak. I need up-beat, good music to have a great work-out. (And at Greig's Gym, they let me bring my own music, which is great -- I've been bringing The Black Eyed Peas, since they appeal to men and women -- I put on a Gwen Stefani CD, which I love and work out to at home, but I hadn't realized how 'girly' it is until I put that on one day, and didn't know there was still a guy at the gym. I think he might not have been so thrilled with the 'girly music', so since then, I've only put on 'in-between music' that's good for everybody.

(Oh, and I guess I should clarify the Country Music thing -- it's huuuge out here in Alberta, as it is in many places, and I'm sure there are some up-beat tunes in there, I just don't want to work out to it... I hear it's good to drink beer by, though, so maybe I'll try that -- right after a work-out! ha,ha,ha!)

Quick note from Ailsa: I'm living in Los Angeles, California, now, on my own with the kids, and we have a gym right in our Complex. Fantastic to have ready-access to a gym, and it's really well equipped, so you know I'm lovin' that!

So here's the deal with going to a 'Real Gym' as opposed, or in addition to, working out at home. I enjoyed working out at home for a really long time, and it was the only practical thing to do while Aidan, who is now 6, was a wee boy. And I have great Work Out Equipment at home, too, and a nice place to use it (although, Dwight has recently moved most of my equipment out of the Living Room, downstairs, into the Furnace Room and my Sewing/Gift Wrapping Room, which I did not appreciate, so all the more reason for me to go out to a gym...).

Anyway, I find when I get ready to go out to the gym, you start to psych yourself up for the Workout, and then when you get there, it's not like you can through in a load of laundry, turn on the TV and make the dinner, which makes it tricky to get in a good work out! ha,ha! And there you are, with real, live Adults! That's one of my favorite parts -- interaction with adults. It's been a long time for me, having been home with Aidan for so very long.

I love the Nautilus Weight Lifting Machines, because they are like a relatively gentle way of weight-lifting. I'm not sure I would be bothered much with pilates, since it seems the same to me, except it would take forever to get into the shape you're after, and I don't have that kind of time. I like immediate results, and a lot of bang for my buck, if you will... I know that after 6 weeks, I'll see a significant change in my body, which I greatly look forward to! :)

The important thing is to get into a nice little routine of stretching, lifting, using a variety of machines and Free Weights, stretching, Eating Chocolate. Oh, oh. Wait a minute. The 'Eating Chocolate' comes first, I think, but really, that's a personal choice...! And there should probably be a shower in there, too, especially if you are going to have continued human contact after your work out! ha,ha!

Quick Note about Aerobics: I used to teach Aerobics, and have my Trainer's Certificate in Aerobic Exercise, but I prefer to use Weights when I really want to Shape my body. Here's the thing about Aerobics, and a lot of folks don't want women to know this -- it's a lot of fun, and great if you want to enjoy yourself and work out your heart, but it doesn't do very much in terms of helping you to lose weight or get into shape. It would take years and years of Aerobics to do what Weight Lifting can do in 6 months to a year. No kidding. And it's just as good for your heart. (The exception here is when you add in Weights to the Aerobic Work out, or a Stepper...)

The key to Weight Lifting, for Women in particular, is to lift the smallest amount of weight available at the machines until you're comfortable with that weight, then gradually increase the weight. Do slow reps, rather than fast reps. I usually do 15 reps, 3 times each, going from machine to machine, with a stretch in between each set of reps.

I don't like to see women use too much weight, or use a machine they don't like, because I don't believe that works out well for most women. And I don't believe in the 'no pain, no gain' thing, either. You should enjoy using your muscles, which doesn't mean hurting yourself. It just means you can really feel the muscles as you work them out, and that's a good thing. There's nothing wrong with taking a wee break in the middle of a set, either, if you need to -- it's all about doing what's right for you.

One thing I want to watch out for this time around at the Gym is to not go overboard with the weight. The last time I was able to really devote a lot of time to Weight Training, I was lifting massive amounts of weight, but that was because I had a lot of 'anger issues' because of an insane legal matter I had to deal with, but now I'm just going to enjoy myself and get nice and toned. I do love to challenge myself, though, so I'll have to remember to find a nice balance where I try not to go too far over 100 pounds... of weights -- God Knows I'm waaaaaay over 100 pounds! But that's a-changin'!ha,ha,ha!

Oh, and don't let the Scales fool you when you go to the gym. I really can't stand the Scales, since they rarely say anything good to me, these days, but also because Muscle weighs more than Fat, so it's better to use a measuring tape to check your progress. Or just check yourself out in a mirror! You can change your shape without necessarily changing your actual weight, but that can really be upsetting if you've been working your behind off (literally!), and the stooopid scales won't reflect all your hard work...

One More Thing: Muscle eats fat, so-to-speak, so you'll find that when you are working out with Weights, you'll naturally want to eat well, and the muscle continues to eat away at the fat that may be present, while you're just going about your everyday activities, so that's gotta be good, right? Make your muscles work for you, just like your money!

Hey, I just heard a new Statistic that Exercising Regularly can help to reduce your risk for Breast Cancer by up to 50%. And, I firmly believe that you can control Diabetes (or, better yet, prevent it completely...) by regular, real exercise. Remember, even Light Weights are better than No Weights. Oooh, just thought of a catchy, though slightly hokey, new Slogan -- Lift Weights to Lose Weight. More Weight = Less Weight. Less Waiting with More Weights... okay, that's it for me -- gotta get to the Gym!!

Oooh, and here's a quick link to my favorite new 'Gym Music' -- it's great to work out to a lil' Kanye West! They let me put on my own music at the Gym, which is great! This is the CD with Gold Digger on it -- I love Jamie Foxx on that song -- it's me fave song! <Late Registration >

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