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Great Sight Forever!

Man, it's been over two years since I had 'My Eyes Done'! It was one of the best things I have ever done in my whole life, and I've done a lot of cool things... so I would highly recommend this procedure if it at all appeals to you. Just find yourself a reputable Surgeon, and you'll be all set!

This is a little 'Diary', if you will, of the whole Lasik Eye Surgery Process -- I still use the Eye Gel Drops -- in both eyes (because the 'old eye' gets soooo jealous of the 'new eye'...! ha,ha!), but that's just for extra comfort. Being able to wake up and see everything, and never wear Glasses is truly a Miracle, though, and I'm so glad I had it done!

So here goes -- this is my account of my own Lasik Eye Surgery from 2003...

It's just past the 4th of July! Can you believe it?? This was a real Independence Day for me because I went in for Laser Eye Surgery to correct my Vision -- I'll never have to wear my Glasses or Contacts, again! WooHoo!

< > Yep, I'm keepin' an eye on you! hahaha! No, no. I can't really see you... I'se just pretending... no need to go and get dressed. I know you're all comfy in front o' yer computer, just like me! haha! Okay, so you know how I had Lasik Surgery 4 years ago? Well, that was one of the very best things I've done in my whole life, so I would highly encourage you to do it, too, especially if you've had it with wearing (or buying!) glasses. I wrote about the whole process on my Lasik Eye Surgery page... who knew you'd find out about Lasik Eye Surgery on a Building website, huh? Yep, I got it all in here! <800,000+ Lasik Procedures Performed. Get Your Free Lasik Exam Today! >

Well, I've had the Lasik Eye Surgery and I really can't believe what an easy procedure it was, especially considering the vast difference this makes in your life!

The whole procedure took about an hour and a half, including all the pre and post-operative procedures. The actual surgery itself only took about 3 minutes -- I was actually 'under the Laser' for a total of 25 seconds. What a miracle!

I had the Lasik Eye Surgery, which I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of this type of procedure for Vision Correction. Dwight had the 'PRK', and he seemed to have some difficulty with that, whereas I just breezed through mine... I think because the protective 'layer', if you will, stays intact. (They create a 'flap', but you probably don't really want to know about that! I only wanted to know as much as I had to, and no more -- it's like having a baby -- just enough info not to screw up, but definitely worth the procedure! ha,ha!)

I only had my Left Eye done (that's apparently my 'Dominant Eye'), since I just turned 40, and people in my age range might need reading glasses within the next 5 years, or so. Leaving one eye as the 'close up' eye and correcting the distance vision in my dominant eye should prevent me from having to wear reading glasses in the future -- cool, eh??

< > This is waaay cool! has a FrameFinder Virtual Try-On that allows visitors to upload a photo of yourself and see how specific frames will look on your face. Isn't that amazing? Oooh, the technology, today! I want to check it out for Sunglasses, too. Don't forget that you can have the sunglass tint on any lense, so if you find a pair of frames that you loove, keep that option in mind. I still have prescription sunglasses, even after the Lasik Eye Surgery, because when I went ot the DMV (and this is hard to believe...), I couldn't convince them that I had 20/20 vision, provided that I use both eyes to see (one for reading, one for distance, perfect together... and all carefully planned out by my brilliant surgeon!) . Anyway, long story short, they kept covering my 'new eye', leaving me with my old 'reading eye' -- sounds a bit creepy... so, of course, I couldn't see their Letter Board from a distance. I told them that in the horrific event that I had some disaster (God Forbid) happen that I only had the one eye to operate with, I would be at the hospital, and not driving that day... turns out, the DMV doesn't have a lot of room for kidding around, so I had to go get the prescription sunglasses! <Get a free T-Shirt with every RayBan purchase from Hurry - stocks are limited. > <Free Standard Shipping on prescription eyewear and sunglasses to anywhere in the US from FramesDirect! >

July 11th, 2003. Well, it's been a whole week since I had my 'eye' done -- remember that I only got the Left (dominant) eye done, so now I have one good eye for distance and one good one for up-close...

So far they are not working very well together -- very unco-operative eyes, you could say! I keep waiting to be able to see as well as I could with my glasses, but that may not work for me -- I do so much work on the computer, that I may need to go back in and get the other one done, but I'll wait the recommended three months to see if my eyes 'even out'.

Right now I am blurry up close and at a distance -- although yesterday my distance vision was really good -- it seems to fluctuate at the beginning.

There is no pain associated with the Lasik Surgury, provided you use the Eye Drops and are careful, but that stands to reason with anything pertaining to your eyes! That's what everyone really wants to know, right?!

The stangest part for me is not being able to go out and help Dwight build the Deck or Put the Swing Set together ... it's been laying on the ground 'in place' since I pulled it out of the box and laid it out on the Playground area. It's always easier to get any work done around the house when two people are working together.

I haven't been out on the Riding Lawn Mower, either -- that became my job the second the Canola Flowers blossomed in the zillion fields around our house. Turns out that Dwight is terribly allergic to the Canola, and I'm only 'moderately allergic', so mowing the lawn became my job.

