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Medical Insurance is a huuuge issue in the United States, and since I've moved back down to Los Angeles, California, it has become more and more apparent to me the significance of really good health care coverage. I'm covered fully (I hope, anyway... I've heard some rumours to the contrary, so I'll have to investigate this a little further...) under my Health Care Benefits with my School District (I'm teaching Special Education down here..). My son, Aidan (8) is covered, too, but my daughter, Cara, who turned 19 last May, lost coverage on her 19th Birthday, so I had to search the 'Net for decent health care coverage for her. You may find yourself or a family member in the same boat, so, without a doubt, you should do your research, and choose the right Health Care Plan for you or your Loved One, whether it is your child (any age! haha!), or other relative. Oh, and I'd forgotten that you might have a 'significant other', although, aren't they covered under your regular Health Care through your job, now, or what's the deal with that? It's hard for me to follow along with the American Health Care System, since it's sooo different from the Canadian Model I'm usd to. For the record, I'm very happy with my current coverage through Kaiser Permanente, but I will have to check and see if I require additional coverage for anything that is not covered under my regular Health Care Plan.


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Well, I spent many years dealing with Diabetes, first with my pregnancy with Aidan (8), when I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Frankly, I don't think I had it the way they seemed to think I did... my sugar levels were abnormally low, and no one mentioned to me the unbelievably scary fact that I would be in harm's way during the birth, because of this. Right after I had Aidan, my regular doctor had left, thinking everything was fine, and then the next thing I remember was a whole team of doctors and nurses running in to try to raise my blood pressure, which had just plummeted after the birth. Horrifying. Oddly enough, I wasn't scared, but I did feel far too close to death, but at the time I wasn't scared at all. I just felt like I was 'slipping away', if you know what I mean. Ridiculously scary in retrospect, because I had two children, then, and needed to stay on the Earth to care for them... Thank God for those doctors and nurses... they saved my life. But that just goes to show you the importance of doing all these diabetic tests. I just wish someone had warned me about the Low Sugar Numbers as being as big a threat as the High Sugar Numbers, and then maybe I would have had some greater 'heads up'.

Then, when Aidan was about 4, I think, my husband at the time (you know Dwight form this site!), was diagnosed with insanely high Blood Sugar levels, and we started dealing with diabetes, again. You always hear about Diabetes, Type II, developing when an adult is overweight, but Dwight had dropped 35 pounds... and 35 extra pounds that he couldn't afford to lose. Neither of us had ever heard of weight loss associated with diabetes, so there was another wake up call.

Aaand, (yep, there's still more! haha!) my doctor told me, after I had Aidan and really thought I was looking good, that I better lose weight because I was at a higher risk for developing Diabetes, Type II, since I had been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Ugh. But that put me on a fast trac to get rid of the 'baby fat', which also included the "I'm all depressed about living in the freezing cold snow and so I feel I deserve many chocolates to compensate for the crappy weather" fat... MmmHmmm. So I developed my Apple Crumble Diet, because I really did have to wean myself off my daily habit of 5 chocolate bars per day. Yeah, that's right. No need to go back and see if you read that correctly! 5 chocolate bars a day... because they were such a great deal to buy them by the case at Costco, which I had to stop doing. No, no. Or 'Nay, Nay', as some would say! haha! I started going to the gym, again, and lost 35 pounds. I lost another 15 over the past 18 months, and now I'm a Size 7, which feels great! I'll tell you, fear of Diabetes is a great motivator to take those extra pounds off!

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You know what I think would be a really good idea to stock up on before any God-forsaken Bird Flu hits? (Why don't we hear about the Bird Flu, anymore? Is it magically gone, now, or has it just lost it's place on the list of things that make it onto the News??) Anyway, Surgical Masks. I just heard a new Study where they're looking to see how useful Surgical Masks would be in the prevention of the spread of the Bird Flu (or any other type of yucky flu...). Anyway, it seems to me that if this ever did come over to North America, it might quickly become a problem to get your hands on some Surgical Masks, so here's a chance to get a 'pre-emptive strike' on this issue. I popped into to make sure they have a good supply of Surgical Masks, and they do. Just type it into the Search Bar and you'll go straight to that page.

< House of Nutrition> <40% off New Chapter Products at House of Nutrition > <House of Nutrition Homepage >

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You can get Surgical Masks at, too. Shop and compare, but be sure to get a supply of these masks so you can have them on hand if you need them. <Click Here to Save Medical Supplies and Discount Uniforms at EveryDay Low Prices.>

< Discount Nursing Supplies>

< >We carry a wide variety of practical health care products that have been carefully chosen by health care professionals to make life's daily tasks less difficult for people with physical disabilities. We specialize in products for people with arthritis in addition to products for caregivers. We carry over 400 products including adaptive equipment, specialized mattresses and cushions, ergonomic small kitchen appliances, bathroom equipment, neomydium magnets, ergonimic garden hand tools, adaptive clothing, mobility aids, joint supports and more. CLICK HERE>

<Free Medical Supplies >

If you've been reading my Update Pages, you'll know that my husband, Dwight, was diagnosed with Diabetes last year, so we are well aware of the costs involved with Diabetes -- it costs a fortune! I'm on the look out for better deals for you, too, so if you are also dealing with Diabetes, pop in to see what will work for you.<Find out if you qualify for Free Diabetic Supplies>

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Hey, check this out! I found a great Link for you to get one of these Personal Breathalizers. It's called a Digital Alcohol Detector. Use the Coupon Code - AILSA - for an extra 5% Off! Scooore! We'll Save Lives AND Save Some Money!

