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Insurance -- Home Owners Insurance, Builder's Insurance, Health Insurance... so much Insurance!

Insurance is a key part of pretty much everything, but you want to be particularly careful with a new home you are building, and make sure you have your Home Insurance in place as soon as you take possession of your new Building Lot. You need to be protected from any idiot who happens onto your Land... and especially when you are in the middle of your House Build and some intensely stupid people let their kids 'play' in your Construction Zone.

This is an enormous pet peeve of mine, because you would think that all adults would be smart enough to stop their children from playing in a construction site, but, nay, morons exist. (It's late and I'm mad -- I hate looking out the window and seeing a child at significant risk when you know you can't do anything about it... and the parent turns a blind eye...) Oddly enough, I feel more sympathy for the poor Building Owner who does not know that kids are using his (or her) property as a new play area... or for some situations where vandalism might occur... you have a lot to look out for in any Build, because you are in a unique position where you are actively working on a home but not yet living there, so it can be open territory for certain activities.

In our last house, we lived across the road from some fairly heavy construction, and it was amazing how many times you would see a truck drive up in the middle of the night with their lights off, and you just knew they were taking building supplies from a construction site. Make sure your Builder's Insurance covers that, since it is becoming a fairly big issue, particularly in larger centers where there is a tremendous amount of new construction.

Your Builder's Insurance will roll right over to your Regular Home Insurance -- your Insurance Agent will fill you in on all the details. <Compare Home Insurance Quotes and Save!>

Remember to get Builder's Insurance when you first buy your new Building Lot, even before you get started on your House Build -- you're liable for anything that happens on that land from the first second you own it.

Most Insurance Companies carry all sorts of Different Types of Insurance, so you can make a special request for anything in particular you might want to insure -- from Yourself and Your Family to Your Home and all your Valuables.

< Compare Insurance Quotes!> <Compare Insurance Quotes and Save!>

<Compare Home Insurance Quotes and Save!>

Insurance Quotes -- Get a Quote (All Free)*- Life Insurance Quotes - Disability Insurance Quotes

Many people don't realize the Medicare provides only limited coverage. Long Term Care Insurance helps you to protect your assets and ensure that you will be cared for after retirement. Visit our Long Term Care site and we'll tell you all about it.>

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