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Shopping with Ailsa

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You can just Scroll Down until you find what you're looking for if you don't want to go from page to page... if there's a particular product you've been looking for and can't find it, drop me a line and I'll see if I can find it for you!

< > Ailsa's Favorite Books - Ailsa's page - I always get the Gift Certificates, especially for Family & Friends who live further away. The Amazon Gift Certificates are delivered in days, and they're incredibly easy for anyone to use. Perfect Gift Idea!


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Roomba -- who wouldn't looove this?? This would make a great Wedding Gift, or just buy it for yourself!

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Ooooooh! And Check out my Home Improvement Shopping Page -- it's Great!

Hallowe'en Costumes & Gifts

Financial Stuff

We just got the most insane Electrical and Gas Bills (apparently, those companies hava a 'catch-up bill' in July that charges what they should have been billing all year... more on that later, but the bills were $752.00 for one and $996.00 for the other. When I found this ad, I thought you might be able to benefit from it...)


Real Estate!(We all know how much I love Real Estate! ha,ha!) (And I think you might just love it, too, right?!)

Home Improvement -- we all loooove that, right??

Check out my new Home Improvement Shopping Page!

On-Line Education This is definitely the wave of the Future, and I'm happy about that. As an Educator, I've seen a lot of Students who thought they couldn't afford a College Education, or didn't have the Marks for it. I think that anyone who WANTS to get an Education should be given the opportunity to try it.

And for people who have a whole life going on around them, it's very tricky to find the time and money to pursue Further Education, but if that will vastly improve your life (and the life of your family), then On-line Education is the answer.

Fundraising We've all had to do some Fundraising for something -- Schools, Churches, Teams -- you name it! So here's a great link for you to get you going for your Group!

OR, you can try The Buffs (like the ones on Survivor!) that I have on MY Site!! They're great for any sort of Fundraising or just great for your whole group to match!! But might as well make some money for yourselves at the same time, right?? You can always take any money you make and Donate it to another Worthy Cause! There's always room for Charity!!


Travel -- there's more on my Travel Page!

You know, I'm a little bit of a procrastinator, myself!! Surprise! Except with Building Stuff -- that I get done right away!! ha,ha! But if you haven't booked your Flight Home for the Holidays, or you're thinking of 'Getting Away' during your Break, this is a great Site to find a great deal!! Let us know where you're going, too!!

Jewelry (My Favorite Gift, Right After Real Estate...and Chocolate! ha,ha!)


Business Cards, Magnets & Other Stuff Like That! (Like Stickers!)

Kids love stickers -- it doesn't even matter how old they are! I use them with Aidan; Cara likes them for her Locker and Binders, and I often used them with my Students when I was in the Classroom. Fun and Useful! And if you want to hand out something cool other than candy at Hallowe'en, you might want to try these Stickers!


Fitness Equipment -- My Favorite Pieces! (Did I tell you I used to be a Certified Fitness Trainer?? Yep. It's true!)

I have my air walker in the corner behind the Sofa. Sometimes I bend my knees, too, to target the front Quads.

These Exercise Balls are cool -- you can use them with Weights, too.


Here's my favorite Total Gym -- you know what it is particularly good for? That incredibly difficult to get to (especially for women, for some annoyink reason!)-- your Triceps -- the bit that might just be hanging around, at the back of your arms! Really works for those muscles, and is fun to use -- really!

<> <total gym 1500 As Seen on TV>

Recumbant Bikes are often easier on your Neck, Shoulders and Back, so if you've been putting off exercising because you need to watch out for those areas, try this. Also, this is fun, too! Your kids will love it, too!

<> <Weslo Pursuit 525CS Recumbent Bike>

And here's my favorite little Stepper. I like to swing a couple of Hand Weights (3 - 10 pounds, depending on how I'm feeling --from the side and clink them in front of you -- back, forward, clink -- back, forward, that!) while 'Steppin' Out'!

<><Stamina Electronic Mini-Stepper>

<468x60 Exercise banner >

Hot Tubs! (Hey, why not?? We love ours!)

Sports Stuff!

Hey, check out my Buff Page -- I know the North American Wholesaler for the Buffs, so I can 'hook you up' if you'd like to get some Buffs for your Team, School, Church Group, or any other type of Group.... Click Here to see the Buffs! (Cara and Tia are my two lovely Models!)

And just for Fun...!

Phone Cards & Other Communications Stuff!

Plants, Flowers and Gardening

Home Decorating

Have you been in to see my Linens 'N Things Page? I bought all of our Window Treatments, there, and they are gorgeous! Great Prices, too -- I could never have sewn them myself for less! You can see what the Store actually looks like, and how I used their Products through-out our Home.

Here's a great Link for all your Lighting Needs. When we are renovating a place, one of the first things we do is update the Lighting -- it makes a huge difference, and is not very expensive. It's amazing what you can do with Lighting!

Check out my Amazon Page, too, for more ideas!

Great Art makes a huge difference in the feel of your Home, and it can really reflect your personality!

Rugs , Carpets & Flooring!!

Cleaning Stuff -- I spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning, so I am always looking for things to make the work faster and easier!

Pet Supplies & Cool Stuff

This is a neat little tag for your pet -- you don't need to be any particular religion to appreciate the message of caring for all creatures from St. Francis of Assisi.

Computers, TV, & Other Electronic Stuff

We rent a LOT of DVDs, and my guess is that you might, too! This is a great deal -- check it out!

