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Back to School Shopping

Hot Topic is a waaay cool site -- tons of stuff for School, and stuff that would make great Gifts. If you love music and cool stuff, you'll love Hot Topic!

< Shop by Brand at!>< - Get Your Concert Shirts Here!>>

< Discount priced lighting at > Okay, so just found this, and the deals are incredible. I'm definitely gonna use it for some stuff I want to buy next week, and I want to have a wee look at their back to school stuff, too!

<Exclusive Napoleon Dynamite Clothing at!><Hot Topic Clearance Sale>

< > You can get a Star Wars Light Saber on eBay...! Or just pop into eBay to find anything else you might be looking for... eBay.

Hey, you can shop for some New Friends ... or just find some 'Golden Oldies' ... no, no. Your Friends probably aren't that old... Oh, and has a Free Dating Service -- I'd check it out if I were you, and you happen to not be married ... why not?? Who knows what nice Singles are out there?

< ><Find Old Friends, Lost Loves or Anyone><Find Old High School Friends at>

Get a Wristband -- -- This is a new Company I'm doing business with, and they have all sorts of cool wristbands -- pop in to see what they have for Big Brother 6... I know fer sures they have Tour de France (Lance Armstrong) and Napolean Dynamite Wristbands... and you can customize them with your favorite Player or your School... or your own name -- you get the picture!

You can get the Wristbands with your School Logo, your own name, or anything you like! Perfect for Sororities and Fraternities...

Cara and I got the Wristbands for End Poverty - White; Breast Cancer Awareness & Research - Pink; and the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Wristbands - Yellow. Show your Support with a Wristband -- I'm thinking you could eventually show up with an entire arm all covered with the bands, but everyone would quickly know what you're all about ... ha,ha! The money goes to the Right Causes, though, so it's all good! is a great Source for the Rubber Wristbands, too -- they have them for all the Causes (like the Lance Armstrong LiveStrong Bracelets...), and almost anything else you can imagine. Don't let the Pokemon stuff throw you off, although I did find this Company because my 6 year old son, Aidan, loooves all things Pokemon!

< Pokemon Trading Cards>(Yes, this is the company for the Wristbands!) <Click Here for Pokemon, Dragonball Z, and Harry Potter trading card games.> carries packs, cards, merchandise for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Duel Masters, Harry Potter, Magic and carries Wristbands for National and College Level Sports Teams, and almost anything else! Show your Support for your Team or College with a Wristband.

< >< >

< >< >

Can you tell I like Customized Products?? Looove them! has a huge selection of all sorts of products with Team Logos or they can make stuff up just for you and/or your whole Team or Group.

< promos >< mlb auth >< nfl sideline >< funny tees >

<Cheap iPods at Overstock Auctions> Who wants an iPod??

<Great DVDs & Movies at Overstock Auctions.>

Check this out! <>

Special Offer for My Readers:

<Motorola E815>Get ready for the next phase in multimedia mobile technology with the Motorola E815. This phone is loaded with premium features! Delivering wireless broadband connectivity via Evolution for Data Only (EvDO) technology and cutting-edge features that will change the way you hear and see the world. With Video on Demand capability, a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player and brilliant color screen, you'll enjoy a superior mobile sensorial experience. And thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology, fast downloading, optional storage via a TransFlash Memory Expansion Slot, speaker independent name and digit dialing, and advanced messaging you've got an incomparable mobile package.

Plus, with this exclusive online offer, the phone is FREE AFTER REBATES and is shipped with a FREE BLUETOOTH HEADSET when activating a new line of service from Verizon Wireless ! With a Bluetooth Headset, you will enjoy the convenience of clear, hands-free communication unencumbered by wires that get in the way or limit your movement. The headset is comfortable to wear and compact in size and is guaranteed to work with your Motorola E815.