I just went upstairs to take some pictures of the Canola Fields, in case you've never seen them -- they're very pretty!

There's Tia on her Rope! And here's a closer view!

I'll tell you, though, I can really relate to Hank Hill (King of the Hill for the non-TV addicts out there!). I was afraid of the Riding Lawn Mower at first, because that crazy Dwight had it at a high setting (I needed to start out at the 'Turtle' Speed, and, yes, it really is called that!), and I was in an area with huge ruts. Well, our Landscaper, Ron, had been over and smoothed out a lot of the land, so the Riding Mower was a lot more stable.

After a couple of rounds of the lawn, I really started to love it -- very relaxing! You can sit back and enjoy the view -- we have a lovely Mountain View, and the Trees and Valley are gorgeous, too... I just needed a Corona and I would have been all set! ha,ha! That reminds me -- must find out if there's a good 'cup holder' attachment for the Mower!


Here's an interesting little tid-bit -- I asked Cara the other night if she had any male friends who might be interested in doing some Lawn Work for us (and some light construction work around the house...), and Cara said SHE would really like the job! Who knew?? I can't mow the lawn until my eyes heal completely (I'm thinking a good 6 weeks, since I don't want to take any unnecessary chances...), so that would be great to have a 'resident helper'! Why not pay your own kid??


The other thing that is making my recovery easier, I think, is that Dwight installed the Air Conditioner (4 tonnes of Air Conditioning, if you're keeping track of that sort of thing -- keep in mind that Dwight IS an Air Conditioning Guy -- that's what his business is!). There are no outside 'pollutants', if you will, coming into the house, so the air is cool and clean. (There, I linked you to Dwight's very own page, so you can see what else he's been up to -- I haven't been outside to take any pictures of the actual Air Conditioning Unit, but I will as soon as my eye seems okay for a foray outside! Just click on the highlighted bit with Dwight's name...)


July 15th. I had my 10 Day Check Up for my Eyes, and Dr. Culver is very pleased with my progress, and so am I!

I'm amazed at how much improvement you have each day that goes by. I'm able to Drive no bother, now, and my Distance Vision is great. I can see the computer a lot better, now -- I think it'll take a while before it's perfect, but this is very 'do-able'. I'm able to work at the computer for about 6 to 8 hours a day. That's good, right??

Dr. Culver had given me a sample of Gel Drops called GelTeal Gel -- at first it's a little weird to have a gel in you eye, but once you get used to that, it's very soothing. Now it's the only thing I use, and I just add it whenever I think my eye could use a little 'watering'!


July 21st. Just a little over Two Weeks since the Lasik Eye Surgery and everything is good! One of the biggest changes for me is no more Headaches -- my Glasses used to really weigh down on my face, which caused me to have headaches almost daily. What a huge freedom not to have to wear glasses.

Even going into Stores and other places where I always had to fumble to switch from my Prescription Sunglasses to my Regular Glasses -- what a pain in the shirt that was! Now I just whip off my Normal Sunglasses and Whammo, I can see! Yippee!

I can see the Computer a lot better. I'm sitting a little tiny bit closer to the screen, and that makes a difference. I watch my favorite shows on TV while I'm working at the Computer, so I'm always turning from the computer to the TV -- up-close reading to distance viewing. It's a Big Screen, Thank Goodness, so it's pretty easy to see.

I'm careful not to put any Eye Drops in my 'new eye' before I drive. Your vision is blurred until the drops dissipate. Driving is no bother at all, now -- my Distance Vision is excellent.

Reading a regular book is still a bit of a challenge, but I was determined to start reading my copy of East of Eden (John Steinbeck), since I can't read the Oprah Book Club E-mails because I don't want to find out about the book before I read it! ha,ha! So my favorite line in the book, so far, is, and I'm paraphrasing, "she had a sense of humor like a chicken" -- now is that a great description of a humorless chick, so-to-speak, or what?? Plus, I absolutely adore California, so reading about the Countryside is a wonderful little escape!

Here's a funny little tidbit -- I was making some Coleslaw yesterday (I just add a wee bit of Mayonaise, chopped pecans and a freshly ground pepper ...yummy!), and wouldn't you know it -- the 'Coleslaw Veggies' that come ready-made are from Salinas, California, the setting for East of Eden!

I'll have to have a quick look at the map to see if we'll be anywhere near there when we go on our trip!


August 1st. I'm almost at a full month, now, and my sight has really improved. I can see the Computer quite easily, now, although I do sit slightly closer to it than before, but that's a small price to pay, and I'm guessing it will only get better as time goes on.

My distance vision is great -- no problem with driving. The only weird thing is I can't see faces at a I did with my glasses on, but that'll probably improve, too.

Not having constant headaches anymore is a total blessing -- I would absolutely recommend this procedure to anyone who is ready to try it.


