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Libra Career

Jupiter likes you this year, and that's good for business. Good luck will flow your way naturally, and if anything doesn't seem absolutely perfect in January, it'll be resolved by the end of the following month. Work will take care of itself for a while starting the last week in March, as the Moon sees to it that you start checking in with your personal life and reestablishing a balance.

Don't look directly at the solar eclipse on April 8th, but do look deeply into your beliefs and attitudes toward your career. The bright light will help you focus on what you need to change in order to move forward at the right pace. The light will go out on the 24th as the lunar eclipse helps you settle back into your comfort zone in the workplace. Your successes in May and June might spark a bit of a competitive frenzy among your peers, but you'll end up ahead.

There ain't no cure for the summertime blues, and this year is no exception. You might feel drained by all the demands placed on you throughout July. At some point in August you'll find a nice point to take a break and might even get some recognition for all your hard work. As autumn approaches, you can expect some conflict with supervisors or maybe an intractably difficult client. Ride it out, but don't give in.

After all of that, you'd like for the fall to be gentle and easygoing. Instead, more eclipses -- in Libra, no less -- make you the star attraction. You'll need to show off how flexible you are as big changes try to sweep you away. If you bend in the wind, you won't break, and you'll ride out the rest of the holiday season in high style.

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" "Libra","2005: Libra Overview","

With mighty, merry Jupiter in your sign for most of this year, Libra, there's really not much you can't accomplish. All you really have to do is show up! Your luck will be amazing. More often than not, you'll end up in the right place at the perfect time. If your best-laid plans need to be canceled or adjusted during winter, don't be upset about it. By the end of February, you'll see the reason for it all. The full Moon of March 25th will shift your focus from work to your primary relationships. Take care of dear ones -- and know that they'll be happy to return the favor.

The solar eclipse of April 8th could bring about a major change, due to a brand-new attitude -- yours. If you're feeling overwhelmed or excessively burdened, you won't put up with it any longer. The lunar eclipse of the 24th will turn up the thermostat on all your relationships, and could mean you'll be willing to risk becoming a lot more intimate with a certain person. Those feelings will continue throughout May and most of June. Just watch out for a bit of jealousy.

During summer, you may need to invest more time and energy then you feel you've got in your career and your group affiliations. You'll reap the rewards as soon as August, via a public display of gratitude. Whatever you're working on, keep at it, even if authority figures seem to be doing their best to make your job more difficult during September. They may simply be trying to see what you're made of.

A pair of eclipses in your sign during October will make fall very interesting. . If sudden changes come along, take them in stride and be adaptable. The harder you try to resist going along with the universe's plan, the more urgently it will pull you along. Besides, by the time the holidays arrive, you'll be happily involved in family matters, possibly because of a wedding or the birth of a child.

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" "Libra","2005: Libra Romantic","

If your New Year gets off to a bit of a slow start in the love department, work on your romantic karma by doing some of your trademark matchmaking. Your perceptiveness and natural knack for connections, along with your subtlety and diplomacy, mean that in January and February you can easily assist those who tend more toward floundering in the realm of romance. They'll thank you, and by March you'll reap some intense rewards. The fabulousness of the weekend of March 25th is practically overwhelming, as you're showered with attention and dishing it right back out to someone wonderful.

Around April 8th, spring blossoms for you, and it's all about relationships -- and it's all up to you. Get clarity surrounding what you truly want, and then all you have to do is communicate to obtain it. The weekend of April 22nd and the following days find you sitting pretty in the realm of romance, perhaps with the perfect someone to share your throne. Things develop at an exponential rate from there, with May and June sprinkled liberally with happy days and increasingly hot nights.

You're not prone to jealousy, but if something offends your sense of fair play in the love arena at summer's outset, you could find yourself suddenly cozy with the green-eyed monster. Don't hold it in; with your natural grace, you can express your feelings (perhaps around mid-July) and come out feeling better and stronger. Your relationship or a potential one will benefit as well, with some sweet results to be found toward the end of August.

If a romantic test comes your way in September, you'll pass with flying colors, and the beginning of October invites fresh, exciting new energy into your love life. Be open and let it in no matter what unusual form it may take, and be ready for almost anything to happen. November offers several days of particular sweetness beginning on the 12th, while your December holidays are happily family-oriented -- and your notion of family may suddenly, beautifully expand. And from December 24th through January 2006, you have a stellar opportunity to examine and reshape the role of love in your life.

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