Offer ends September 13, 2005! Don't miss this exclusive online offer. Order now! <Motorola E815>

<125x125 LNT Free Shipping On Orders Over $100 > I was just into the Linens 'N Things store in South Calgary, and they have the coolest things for Back-to-School. Linens 'N Things have these Rocking Video Game Chairs (and by 'rocking', sadly enough, I just mean, they rock like a rocking chair! ha,ha!). They're that really soft Suede Material, and they would be perfect for any student who happens to love TV and/or Video Games -- know anyone like that??) They have tons of great Shelving and Bedding -- everything you would need to set up your new room!

<See all Back to School Essentials at Wal-Mart>

<Get set for Dorm Life with Must Haves and the Latest Trends in Dorm Decor>


<Back to College Essentials: Laptops from Just $598 at>

< >LogoDogz can mark your stuff with quick turnaround and low prices. No minimum order. Go to>

Personal Breathalizers (Because we all know that 'Back-to-School' can mean, 'Back-to-the-Party'...!) Use Coupon Code AILSA for 5% Off!

Now you know I enjoy a 'wee nip' every now and then, and the chances are fairly high that you, too, might like to have a drink or two (or five, and that's why this is sooo important... especially if the 'Five' turns into a higher number...). So check this out -- you can get a Personal Breathalizer that you can carry with you when you head out for a night (or morning... really, I don't know exactly what your morning plans are...) to Check Your Alcohol Level before you Leave. Never ever Drink and Drive -- just stay put, get a Cab, or make sure you have a Designated Driver (and check them to make sure they really are sober, too!).

Oh, and you should always check your Alcohol Level in the MORNING after a night of drinking, to make sure you are okay to drive -- you might be very surprised at how much Alcohol can remain in your system, especially if you've arrived in at, say, 4:00 in the morning, and your first Class is at 8:30... of course, you'd have to wonder why anyone would purposefully schedule themselves in for an Early Morning "Is the sun up yet?" kind of Class, but you never know...!)

Anyway, I found a great Link for you to get one of these Personal Breathalizers. It's called a Digital Alcohol Detector. Use the Coupon Code AILSA (recognize the Name?? ha,ha!) for an extra 5% Off! Scooore! We'll Save Lives AND Save Some Money! Use Coupon Code AILSA for 5% Off!

< >


<Save Big on Back to College Furnishings at Wal-Mart>

< Get Your Skateboard Gear At><Great Deals & Prices on UFO Clothing at> Save up to 20% Off At This Summer.>

<Madden 2006>

<290x65_BTS_GetSetforBTS_2005><Save 10% and Back to School Specials  Exp. 93><Save 10% and Free Shipping for select Back to School items Exp: 820>

<Avenue Dynamic Specials>

<Introducing Jessica Simpson Denim. See the denim collection expressly at>Save 15% Online at until 8/31/05:

-Avenue Apparel:Coupon Code: 51236
-Cloudwalkers Footwear: Coupon Code: 51237
-Avenue Body: Coupon Code: 51238

<Buy the HairMax LaserComb at and get free shipping plus 5% back in dollars. (Ends 9-11-05)><Purchase StriVectin (6 oz size only) from and receive an additional $40.00 of your order. (Ends 9-11-05) >

< > (Yes, I love Oprah, and I love a Great Suit... so this only makes good sense!)<Shop The Wold Famous High Fashion Collection Now. Don't Miss Our Biggest Sale Of The Year!>

<120x90 Denim >

<Fossil Back to School 300x250 ><Graphic tees at ><Denim at >

Fossil has a very cool selection of Collector's Watches with Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Elvis, Tinkerbell .. pop in to see what they have!<Great Collectible Watches at >


<><See all Computers at Wal-Mart><See all Back to School Essentials at Wal-Mart>

<Back to School_468x60>

<July $5 OFF_468x60>

Just in case you're still looking for a place to live, off-campus -- or you're not happy with the first place you found! (Happens to us all!)

