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2005: Cancer Career

The New Year starts with a whirlwind of activity that should keep you too busy to think very far ahead, but the bluster won't last too long. By the 21st of January, you should be able to take a breather -- it's a good time to develop new skills or improve old ones. Throughout the winter, you'll feel a vague restlessness that will move you to consider new career options. You won't be tempted to chuck it all away, but you'll definitely want to make a move of some kind.

Spring will present challenges, but you'll be able to meet every one. The solar eclipse of April 8th will change the way your coworkers and supervisors see you -- so get to work beforehand to make sure that the change is in your favor. Keeping a balance between your personal life and your career track might be tough. Leadership becomes an issue on the last week of the month, so make sure you step up and show what you've got. Workplace struggles simmer through May and June -- try to keep above the fray if at all possible.

Your reputation will continue to be important through the summer, especially if you have new clients or bosses to worry about. Don't let them keep you from your responsibilities, though. Toward the end of August, a series of financial mini-crises will come and go; in each case, sensible spending will be the key.

October will see you thinking much more seriously about big career moves. The 17th is a time of big change for you in one way or another, but you'll absorb it quickly. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, you should be used to your new scene and ready for the holiday rush. Put off any fiscal issues until the New Year, if possible -- they shouldn't be too urgent for the time being.

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" "Cancer","2005: Cancer Overview","

You're going to be very busy for the first few weeks of the New Year, Cancer -- but rewards will come along before you know it. Keep your goals in sight, and don't quit. All during winter, you'll feel the need to expand your horizons, either through travel, moving or connecting with like-minded others. Basically, the universe is giving you the chance to break out of your rut and learn something new. Take advantage of it. Sign up for classes or attend a seminar around the 21st of January.

Spring looks to be quite the hard working season for you, starting as soon as the solar eclipse on the 8th of April. This energizing event will affect your career and public reputation, urging you to take professional matters into your own hands. Just be sure not to ignore your family or partner while you're climbing the corporate ladder. The lunar eclipse on the 24th will shed its light on your friendships and group relationships. At that time, you may be asked to take more responsibility and prove your leadership abilities -- and you'll do a fine job. During May and June, a bit of intrigue may enter your life. Be careful not to become involved in anything that's not completely on the up-and-up.

Once summer rolls around, your focus will shift to your appearance -- possibly because there's someone new in your life who's inspiring you. You'll be tempted to spend more than you know you should once August 17th arrives. If you have to make a major purchase, shop around carefully.

Career and family will once again keep you busy during fall, especially around the 3rd and the 17th of October, when a pair of eclipses will activate these areas of your life. If you've been thinking of making a new career start, this would be a fine time to do it. By the end of November, you should be settled in comfortably -- like you'd been there all along. Money matters may be tight during the holiday season, but don't panic. You'll enjoy the season more if you concentrate on warm feelings, comfort food (your specialty) and mistletoe.

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" "Cancer","2005: Cancer Romantic","

If your love life at the end of 2004 was a little too snug even for cozy you, prepare to change things up for the better. If you're coupled up, caring may have shifted to feeling a little confined; if you're single, the winter doldrums may have left you uninspired. The New Year's your wake-up call; boldly reenvision your love life now, then set about making it happen with your usual tenacity. January 22nd through the 29th is an excellent time to begin, and February 19th and the week that follows are all about expanding romantic horizons.

Speaking of expanding, your trademark generosity increases exponentially in March; just make sure anyone who's enjoying your lovely nurturing is worthy. Your sentimental nature requires much consideration, and you won't accept being taken for granted now (or ever, really). As other's thoughts turn with spring to love, you may become deeply involved in work. It'll prove rewarding, but take time out (especially in mid-April) for your love life. And take time out to deal with indecision surrounding a relationship or a potential one around May 19th; given a little space, your heart will tell you what to do, loud and clear.

Passion in June could rock your world, with the weekend of June 17th bringing an unusual intensity -- but wait to interpret your wild emotional responses further before committing to anything long-term. July kicks off with the cosmos smiling directly on you; you'll charm the socks off anyone you choose, and social events seem made for you to be the centerpiece. And with your high energy at the end of August, you can initiate something very sweet, whether it's with your longtime love or someone brand-new.

With the onset of autumn, you realize your personal philosophy of love needs updating to incorporate some new understanding. The weekend of September 16th is the perfect time to listen to your inner voice and explore the unknown -- whether it's unknown ideas or unknown people. Family matters are highlighted in the first half of October, and how you define your family may even change. Thanksgiving may find you busily making romantic plans along with a lovely dinner, and your December holidays are merry, bright and generally gorgeous, especially in the arena of love.

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