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Decorating Supplies

I've just set up a new special page just for these amazing new Wall Murals. They can easily and quickly add a great detail to what would normally be a great big plain wall. The vast majority of new Homes have Vaulted Areas and Spaces that are 'Open to Above', which just means that the Open Area (usually in the Great Room) is Two Storeys high. It's a fantastic Space, but often it leaves Home Owners unsure what to do to decorate it.

I'm thinking, too, that if you don't want to 'commit' to putting the Mural directly on the wall, you could put it on a separate board and Frame it with Base Board.

If you want to make the Mural look like a giant painting, you can easily put the mural on your wall, then frame it with a fancy molding, just like you would frame a window. It can give your Space a brand new look!

<Murals Your Way>< >

More great Art Ideas on my Art Page...

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Have you been in to see my Linens 'N Things Page? I bought all of our Window Treatments, there, and they are gorgeous! Great Prices, too -- I could never have sewn them myself for less! You can see what the Store actually looks like, and how I used their Products through-out our Home.

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<> has a huuuge variety of Decorating Products!

Here's a great Link for all your Lighting Needs. When we are renovating a place, one of the first things we do is update the Lighting -- it makes a huge difference, and is not very expensive. It's amazing what you can do with Lighting!


Check out my Amazon Page, too, for more ideas!

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Oooooh, I love Chair Covers! They can instantly transform a room -- and save your good chairs from small boys and big men! ha,ha,ha! has an Amazing Selection of Chair Covers, and their Prices are incredible!

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Can you believe the price on this??

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Well, everybody needs new Shower Curtains, so check out this cool site!


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<Shower Curtains, Rings and Liners for any type of decor. One of the largest selections on the Internet.>



Great Art makes a huge difference in the feel of your Home, and it can really reflect your personality!

<> <Decorate> <Landscapes> <Save 40-70% in's College Clearance Center!> <What's New>


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<EZ Roman Shades> I just got some Roman Shades for the Laundry Room, and now I want to get them for two more windows... EZBlinds has a huge selection of all sorts of Window Coverings -- check them out!


Hey, are you into Astrology? I'm Pisces and a Rabbit in the Chinese Astrological Charts... it's fun and might give you a little insight into your life! At the very least, it always says really nice things that are good to think about yourself, anyway! You might be shocked to find out how accurate the Signs are! I'm working out a deal, right now, with a Chinese Company who sell Chinese Paper Art. I'll let you know when I get that set up -- their work is exquisite!

I finally got their link -- check out this company -- very cool stuff. I've sent them some ideas of what I think would be cool to add to their product line, including varying sizes of paper cut-outs that could be glued directly on the wall to create a giant Mural. So many of us have enormous amounts wall space, especially in Vaulted Areas and rooms with very high ceilings. I'd love to see Vines that you can add to (different lengths that you can use one or ten, depending on the space...), that could go around Doorways, or in the Kitchen or Bathrooms. So many ideas. Anna Chan, the Marketing Director for will take into consideration any ideas from us and set up the machines to cut the paper pieces when they get enough orders, so if you're interested in the Mural Idea, drop me a line or contact directly and let them know.

I think it would be neat to put murals on Roll Down Blinds -- that would make them very interesting, especially for a child's room.

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Rugs , Carpets & Flooring!!

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Cleaning Stuff -- I spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning, so I am always looking for things to make the work faster and easier!



Big, Big Stores, Chock Full of Everything!

If you haven't had an opportunity to see all the stuff you can get at Overstock, click on and have a peak! They are just getting into the Travel Game, too, so check out what kind of good Travel Deals you can get, there, too!

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Business Cards, Magnets & Other Stuff Like That! (Like Stickers!)

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< shop for stickers> I love Sponge Bob -- we started watching it with Cara and Aidan, and now we're 'hooked'! The writing is hilarious and the characters are sooooo funny!

Kids love stickers -- it doesn't even matter how old they are! I use them with Aidan; Cara likes them for her Locker and Binders, and I often used them with my Students when I was in the Classroom. Fun and Useful! And if you want to hand out something cool other than candy at Hallowe'en, you might want to try these Stickers!

<Learn & Play with Stickers from eSticker (for Kids)>

<Name Brand Stickers - NFL, MLB, Mickey, Pooh, Mrs. Grossman's and more>

<Spiderman Stickers>(Aidan loves everything Spiderman!!)




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Fitness Equipment -- My Favorite Pieces! (Did I tell you I used to be a Certified Fitness Trainer?? Yep. It's true!)

I have my air walker in the corner behind the Sofa. Sometimes I bend my knees, too, to target the front Quads.

<> <Tony Little's Gazelle Edge Trainer >

These Exercise Balls are cool -- you can use them with Weights, too.


Here's my favorite Total Gym -- you know what it is particularly good for? That incredibly difficult to get to (especially for women, for some annoyink reason!)-- your Triceps -- the bit that might just be hanging around, at the back of your arms! Really works for those muscles, and is fun to use -- really!

<> <total gym 1500 As Seen on TV>

Recumbant Bikes are often easier on your Neck, Shoulders and Back, so if you've been putting off exercising because you need to watch out for those areas, try this. Also, this is fun, too! Your kids will love it, too!

<> <Weslo Pursuit 525CS Recumbent Bike>

And here's my favorite little Stepper. I like to swing a couple of Hand Weights (3 - 10 pounds, depending on how I'm feeling --from the side and clink them in front of you -- back, forward, clink -- back, forward, that!) while 'Steppin' Out'!

<><Stamina Electronic Mini-Stepper>

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Hot Tubs! (Hey, why not?? We love ours!)

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Home Theatre Systems!


Web-only: $150-$350 gift card on TVs $999.99 & up! After web-only rebate. Excludes Sony XBR and Grand Wega models Web-only: $150-$350 gift card on TVs $999.99 & up!

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Sports Stuff!

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These make great gifts if you've got a Birthday Gift to Buy!<Customized Jerseys - Pick your Team!!>

<Hickory Farms GameDay Snacks>

<GameDay Snacks>

And just for Fun...!

<><Giant Airblown Inflatable NFL Football Player, Dallas Cowboys>

Phone Cards & Other Communications Stuff!

<Call to Canada from 2.0¢ per Minute> (Come on... give us a call!! It's cold and lonely up here... Be Kind -- Call a Canadian! ha,ha,ha!)

<Call from Canada to the USA from 2.8¢ per Minute>

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Call From

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Plants, Flowers and Gardening

<Current Promotion 5><Nature-inspired gifts: Save 20% on orders of $50 or more at Gardener's Supply Company>

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<Dutch Gardens...The Freshest Bulbs - The Finest Plants - Direct from Holland>


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