Houses for Rent Search for a rental home, condo, apartment, townhouse, or house for rent. Property managers - List your rental property by placing a free ad listing

Find a Roommate This is a great Source for all sorts of People -- College Students, Divorced Dads... just kidding... although, this would make for a good 'transitional space'... I actually rented a Room in a Giant Victorian House in L.A. when I first moved down there with Cara (back in the '90's), and I met some of my favorite Friends, there. Good way to get into a New City.

<Banner USB>Check this out -- what a great way to carry around a Memory Stick! Their hottest new product is the Swiss Memory Stick. It slides into any USB port, and works like an extra hard drive. Carry it from computer to computer. Also includes a knife with 7 tools, including a flashlight and pen. They have another version of this Memory Stick that is safe to take on Airplanes and into School & Work -- it comes without the Knife -- very practical.

<Buy Phonecards! >< >

< eHealth Borderless Banner 1 >

< Up to 50% OFF Bestsellers!><Need cash? Sell your used books back to We pay top dollar. Free online quotes! Free shipping! Click here!><Buy your Textbooks at and Save up to 50% off your campus bookstore price!>

< - Find used, rare and out-of-print books worldwide.>

< >< specializes in Greek letter sweatshirts, and more...><Greekgear had the best of sorority gifts. Everything you need for your favority sorority girl.>

<Back to School> All the TV and Movie Stuff You can imagine!< Lights >< Juniors Rule><South Park>< New stuff here >

< ><FREE MONEY for College! When you join Upromise FREE, America's leading companies will contribute a portion of what you spend into a college savings account for someone you love. Membership is FREE!><Upromise>

<Online Degrees><>

Here's a little something you can tell yo' Parents about!

<Send Cash From Your PC_1>

< Get an MBA in as little as 10 months! FREE Info!>

< GoToMyPC Free Trial + $10 Off><Access Your PC from Anywhere - Free Download
GoToMyPC allows you to use your work email, transfer files, and access applications.>

< >< >

You know what you can get here? Those cool New Pocket Bikes -- and they have a Mini-Motorbike, too... and about a million other cool things! You have to be extra careful with those little Mini-Bikes, but you have to be careful with anything that's motorized (or comes in a bottle or is sharp and pointy, for that matter...). They look like a lot of fun, and I wouldn't be surprised if they came up with special parks for people to ride them -- just like regular Moto-Cross Bikes, which Dwight is heavily into, and has been for years... maybe they have a deal where you can ride these bikes on the Moto-Cross Trails... worth checking into!

Oh, and I asked Dwight if there's a way to slow these little Pocket-Bikes down a bit, if you wanted to, and he told me two ways to do that. I'll have to write down the information so I can tell you, too!

< Seen On TV Super Store >You won't believe all the cool stuff you can find at this Site -- take a minute and have a wee look around!

<Apple iPods at Incredibly Reduced Prices!!>

<Save up to 80% on all your art needs!><Home Gym Equipment all ships for only $2.95 !>

Waaaaay Cool Aquarium Designer Tables -- at Great Prices!

< 80% off on Modular Metal Cube>Significant mark-downs for a huge clearance section! Prices below wholesale.><Just Moved? Furnish for Less!><15% off any purchase from >

< UrbanMall Ice Store>< - Hip Hop & Urban Apparel>

< 60,000 Student Tell All>< College Life Uncensored>< The Unofficial Guide to College>

< >Get ESPN The Magazine and an ESPN Fleece Pullover! Get 26 issues for $1 an issue. Plus, you'll get your ESPN Fleece sent right away by USPS priority mail at no extra charge! No Credit Card Required!<ESPN Magazine>

< >Get Free Gifts with Free Shipping and No Obligation! Get Free DVDs, CDs, Books, Digital Cameras, CD Players and more! It's all FREE!!!<>

< ><FREE Portable DVD Player! Free Shipping and No Commitments! Click here to get it now!>< - Free Portable DVD Player>

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<Banner 10000044>

<Free shipping on thousands of musical instruments>

<$$$avings on Musical Gear for Students and Educators at Woodwind & Brasswind>




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