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We love Linens 'N Things. They have the most beautiful Window Coverings -- I really wanted Drapes for this house -- really suits the Home Style. I'll get all the packages and write the Name of each of the Curtains you see on their respective pages, then you'll know what they look like in 'Real Life' (mine!) when you click on the Linens 'N Things Site.

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The Curtains come in a sealed (zippered) bag, and they are particularly easy to hang. Speaking of that, we got all of our Curtain Rods at Linens 'N Things, too, and they're absolutely gorgeous. We couldn't be happier!

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I find myself going from Room to Room admiring the Drapes! They range from Casual in the Childrens' Bedrooms and Dens to Very Elegant in the Living Room and our Master Bedroom. The Drapes in the Sunroom are just plain Luxurious -- you need clean hands to go into the Sunroom, 'cause you always want to touch the Drapes! ha,ha,ha!

All the Draperies are from Linens 'N Things.

In the Great Room, Dining Room and Front Entry, I used a Deep Green Satin Drape called

Crystal Satin , P-661 84Sage -- that's the 42"W X 84"L Panel, and I got 12 of those.

Crystal Satin, WS-661 06Sage -- that's the Matching 6 Yd. Scarf, and I have 4 of those, but I think I'll go back and get 2 more... they really give your windows a polished look. Each Scarf measures 42"W X 216"L.

Illusions Voile, Sheer Panel in Eggshell, a very gentle color. They measure 59"W X 84"L. We have 2 of these on most of the Windows in the house, so that provides a nice sense of continuity between the rooms. They add a lovely elegant touch to every window.

In Our Master Bedroom and the Sunroom off the Master, I chose a beautiful soft material that looks like a cross between Suede and Velvet -- it's soooo luxurious.

Glamour, P-871 84Sage. This is a 54"W X 84"L Panel. I bought 11 of these -- 2 for each of the 4 big windows in the Sunroom and 3 for the Master Bedroom, since we have three windows in there -- one very cool Interior Window, an Architectural Feature I am very fond of!

Glamour 6Yd. Scarf. I can't find the package for this, but the Matching Scarves are always offered with their Drapery counterparts on Linens N' Things, so they're always easy to find.

Each Window in the Sunroom has a set of Eggshell Sheers, including the Windowed Sundeck Door. Very pretty. These drapes are soft and elegant -- this is already a fantastic room, but these Window Dressings take it right over the top!

The Double French Glass Doors in our Master Bedroom have Pure White Illusion Voile Sheer Panels. They are crisp and clean -- very romantic!

Brushed Twill Button Down Panel, Celedon (think 'Celery'!) 728 TWL060. These are 42"W X 84"L Panels.

Aidan's Rooms are Green and Cara's Rooms are Burgundy. I glued 'gems' from the Craft Store onto the Buttons on Cara's Drapes to give them a nice 'sparkly' touch!

Brushed Twill Button Down Panel, Burgundy 728 TWL051. These are also 42"W X 84"L Panels. These curtains are all-inclusive, no-brainer curtains -- they even come with their own Tie-Backs, so your room is done before you know it!


I brought my fancy schmancy Video Camera into Linens 'N Things when I went in to get even more Drapes, and took some nice pictures for you to see what the Store looks like -- it's absolutely fabulous! I thought this would give you a good idea of what the products look like in 'real life', so you will feel comfortable buying from them On-line.

All of their Curtains come in sealed packages -- you can hang the Drapes directly from the Package, or you could pop them in the Dryer to remove any wrinkles. I hung them on the Windows directly because I was desperate to see what they looked like on the Windows! Wrinkles naturally 'fall out' from the Weight of the Curtains when they're hanging up.



Let me introduce you to one of the many excellent staff members at Linens 'N Things -- this lovely woman is Kim! Wasn't that nice of her to pose for the camera??

The Service at the Store and On-line is fantastic -- any exchanges that you might need to do are fast and courteous.

We got all our Rods and Accessories at Linens 'N Things, too -- stunning!

So that's our little tour through Linens 'N Things -- what a beautiful store!





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