September 4th. Man, it's been ages since I've been able to get onto my site to work on it -- I went on vacation to California (great!) and when I got back there was a horrible worm in my computer (no, ironically enough, it WASN'T my ex-husband, and that is funny! ha,ha.ha!). I finally got rid of that (all thanks to!), so now I can tell you about my nice new eye!

I had endless amounts of fun when we were at the pool of the hotels and Aidan would start splashing, so I would always say, "Oh! Watch out for Mummy's new eye!" LOTS of fun to see the response of some people in the pool!

I did take extra care not to get any pool or hot tub water in my 'new eye' (that's really what I call it!), though, just in case.

My vision is great, and I can't even imagine having to wear glasses or contacts again! WooHoo! What freedom! I would whole-heartedly recommend this procedure to anyone who is ready for it.

My eyes are working really well, together, now. It does take a while for them to get adjusted to their new roles, but I am really glad I only had one eye done. Remeber that my vision wasn't bad up-close -- my glasses were for distance correction. I think if I'd had both eyes done, I would have a real bother seeing the computer and reading, two of my favorite things. This is definitely the best of both worlds!

Now, Dwight had both of his eyes done about 12 years ago, and his vision was really bad ('coke-bottle glasses' bad), so having both eyes done worked out perfectly for him.. It's a personal choice and one you can make based on your own vision situation and the type of activites you do. Your doctor will give you all the info you need to make an informed decision.


September 20th. You know what's amazing?? I hardly ever even think about my 'new eye' anymore! That's great because it means I've completely adjusted to it, and my eyes are 'working together' to see everything -- up close and far away! WooHoo! And I hardly use any Eye Gel Drops, now, either. They still make my vision blurry when you first put in the drop, so I never do that if I think I'll be driving anywhere anytime soon! And it's hard to read the Program on the TV after I've done the Drops (you know when you have the TV Menu displayed on your TV -- maybe that's just Satellite! I can't remember, now!). Stooopid 40's! ha,ha! No, no. I loooove being 40! Smart enough to know better and old enough to do something about it! Perfect!

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I thought I'd add this section to Build Your Own House because this is one of those procedures you hear a lot about but like to 'know someone' who has actually had it done and that it was successful...if you're a regular visitor to our site (and I hope you are! ha,ha!), you'll know me well enough to know that I 'tell it like it is'...I can't be bothered with phony crap -- I think this seems to happen the minute you turn 40! ha, ha!

Quick Tip: After you've had the Eye Surgery, always close your eyes whenever you sneeze or blow your nose... sounds a bit weird (or perhaps obvious to you, but it was big news to me!), because it's amazing how many tiny bits of the paper hankie (Kleenex) can fly up right into your eyes... and you definitely don't want that!

I got my Eyes done at the Culver Eye Centre. Check out their site and 'see' (ha, ha,ha!) if this might be right for you!

The Cost of Eye Surgery is always of great interest! My Lasik Eye Surgery (Distance Correction for my Dominant Left Eye Only) was only $1000. -- that's a great price! I would have needed to replace my Regular Glasses, Prescription Sunglasses and my Contacts, which would have cost almost as much. When you multiply out how much you would spend on Glasses and Contact Lenses (and all the stuff that goes along with Contacts) over a ten year period, the cost of Lasik Eye Surgery will most likely be less. It's definitely worth every cent!

Keep in mind that I'm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, so that's Canadian Funds, so that's about $750. U.S.

Check Dr. Culver's Site for his prices, but for regular Lasik Eye Surgery for both Eyes is $1695.Canadian (so about $1275. U.S.). He also has specific information about the actual procedure -- stuff that I don't deal well with, but that you might be fascinated by! Just don't write and tell me about it -- I'm just happy with my brand new Eye!


Dr. Culver is everything you would want in an Eye Surgeon -- very kind, intelligent and careful! Isn't that what you want to know?? And his staff (Cathy, Sue and Trish) are all very nice and knowledgable, too!


When you've made the decision that this might be a good procedure for you, make sure you feel comfortable with the Office Staff as much as with the Doctor. They can be a good indication of what kind of attention you'll get during and after the process. If it seems crazy in the office, give it some thought. You want to find a well organized and calm atmosphere -- you'll probably feel most comfortable with that type of environment.


Hey, you know what would be cool -- to Have a REAL 'Sight-Seeing' Vacation! You could book a 10 day Vacation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada ( Calgary has long been a major center for Eye Surgery -- Cosmetic and Necessary...).

You could 'pop in' and get your Eyes checked to see if you're a good Candidate for the Lasik Procedure (sight correction), with an Appointment, of course... then you could scoot out to the Mountains and check out the gorgeous Hot Springs, take in a little Golf, Swimming, Hiking, Fishing... whatever you like .. then come back and get your Eyes done. You could do your Follow-up Visits with a local Optician.

And don't forget, if you're working with U.S. Dollars, it's like getting 25% off the entire Vacation, including the Eye Surgery! YaaaaHooo! Finally, the Low Canadian Dollar is paying off! ha,ha,ha!

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