In light of the recent Power Outages, I thought this might be useful. Also, I'm checking into Alternate Power Sources for your home -- I'm very interested in Individual Windmills that go on the roof. Very cool idea. I wanted to do that in this house, but the Condo Rules wouldn't allow it, so we'll do it in the next house we build in a new area. Anything that saves money and the environment is a good thing, right?! I'll let you know what I find out.

BOOKS! I have a Whole Page just for Books : )

Click Here for 'Ailsa's Favorite Book Page'!

Magazines! (They make great gifts -- not just for yourself, either!! ha,ha!)

Baby Stuff!

TV Stuff!

Simpsons "The Sopranos" Style Boxer Shorts

I Love Lucy Bucket Tin

Harry Potter Glasses

Orange County Choppers Metal Shield Black T-Shirt

Atari Retro Striped Orange T-Shirt

Celtic Trefoil Pendant

Claddagh Friendship Ring

Lizzie McGuire Bendable Plush Doll

The Sopranos Etched Logo Cooler (Hi-ball) Glass






* * * Emmy Winners! * * *

The Sopranos -- Winner of four Emmy Awards!

24 -- Nominated: Best Dramatic Series

Six Feet Under -- Winner: Outstanding Casting for a Dramatic Series

Friends -- Nominated: Outstanding Acting

Sex and the City -- Winner: Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series

Saturday Night Live -- Nominated: Best Variety Series


* * * Button Down Shirts * * *


~ N E W P R O D U C T S! ~

SEX AND THE CITY: Tees, Camisoles, Tank Tops

2004 Calendars

Birthstone Pooh Bears

Pooh Treasure Keepers

Plenty more new stuff here!

Tasty Stuff!

Wine and Other 'Liquid Gifts'!

Groceries, and Other Grocery Store Type Products!

It's surprising how much you can save by purchasing your Groceries (and all sorts of other things!!) On-line. You elininate all the little extras that you have to walk past in order to get the Milk and Bread! For me, that easily adds up to thousands of dollars a year -- don't tell Dwight!! ha,ha! I think this'll be the wave of the Future -- you can order your Groceries On-line, then they'll be at your Door before you know it -- saves time and money! Now, that's good, right??

Great Gifts! (For Yourself and Others!!)

Do you have a Sports Fan to Buy for?? Really, who doesn't?? ha,ha! They have a great Selection and good prices at Star Struck Proteam, and they have a ton of College Stuff, too!

Do you love Petit Fours?? I used to dream about them when I was a wee girl! They always have them at 'High Tea', and I have great memories of that! Here they are from Hickory Farms -- you can have them anytime, now! WooHoo!

<><Holiday Petits Fours>

<Hickory Farms Best Sellers>

<GameDay Snacks>

I send out a lot of Calendars every Year -- so does Dwight. He always get a Rocky Mountains Calendar for his Clients, since we really love the Mountains!

I am particularly partial to anything with Beaches, Flowers or Puppies... but you've probably guessed that by now! ha,ha!


> <



<Banner Bike Logobanner >


< >

This can be a great 'Toy' for kids of all ages!

Aidan got a Leap Frog Learning Pad for his 4th Birthday, and he loved it!

< >

Well, this is kind of a Toy...

Health and Drugstore Stuff

NEED Health Insurance? In addition to featuring the largest selection of major medical health plans from leading companies, eHealthInsurance also offers a wide selection of quality short term, student, travel, and dental plans. You can obtain FREE instant quotes, side-by-side comparisons, the best available prices, online applications, and a knowledgeable Customer Care team to help you find the plan that is right for you.

Kitchen Stuff!

We love our little grill -- great for Fat-Free Cooking! Fast, too, which is always good!

<George Foreman Family-Size Grill > has a Huuuge Selection of Kitchen Items at Great Prices!


I used to Fly Alaska Airlines all the time when I lived in L.A. -- they were always great!


Stuff for My British Readers!

Vehicles (All Sorts!)

Hey, have you ever noticed those cars with the Ads on them? What a great idea! Why not? I have my Business on the Side of My Van, and Dwight has both of our Businesses on his Truck -- it's a good way to 'advertise while you drive'! Check out this company, and see if this might work for you!

Shoes! Yippeee!

< >

Clothes... !!

You know, I really don't have much time for clothes I can't just toss in the Laundry and hope for the best with! I'm guessing you might be quite a bit like me on that one!! ha,ha! Check this Ad out -- it's from Spiegal.

Fun Stuff for 'Later'! ha,ha!

Fancy, Schmancy Stuff (It's not for everyone, so if you don't like, skip it, but if you do... it's a relatively free country, go go exercise your freedom of choice...)

Patches! All Sorts of Patches!!

Can't say I like the 'perfect' part of this ad, but I do like the idea of wearing a Patch to help curb your appetite... interesting concept... and go ahead and give my Apple Crumble for One Diet a try -- totaly worked for me!! WooHoo!

Auctions Auctions are a great way to score a great deal on all sorts of stuff - big to little!

Legal Stuff

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Recipes -- Cheesecake ,Cinnamon Buns, Salsa Chicken , Macaroni Salad ,Chicken Noodle Soup, Taco Spaghetti , Easy Pie Crust , Creamy Peach Pie , Great BBQ Marinade , 'Pass da' Pasta, Rosemary Steak, Onion Barley (an Aphrodisiac!), Stuffed Green Peppers, Fruit Puffs , BBQ Veggies, Apple Crumble for One , Barbequed Meatballs, Everything Else!!

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