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2005: Taurus Career

You're a machine early in the year -- take a week or two to get yourself into gear, and then you'll be unstoppable. If you've set your sights on a new job or even a promotion, it should come to you before the ice starts melting. The events that seem like setbacks in the second week of February will quickly turn around and become advantageous. Stay focused and you'll have no serious problems getting where you want to go. The Ides of March should be especially good to you, too.

Springtime is all about cultivating new relationships. Your new status should have people seeking you out, but you might want to go out of your way to attract even more attention. A spot of lunacy around the 24th of April could shake up some long-standing client or colleague relationships, but you'll have a sizable safety net if you play things right. Working on your own or as part of a two-person team will be most rewarding after that.

Mars is all about work, and this summer is all about Mars. June and July will be whisper-quiet as long as you keep your task list up-to-date and your in-box clean, but come August you'll find yourself restless and eager to take on new responsibilities. It could be that you throw yourself into volunteer work, or that you demand a more palatable workload. In either case, you've got the strong red planet backing you up.

You might not like it at first, but the change in weather come September will also bring changes in the way you relate to your career. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll drop everything and write the Great American Novel, but you're definitely in for some serious choices in the months leading up to winter. The very end of October will be the best time to start putting those new plans into action, but take your time. You'll see the start of some very real changes around the holidays.

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" "Taurus","2005: Taurus Overview","

After months of what feels like treading water, Taurus, you'll be able to make some very definite changes this year -- but you may need to use that world-famous patience of yours for a few months. Winter will be full of interesting changes, especially after January 10th. If you're due to make a career change, wait until then. The best part is that once you set your determined little mind to something, there's just no way you won't have it. So when you decide who and what you want, you have only to focus your considerable energies on it, and you can rest assured that you'll reach all those goals -- and more.

Spring will be fun and sociable, and your worst problem may be deciding which wonderful offer to accept, and which to reject. A relationship could change quite suddenly at the end of April, thanks to the lunar eclipse of the 24th. This bright event will spark up your relationship axis, asking that you turn your attention to one-to-one encounters.

But it's summer that will bring you the most exciting changes. Right up until the very end of July, fiery Mars will keep things passionate, but urge you to keep quiet, too. Once August arrives, however, Mars will take all that passion and aggression into your own sign, turning up the volume on your level of assertion. That means this summer definitely won't go by without you making a stand -- a serious stand -- on behalf of someone or something that you want.

Come fall, you'll make some changes, and they'll all be positive. If they don't feel that way at the time, think about this: There's a silver thread that connects everything that's every happened to us to where we are right now. If you're happy with yourself, you should be grateful for every little thing that's come your way -- whether you thought of it as positive or negative at the time. If there are things you want to change, make new choices and get your new show on the road. 'Tis the season for new beginnings, after all!

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" "Taurus","2005: Taurus Romantic","

You're nothing if not patient, and in 2005 your calm, cool and collected style gets rewarded in the realm of romance in just the ways you've been waiting for. Your underlying smoldering sexiness sets something very much on fire around the 22nd of January -- fan the flames by speaking your feelings in a way that seems scary but will have splendid results. Keep the communication coming; you'll need it to ward off a little jealousy (on your part or theirs) at the outset of February.

March 18th marks the beginning of your personal spring; you're a hot number and a perfect package, so don't be afraid to sing your own praises a little. If you do, suitors will flock -- or if you're coupled up, you can take your relationship down a sweet garden path at the end of April. Your combination of rock- steady loyalty and alluring appeal gets recognized big-time; then it's your decision from there.

Summer starts out simmering -- the weekend of June 3rd's already hot to the touch -- and sizzles onward from there. Your passion nearly explodes in mid-July, but your innate caution makes you barely (just barely) keep the lid on it until August, that is. By then, you'll know what you want and you'll know how to get it, and you'll characteristically take a back seat to no one. If anyone tries to play games with you now, they'll be the loser, as you demand all the respect and honesty you deserve.

Autumn's the time to take your love life back to school, learning some lessons (some challenging and some fun, of course) and looking toward the future. The middle of September offers a different perspective on romance that makes a great deal of sense, as well as enlightenment about a partnership (potential or otherwise). As you incorporate your revelations in October, you're able to finally let something go -- and embrace something (or is it someone?) new. Thanksgiving finds you with lots to be thankful for in the realm of romance, and the weekend of December 16th holds gifts for your heart, providing you're not afraid to actively snoop around for them. At New Year's, your love karma's looking very good indeed.

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