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2005: Aquarius Career

The first couple of months of the year will be a time of quiet planning, and you'll need plenty of privacy in order to see things as they really are. Even if you work with people all the time, try to take time for yourself so you can see where you need to go. Fiscal problems might develop in late February, especially if you're not in charge of the budget. Keep a wary eye on people with spending authority. Starting March 20th, you'll want to reinsert yourself into workplace culture with a newfound zeal.

That willpower will grow and grow, and you might surprise yourself and others with your sassy take on work events. Don't be shy about asserting yourself -- if you try to contain your opinions, they'll eat you alive. After the lunar eclipse on April 24th, you'll note an easing of tensions within yourself, and soon you'll be in everyone's good graces again (no matter what happened recently). Toward the end of spring you'll need to stay busy, so much so that you might not notice the change of seasons.

Work is all you'll have time for over the summer, at least until mid-August. Try not to schedule vacation time until then, or you'll end up too preoccupied with missed work opportunities to enjoy yourself much. New projects will go well for you, though they will occasionally reach a hectic pace. You should break records without trying too hard.

Restlessness sets in with a vengeance when autumn comes around. You're looking for an escape of some kind, and you might not feel especially choosy. Try not to go overboard completely, or you'll risk a much bigger change than you had anticipated at a time when you'd rather be making slow but steady progress. Education might be the answer to your needs, especially around the holidays.

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" "Aquarius","2005: Aquarius Overview","

You've been dealing with intensity and passion in all your communications for years now, Aquarius, which means you're probably quite skilled in that department now. Still, as 2005 rolls around, you may find that you're even more prone to speak your mind and let your opinions be known. That goes double for the first nine months of the year, which outgoing Jupiter will spend in easygoing but assertive Libra and your solar house of opinions.

You may be willing to keep quiet for a few weeks, especially after the holidays, so January will be quiet. You'll also need some alone time during this month, especially around the 10th, when a new Moon will inspire you to get to know yourself better. After the 24th of February, you'll need to be careful with money -- in particular, watch out for being taken advantage of by someone. And from the 20th of March on, you won't mince words -- not at all -- when it comes to speaking your mind. Go easy on anyone less well-armed.

That strong-willed trend will continue throughout April, and well past the lunar eclipse of the 24th, when it will be even harder for you to contain yourself. Come May and June, however, you'll be far more sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, and more willing to stifle yourself -- just a touch -- to be sociable. By the end of June, even if you feel swamped by responsibilities and not all that happy about it, you'll keep your nose to the grindstone and your comments to a minimum.

During summer, you'll be more focused on work than on play -- much to the chagrin of your dear ones, who'll be trying to talk you into getting out of town for at least the weekend. Explain to them about how diligent you're feeling, and put off any travel plans until after the 17th of August. At that point, you'll be quite ready for a break in the action.

During fall, you may be so ready for a break, in fact, that you'll be looking longingly at your passport. The solar eclipse of the 3rd of October may put you in the mood to travel overseas -- but if you don't have to go alone, don't, and make sure you're home in time to enjoy the holidays with dear ones.

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" "Aquarius","2005: Aquarius Romantic","

After the hectic holidays, you're ready for the New Year your way, and you may want to start by giving yourself some space in the realm of romance. Taking a step back from an existing relationship to look at the big picture isn't a bad idea in January -- and those who are single will be firmly in a 'my way or the highway' mode (a good way to sort efficiently through potential partners). By February 8th, you're electrified by a new vision, whether it's one of reconnecting or starting fresh, and you're electrically attractive as well. Your big heart and grand intentions fuel you at the end of March; just be gentle with anyone you're leaving by the wayside.

Something (or someone) exciting and new comes your way in the days following April 7th, and your charisma is undeniable. You're far from the herd, and other wild cards are easy to pick out (and pick up); if you're coupled up, take your sweetie with you to unusual places. Get into the social swing of things in May and June, when you'll be rewarded with mind- and heart-expanding connections.

The heat of summer might find you slaving away at work instead of enjoying the romantic romps you'd much prefer. Don't get so caught up, however, that you miss the big signals your sweetie or a potential one is sending you -- some progression can occur that's very much to your liking. Schedule hot dates or fabulous getaways around July 21st and August 19th, when your wild appeal is boosted way, way up.

Fall usually gives you that itchy feeling that you'd rather be somewhere else, doing something else or perhaps with someone else, and denying it only makes matters worse. Singles can soar through this season, while couples might plan a great escape together. By Thanksgiving you'll be more grounded, and ready to recognize how thankful you are. Get yourself under the mistletoe the weekend of December 23rd, and prepare for a very happy New Year.

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