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Get a $40 Cash Reward for any pharmacy: just try HealthSaver(r), the discount service that helps lowers healthcare costs!<Health Saver>

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< >FREE SAMPLE of the revolutionary TrimLife Herbal weight-loss formula. Try it for a week at no charge. You'll be surprised at the way it increases your energy and drops those extra pounds, quickly.><TrimLife>

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FREE 32oz Bottle of the Great Tasting Liquid Nutritional Supplement, Seasilver! A FREE Bottle of one of America's Best Selling Liquid Nutritional Supplements!><SeaSilver>

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< >We all know that Good Health starts with Good Cooking and Healthy Eating, so why not check out this great offer?! Create festive feasts for the Holidays with secrets from The Good Cook! Start today with 4 books for $1 each. Click for details.<The Good Cook>


< Small Busniess Insurance Plans > That's a shame that 'Business' is spelled incorrectly -- but I can't change the AD! Ah, well -- it's a Link for Small Business Health Insurance. You can find more Links for Health Insurance on my Insurance Page.


>< Home Page>

Oh, we all love Free Stuff, no matter how much money you make! It's like a special little present, just for you!!

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I think Dr. Phil has a really good approach to Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance. eDiets is a great Source for information and products from all sorts of Diets that are around, these days, and you can get info on diets that are for Specific Health Issues, too, so that is really helpful!


<Cholesterol Lowering Diet Plan - by eDiets>

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<Sign up for your new body!><Trade your body in for a new one>(Or better, yet, trade in your spouse's! ha, ha,ha! Okay, that one's just for my own amusement! ha,ha!)

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<Shop Men at>(Ha,ha,ha! I'm thinking you can't really buy any men at Target, but they might have some sort of 'Rent to Own' arrangement -- or is that called,"Marriage"?! har, har!)

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Well, I really like this handy little Product because it's usefull for all sorts of if only I could convince to try trimming his Eyebrows, I'd be all set! ha,ha,ha!


I have to admit, I find myself looking to see if I have any wrinkles...vanity, it's sooo annoyink!! ha,ha! And that crazy Dwight was trying to look at my face up close, the other day, and I just assumed he was also trying to see if i had any wrinkles, which I felt wasn'ty fair at all, since he's not exactly wrinkle-free, himself... anyway, let me know if this works -- it looks good, though, and seems waaay less painful!

<Better than Botox!>

<Le Patch>

<Whiter teeth in just 10 minutes a day. Arctic white teeth system available only from 1800patches.>

I've been 'applying a tan' for the last year, and I have to say it's really easy and looks great -- with no risks from the sun! WooHoo! Beauty without risks! Now that's good!

<Get Tan, Not Orange>

Trying desperately to quit Smoking? Good for you! More money, Less wrinkles...that should be their new Motto for the 'Stop Smoking' campaign! I always thought they shoud have a picture of someone frolicking in the Ocean in Hawaii, beside a Hospital Bed with the poor soul all hooked up to their IV, 'n everything, with a caption that read, "Where would you rather be?" Or, "Which would you rather spend your money on?" I've heard these are very effective, so it's worth a shot, right??

<Stop Smoking Today!>

Well, this is not for the Squeamish...or the Amish...ha,ha,ha! (I don't know -- maybe it is...) Anyway, I know someone who tried this, and it turned their lives around, so, if you're thinkin', "Maybe that's for me...", you could give it a whirl, so-to-speak!(Please, oh, please don't send me all the details on this one, though... ha,ha,ha!)

<You deserve great Sex!>

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This is the kind of Style I really like -- see, there's room for all sorts of things in your personality!! ha,ha!


< Full line of lingerie, leather, sexy clothing and adult toys.>

<The only sensual product endorsed and recommended by Dr. Ruth Westheimer>

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<Find ALL of your batteries at!>(ba-dum-bum!! ha,ha,ha!)

<Patches and Much More!> All SORTS of Patches!

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Schmokin' 'N Gamblin' -- they often go together, no? If you've been to a Casino, lately, and my best guess (or Bet! ha,ha!) is that you have... anyway, it's pretty much 'Make a Bet, Take a Drag, Push the Button, Take a Puff...' .

So, remember that Smoking is Hazardous to Your Health, please don't smoke while you're pregnant (mostly females, here... ha,ha!), and Second Hand Smoke is harmful and annoyink to those around you, so be mindful of others if you're a Smoker...

Is that enough for the Warnings? I hate those Ads on TV that show you the health effects of smoking -- I say if it's sooo gross that you can't watch it, it won't get through to anyone. I think a better campaign would be to show the non-smokers havin' a great time in Hawaii with the money they saved on cigarettes over the years, versus someone in a hospital bed hooked up to the Oxegyn, with a slogan that read:"Where would you rather spend your time?" Don't you think that would be a better ad? And hopefully there's be some nice bathing suits involved...

But, it's a Free World, Thank Goodness, and you makes your own choices, right? So if you're a Smoker, here's a good link for you...

<buy best Tobacco products>

<buy best Tobacco products><>

And if you're Trying to Quit Smoking, here's a great Link. Just like anything else, you won't be able to Quit and make some serious changes until you decide for yourself to do it -- so when you're ready, these are all great 'Tried & True' Methods!

<Quit Smoking Today!>

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