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Get Fit At Home With Ailsa

Complete Fitness Workout

Okay, here I am -- I just ran upstairs and got changed into some Exercise Gear when I had these pictures taken -- I could never wear a giant T-shirt to work out -- waaay too hot for me! The object is to really get going on the Machines, so big bulky clothes have to go!

** **

Step One: Buy a Stepper with no handles. The Free Standing Stepper is much more effective for Overall Fitness, because you have to Balance Yourself, and any time you have to 'do your own Balancing', you're getting a better Work-Out.

Step Two: Pick up a Couple of Hand Weights in the Weight you feel most comfortable. The key to using Weights is to Start with the Lowest Weight until that's soooo easy you can hardly feel them anymore. That's when you know you're becoming more and more Fit! YaaHoo! Start with No Weights at all, then go to 1 pounders, then 2, 3, 5, 8, 10... you get the idea.

Step Three: Get yourself going on the Stepper. (The Weights are already in each hand...), then start to Swing the Weights Forward and Back. When you get a good rhythm going, bring the weights way in front of you and Clink the Weights Together (at the round top part of the Weight -- "Clink" is the little sound the weights will make when you hit them together...).

Step Four: Clink the Weights Forward, then swing them back and Clink the Weights at the Back. Clink Forward, Clink Back, all the time keeping a steady Rhythm with your feet on the Stepper. You'll easily find a rhythm that's right for you, and you can increase or decrease the Tension on your Stepper to make it easier or harder, as your Fitness Level Changes.

Step Five: As you get better at this Exercise, you can Swing Your Arms Way Up High, even with your Head, then Waaaay Back to get a really good swing in. Initially, it's better to just get the Rhythm down, and Clink Forward and Back at a comfortable level closer to your Waist Level.


You're gonna be on the Stepper for a while, so you can change up the exercise by Extending Your Arms Straight in Front of You, and Raise and Lower them as you 'Step'. Great for toning those Arm Muscles!

If you want to get started before you're Stepper Arrives, if you've Ordered it Online, or you haven't got one yet, you can stand still and do this Exercise with the Hand Weights, then 'March' on the spot (a little funny, but fairly useful), or do this while you're out on a walk, but be careful not to bash into other people and small animals on the street! ha,ha!

Oh, and I hardly ever wear sneakers when I'm working out -- unless the Weights are really heavy, and I need the protection for my feet. And if the Weights are above 30 pounds and they are those old-fashioned ones that slide onto the Bar, I put an extra Sports Sock around each ankle to prevent the weight from bashing into me -- it's not exactly 'high-end', but it works!

Pop in and have a wee look at the Best Anti-Cellulite Exercise Ever!

These are my favorite pieces of Equipment, and you can get yourself into really great shape with these few simple pieces. That's a Stepper from Walmart ( about $49.95!), a Set of Hand Weights (Free Weights, which I love!), and an Exercise Ball, partially blown up. I'm going to make a new Fitness Page with all my favorite Exercises, (maybe tomorrow!) but to get yourself started, you just pick up the Hand Weights (I like the 5 pounders, but you can start with 1 pounders, and work your way up...) and swing them forward and back while you're on the Stepper. It's a great overall work-out! As you get better, you can 'Click Forward, Click Back' in a nice easy rhythm with the Stepper. And watch TV at the same time, or put on some great music!

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Here's a great selection of Exercise Equipment from Montgomery-Ward:

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