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Contests & Free Stuff

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I love a Great Contest, or some cool Sweepstakes. My theory is that someone is gonna win, so why not you, right? These are all Free to Enter, which is important -- I wouldn't pay to enter a contest -- only if it's a Draw or a Lottery... so here's a bunch of cool stuff for you to enter. Drop me a line and let us all know when you win something, and I'll post it here.

< Your Chance to Win a Trip to Europe!>< Daily Prize Winners at PermissionResearch!>

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<><Free $10 to join!!Would you like to get paid for reading email advertisements? Would you like to earn money for signing up for exciting offers? >

<Win Great Prizes at PermissionResearch!> - Custom Wholesale Buffwear - Fundraising - Webmasters - <Your Opinion Matters at!> - e-Books of Special Interest - Free ecards - <Get cash & rewards for your opinion>

< $10,000 sweepstakes>


< >Oh, I looove Spongebob Squarepants and Puppies! And Waterfalls! Check out for an incredible selection of Free Screensavers. I'm sure you'll find something you'll love, too!

Enter for a chance to instantly win over 8,000 prizes including movie tickets and downloads, plus be entered to win 10 grand prize packages including Sony VAIO Digital Studio computers with Sony 42'' LCD TVs. Ends 7/15/04. Terms & conditions apply. <Click to Play.>

ClubMom -- Sign Up Today to Win Something Great! And it's all Free!! YaHoo!

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What is ClubMom? ClubMom rewards and celebrates Moms for what they do everyday. ClubMom is open to ALL Moms, and is absolutely free. More than 3 million Moms have joined, and thousands more are joining daily.

Click here to join ClubMom


Little Ad, Driving Info & Advice

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Free Coloring Pages

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<Win an iPod from Today! >

Hey, lookie what I just found! Now who doesn't want a Cool Plasma TV??

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Well, have you put your Name in for the Plasma TV, yet? Somebody's gonna win -- why not one of MY Readers, hmmmm?? I think I'm going to make a Contests Page, because Contests are a whole lot of fun... then I'll mov tis Link over there...

< Win a FREE Lexus RS 300! Click here for chance to WIN! >

< Win the Diamond Ring of your dreams today! >

< WIN A Nomad mp3 Jukebox This gadget will hold all you music. Get 100 hours of CD-quality audio, over 150 albums and thousands of personal play lists all in one player. >

< >

<Smiles Offer 300x300 >

< NBA and WNBA now! >

<$200 eCoupon with purchase of ANY VAIO PC! $200 eCoupon with purchase of ANY VAIO PC!>

<FREE hard drive upgrade with any customized VAIO Notebook FREE hard drive upgrade with any customized VAIO Notebook>

<FREE speaker system with any customized VAIO desktop FREE speaker system with any customized VAIO desktop>

SONY HDTV Value-pack: Get $400 back + FREE DVDs>

<5 free downloads with select SONY digital music players 5 free downloads with select SONY digital music players>

<20% off SONY ImageStation Photo Books 20% off SONY ImageStation Photo Books>

Free Spider-Man 2 ticket for each $40 order at ImageStation >

Well, this is kinda like getting money for Free!!


< FREE 25 Custom Magnets For Home or Office>

<Viking Office Product's Monthly Free Deals!>

<Want to Lose those Extra LBS? Try 1 Week FREE!>

<Customized Email from Pick the Email Name You've Always Wanted - Get 10MB of Storage & More>


Thought of a great name for your site?

< Easter Roses >< 12+6 Free >

<For the best free samples, coupons and special offers for brand name products visit today.>

< Free Samples and Coupons for Brand Name Products>

<Got a Traffic Ticket? Go to the Learning Annex's!><Take a Free DMV Practice Test!><Need to drive? Need your learner's permit? Need Drivers Ed? Want Drivers Ed for FREE?>

Check this out -- I thought this was waaaaay cool. You can create your own image in this Virtual Reality Place, then your friends go in and do the same thing, then you can say, "Meet you THERE", and go hang out wit' yo' friens' in a Virtual Domain... is that cool, or what? You can meet new people, too, so it's an interesting spin on meeting new folks! Just in case you're looking... har, har!

< Get away every day in There!>< Ever been There?>< Have fun. Hang out. Be There.>< Hang out in a cool new place - There!>

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Create a FREE Monster Account Today!>

< GoToMyPC Free Trial + 10% Off>(My Contact at GoToMyPC is Aydin, so I like the Company even more -- and they're based in Santa Barbara, so you know I like that!!)

Click Here For More Great Freebies!

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