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Fantastic Skin in 10 Days! (No Kidding!)

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Quick Fix: If you want to make a huge improvement in your skin in a hurry, try this Face Mask: Dissolve 4 Aspirin in about a teaspoon of water. (I like to use the little plastic cup that comes on the top of your Cough Syrup, like Nyquil...) Mix the Dissolved Aspirin with Benzoyl Peroxide Lotion 5% (I really like Spectro Acne Care -- very nice...). Wash your face, then apply this easy Face Mask. Leave it on for about 3 to 5 minutes, then wash off carefully. Make sure nothing gets anywhere near your eyes. Moisturize, then apply a liitle dab of the same mixture (disolved Aspirin & any Acne care Lotion) to any specific areas you want to heal. You will be amazed at you new skin! Do this a few times a week until you just love your skin! Follow up with the Hydrogen Peroxide Cleanser every night, and you'll have lovely, clear skin.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide as a Facial Toner -- it's great! It'll really clean your skin and refine your pores, which is always good, right?You'll see an incredible improvement in your skin within 10 days! Just apply it with a little Cotton Pad. Put some Moisturizer on your face after that... I use Lubriderm Hand Lotion because it's one of the few moisturizers I'm not allergic to...) It's handy to have in your Medicine Cabinet for any cuts & scrapes, too. You can buy Hydrogen Peroxide at any Department Store or Pharmacy -- it costs about 97 cents for a bottle -- very cheap for an incredibly useful product!

I discovered this a while ago, when Cara (my 17 year old...) got her Ears Pierced, so we had to have some Hydrogen Peroxide around the house. I read the back label (one of my favorite things to do, because you can tell from the Base Ingredients if one Product might work quite well for something entirely different than what you bought it for...).

Anyway, to make a relatively long story short, I put some of this Hydrogen Peroxide on a little disposable cotton pad, cleaned my face with it like you would use any Facial Toner, and I couldn't believe the difference that made to my own skin in about 10 days.

Do this every night before bed, and then every morning when you get up, and you will be amazed at how great your skin will look and feel. After 30 Days, you'll see a remarkable difference, then this will be a habit for life! (Oh, and be extremely careful not to go anywhere near your eyes!)

This combined with Moisturizing and the 'Dissolved Aspirin' & your favorite Skin Care Cream, and you'll be soooo happy with your brand new skin!

Brand New Tip: I just discovered this and I think it's great, so here's a wee 'Skin Tip' for you or anyone you know who might benefit from this info... I am always looking for new products to make your skin better, so here's what I have found to be amazing. It's the same 'Dissolved Aspirin' base, but you mix in the dissolved aspirin in with a little bit of Johnson & Johnson's Clean & Clear - Persa-Gel-5. It has 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, so it seems to work really well with the Aspirin. There's another cream, too, called OXY-5 that works the same way. You put a small amount of this mixture on any blemish or area where your pores are larger than you like then to be. Definitely worth trying -- preferably at night!

MakeUp Remover -- This Hydrogen Peroxide on a little Cotton Pad is great for Removing Make Up, too. It's fast and easy, so you can use it after you have washed your face your Regular Way, or if you're too tired for that and just want to take the Make Up off as quickly as possible, just put some of the Hydrogen Peroxide on a cotton pad or a Hankie and wipe all the Make Up off your face. Remember to always follow with a moisturizer -- I like Regular old Unscented Lubriderm -- that works really well for your whole body, too!

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Facial Scrubs -- mix about a tablespoon of Baking Soda with your regular Liquid Face Soap -- it makes a gentle 'scrub' and removes all make-up or dirt...

And if you haven't tried dissolving 4 Aspirins in a wee bit of water and making a paste with Liquid Anti-Bacterial Soap, give it a shot. Watch out for your eyes!

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Spot Remover (for your skin!)

I made this discovery about a year ago, I think, and I can't believe how well this works. As with anything, try this at your own discretion...

There are so many 'solutions' for problem skin (especially Acne) on different Shows and in all sorts of articles, but most of them end in 'See your Dermatologist', but it's my guess that the vast majority of people don't have regular (or any...) access to a Dermatologist, so I think there's room for my little idea. Pass the info along if you know someone who might benefit from it!

Have you ever had a really sore spot on your skin? Almost everyone has a bother at one time or another. Here's what to do: put a couple of regular aspirins on a teaspoon, and add a wee drop of water. Set it by the sink for a minute and it'll dissolve completely. Put on enough of this to cover the spot, and let it dry. Leave it on all night if it's a particularly sore spot. If you like, you can mix it with a wee bit of your favourite skin cream, then apply it to the area. You'll see a remarkable difference in your skin in no time!

I also tried this in a Mask, mixing the dissolved aspirin (any kind -- the coating won't make any difference) with some Liquid Antibacterial Soap. It really tightens up the pores. Take extra care not to get this anywhere near your eyes!

Lately, I have started dissolving a whole lot of Aspirin (Bayer dissolves with the smoothest texture...) in a little container (okay, it's a plumbing part, but only because Dwight has these things laying around all over the house! ha,ha!). About 7 or 9 of them -- God knows why I like odd numbers so very much, but I do! You can use as many as you like.

