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Business Cards

Magnets & Other Stuff Like That! (Like Stickers!)

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Everyone needs some nice Business Cards. Whether you're in Business for yourself, want to go and do a little schmoozing at any Social Get-together, or need an easy way to hand out your personal information (say, if you're Dating!).

It's so much more Professional and Efficient to have your own Business Cards -- I always get mine from VistaPrint -- they have a great selection and really fast service. Plus, they have these cool little Business Card Holders that I really like!

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You know what is very practical when you are Single and 'Actively Looking'?? A Personal Business Card. For Women, you can choose a really nice Card design and just put on Your Name, Title, and email Address. When you are out somewhere and you meet someone you like, you can quickly whip out your 'Personal Card' and hand it to the person of great interest. Then it's up to them to contact you, and if they happen to turn out to be a jerk (can you believe it?? ha,ha!), all you have to do is Block them on your email. Easy schmeasy!

For men, you might not be as worried about who has your phone number, although there's a fair number of crazy girls out there, too (yes, I've watched The Bachelor, and so now I know for sure!!), so if you just want the e-mail address, too, why not? The important thing is to have your pertinent information readily available so you don't feel awkward about becoming more acquainted.

I think putting your cell phone on the card is completely fine... it's not like you're giving your card out to some you really don't want to know, and some folks are actually not online (I know, hard to believe, but it be true!), so if you really like them, you'll want them to be able to contact you, right?

Of course, if you have a Professional Designation or Business you want to promote, then just go with a Regular Business Card.

I couldn't manage without my Business Cards and Return Address Labels -- saves me a huuuge amount of bother and time! Plus, they're really pretty, and I like that!

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< shop for stickers> I love Sponge Bob -- we started watching it with Cara and Aidan, and now we're 'hooked'! The writing is hilarious and the characters are sooooo funny!

< >Oh, I looove Spongebob Squarepants and Puppies! And Waterfalls! Check out for an incredible selection of Free Screensavers. I'm sure you'll find something you'll love, too! I chose the SpongeBob Screensaver of SpongeBob living in the Bikini Bottom, which would be a great name for a Singles Apartment Complex, now that I think of it! ha,ha,ha!

Kids love stickers -- it doesn't even matter how old they are! I use them with Aidan; Cara likes them for her Locker and Binders, and I often used them with my Students when I was in the Classroom. Fun and Useful! And if you want to hand out something cool other than candy at Hallowe'en, you might want to try these Stickers!

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<Name Brand Stickers - NFL, MLB, Mickey, Pooh, Mrs. Grossman's and more>

<Spiderman Stickers>(Aidan loves everything Spiderman!!)



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