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2005: Capricorn Career

Saturn, your ruling planet, is telling you to brush up on your interpersonal skills this year, but you needn't worry -- you'll get better without trying too hard. Communication skills will be vital in all areas of work throughout the year. Your first lesson will come early (around January 9th), when you'll need to take praise well. You'll start to see the fruits of last year's efforts pay off, and you'll need to keep from getting a swollen ego. Pay attention to budget issues in February and make sure you've wrapped up any office squabbles by the time of the full Moon on March 25th.

Focus on the people you work closest with throughout the spring. It might be your boss, your peers or particular customers -- whoever it is, make sure to devote your attention to their needs. A time will come, probably around the end of June, when you'll need to take a stand for something you believe in that might run counter to workplace culture. Don't worry: You'll have Saturn on your side.

As fall arrives, start to build out from those close relationships until you've got a strong network centered on you. It could be that you find a golden opportunity to cement your reputation as a can-do worker -- seize it and the rest of the year (and maybe the next several years) will go smoothly. You might have the chance to work on a side project that could become quite lucrative over time.

An old employer might come calling in the autumn, or nostalgia might coax you to look them up. If they make an offer that seems tempting, consider it thoroughly before moving; you don't want to end up sliding backward. October's two eclipses will steer your thinking toward the future and where you want to be in several years. Make a plan and stick with it. Once you've made up your mind, the holidays should be surprisingly relaxing.

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" "Capricorn","2005: Capricorn Overview","

Your own planet, serious Saturn, will spend the first half of the year influencing you with regard to relationships, Capricorn, and the second urging you to get up close and personal with someone you've just recently learned to trust. But during the whole of 2005, you'll be just as concerned as ever with your career. The good news is that you'll be amply rewarded for your efforts in all departments, and the kudos will start pouring in as soon as the 9th of January.

For the rest of winter, you'll focus on your personality and appearance. You may be in the mood to start a diet or quit a bad habit during January. In February, you'll want to tend to money matters -- which may be a bit tricky to navigate. Keep an open mind, and don't hesitate to explore unconventional possibilities. The full Moon of March 25th will bring attention to a family situation -- one you've been worried about for some time. Let go and let your emotions show. The solar eclipse in April will help to bring closure to the matter.

For the rest of spring, you'll be intent on getting closer to someone you've only been thinking of casually for some time now. It's time to put intimacy on the front burner. Whether it's emotional, physical or intellectual doesn't matter. Bare your soul with confidence. In particular, the full Moon of June 22nd will arrive just in time to help you be brave and bold, personally speaking. Take advantage of it.

The urge to get close won't be going anywhere soon, either. All during summer, you'll be focused on a certain person -- but fortunately, they'll be just as focused on you! This could mean -- once again -- that you're due to either end a relationship or take a casual encounter to a whole new level. Just don't let your work slide. You have your reputation to think of.

A voice from the past could arrive early in fall. Before you allow them back into your life, be sure you're ready for a committed relationship -- because that's exactly what they'll have in mind. During October, two eclipses will help you to turn toward career matters and think less about personal things. By the time the holidays roll around, you'll be quite ready to relax -- and you'll certainly have earned it. Some new family members may be along to help you enjoy your time together -- but don't forget about that mistletoe!

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" "Capricorn","2005: Capricorn Romantic","

Your New Year starts off with a bang indeed -- while you may be seriously chipping away at your list of resolutions in other areas, your reserve is blown away in the love department directly after the first week in January. You surprise the heck out of yourself, and whether you're carousing with somebody new or just anew with your steady, they're pleasantly shocked as well. Then your trademark perseverance in some matter of the heart can pay off the weekend of February 4th -- and the weekend starting March 4th can be whatever you want to make it, lovewise.

Spring's all about relationships. If you're coupled up, you're as protective of your privacy as ever to outsiders, yet you slowly see that letting your true tenderness show is a risk very much worth taking -- perhaps beginning April 1st (no fooling). Similarly, singletons amp up their love lives by getting a little deeper, realizing there's not much to lose and a great deal to gain. May 7th and 8th hold much promise, romantically speaking, and June 22nd is a perfect time to say what you mean and mean what you say.

Your heart continues to occupy your mind through a sizzling summer, with the weekend of July 15th presenting a decision that you're very much ready for. Those who think of you in a businesslike way make some major adjustments at the beginning of August, as your love life takes you through some extremes that you ultimately find thrilling. Who knew you were so wild at heart?

With your innate practicality, you're never one to dwell on your romantic past; but in the fall, someone from your romantic past may be dwelling on you. Your old loyalty may be sparked, but is the connection still there? Let your intuition guide your, especially the weekend of September 16th. In October and November, your mind's on your money and your money's on your mind, but don't exclude the nourishment of a sweet little something in the romance department. Look for a hot holiday party on December 16th or 17th, and as far as New Year's Eve weekend, it's got your name (plus someone else's) written all over it.

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