Anyway, I use them as a Face Scrub, now (not too often, but once or twice a week or month is fine...) -- just scoop some of the Dissolved Aspirin & Water into the palm of your hand and add some Liquid Soap. Removes all the make-up or dirt (male/female...whatever you get on your face!). Again, watch you don't get this in your eyes and moisurize your skin afterwards. Very refreshing.

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Make sure you moisturize your skin after any of these little 'treatments'.

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I happen to like 'experimenting' with different things, so if there's something else (external, for Goodness Sake!) that you think it might work on, try it. You can always wash it off right away, if you experience any discomfort.

Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex I & II ...) -- apply the Dissolved Aspirin and small amount of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera gel or any over-the-counter Viral fighting gel directly to the spot. You'll be shocked at how quickly it goes away (I finally got Dwight to try this, and the problem was gone right away -- No, not Dwight, just the spot! ha,ha,ha!).<


Skin Tags -- I know - yuck! These little extra pieces of skin (I know, still yuck!) seem to arrive somewhere around your 35th Birthday, completely uninvited! I have no idea why they think they can come over and just stick around forever, like some annoyink house guest! Anyway, here's an easy way to get rid of them. Get some Wart Remover (because it has a Salcylic acid base -- usually around 17%) and a toothpick. Take a tiny amount of the Wart Remover on the end of the toothpick and apply that directly to the tip of the Skin Tag. (Have you passed out, yet, or are you still with me?? ha,ha!)

Be extremely careful not to get the Wart Remover stuff on your regular skin. It acts as a dissolving agent, so you only want to get it directly on the Skin Tag. Just leave it alone for a couple of days, then Repeat the Process. The Skin Tag will turn black and fall off, which is what you want. It won't even leave a scar, so that's good, too, right??

I had discussed this with my Doctor right after I had Aidan (who is now 4...), and these things seem to be pregnancy-related, although men can get them, too, so I don't know -- they just seem to arrive... But my Doctor said he could surgically remove them -- uh, no, I don't think so... and that's when I went on a mission to figure out how to get rid of the stooopid things without surgery. And as it turned out, it was incredibly easy. Now, Dwight won't let me 'take care of his skin tag' -- scaredy boy! I told him it won't hurt, and now I have a tiny compulsion to take care of the thing, but he says (jokingly) that he's waiting for it to grow a little bit more so he can always have someone to talk to, since it appears he may be growng a whole new person under his arm! ha,ha,ha,ha!

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Stretch Marks -- Stretch Marks are hard to avoid when you are going through a Pregnancy, but I've had two children (Cara, 16, and Aidan, 4...), and I hardly have any Stretch Marks. The Big Secret is to Moisturize like mad -- all over, all the time. Any moisturizer that you like will work -- just slather yourself with it. Then after you have the Baby (ain't they cute?? ha,ha!), keep Moisturizing, because this seems to really help as you lose the weight.


Speaking of Weights, you can get yourself into better shape when you lift Hand Weights, and that can prevent some sagging -- I know, no one wants to mention this, but we all know it happens! Weight Lifting is the Key to prevent this and to return your skin to normal.

Also, if you have developed Stretch Marks from a Weight Gain and Weight Loss, the moisturizing thing still works, but if you are on a Diet, losing weight at a moderate rate is better than losing it really quickly, since it will give your skin a chance to re-adjust itself. Weight-Lifting helps here, significantly, too. Check out my Fitness At Home With Ailsa for some Easy Exercises you can do at home!

One other highly unscientific thing that may or may not help with the Stretch Marks -- when I was pregnant with Cara, a friend of mine told me to eat lots of oranges to prevent Stretch Marks, so I did. I also really liked Green Popsicles and Liguine in a White Clam Sauce, but that's just me! ha,ha! And with Aidan, I think I ate a lot of Oranges, Nectarines and Grapefruit. So my best guess is that it's the overload of Vitamin C, in it's natural Form. Mid-way through my Pregnancy with Aidan, though, they thought I had Gestational Diabetes, so my diet was severely curtailed -- and that's one of the fun parts of pregnancy. That was terrible, and I'm sure a lot of it had to do with how old I was when I had Aidan -- I was 35/36, which at the time was apparently considered 'very old'. Annoyink! I did learn a whole lot about Food Chemistry, though, so that has helped me since then to come up with my sensible and deeelicious Apple Crumble Diet, which allowed me to drop 30 pounds in about 6 or 8 months (who can remember??), and might be useful to you or someone you know.

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I have the worst time with Allergies, and now I can only use completely Unscented Items (with the exception of Citrus, which I'm still Okay with!). This site has all sorts of useful products for folks like me!

When we first got Tia (our wee dog), I had a really bad allergic reaction to her, but we all loved her sooo much, I went in search of a product that might help, and I found one -- Allerpet/d (Allerpet, Inc., Farnam Pet Products). You just rub it on your pet (cover all the fur...) and any 'pet smell' disappears. The bizarre thing is that we only had to do it a number of times over the first two years, then rarely after that...this stuff really works!

Of course, you know my favourite Oatmeal Recipe is my Apple Crumble for One Diet -- it's delicious and very effective -- it's the recipe I developed that helped me to lose 30 pounds, so that's always great! ha,ha!

Back to School Shopping!

And then there are New Tips Every Day on my Daily Update Page, At Home With Ailsa!

Fitness At Home

Check out for all sorts of Great Stuff!

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