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I love Music and Movies ... and especially TV, so this seems like a good idea for my Site! ha,ha! I also happen to love a great deal (Free is one of my favorite words!), so I've put some links together on this page so it's easier to find stuff.

< DIRECTV special Visa offer!> I know this is a giant Ad, but the deal is amazing, and I love, love, love my DVR. If you don' have it, yet, this is a good opportunity to try it out.

Here's the quick Love, American Style link to I've bought all sorts of stuff through Amazon, so if you're a Newbie to online shopping, fear no more... it's easy, safe, and usually waaaay cheaper than the store... and you can find anything you might think of without having to even change out of yer Jammies (I have to assume that you, too, are still wearing your jammies while you cruise the internet highway...!)

< >< > Find Love, American Style stuff at See what you remember, or make a New Discovery!

< Barnes& >< DVD New Releases >< Music Awards: Grammys >

If you've checked out my Bio, you'll know I loves me The Simpsons! You can get some hilarious Simpsons and Family Guy ringtones at (Or your favorite music -- I still have Baby Boy da Prince, "The Way I Live". Cool song, great ringtone!)



Think you know the next one to be voted off on Survivor? I'm hoping it's that idiot, Shane, but I'm not willing to swear that on one of my kids -- that's just creepy... that guy's gotta go...


Or perhaps you would rather place your bets on a Movie?? It's hilarious all the things you can bet on, now, and if Entertainment is your thing, maybe you'll really Win Big! ha,ha!


Here's the Love Stinks link (Love Stinks by the J.Geils Band), in case you feel like listening to that over and over again, now! <0780163382723:Product Link on Barnes & ><Houseparty: Anthology >

I'll tell you, I couldn't get along without my favorite Satellite TV, anymore! You get accustomed (or 'addicted', depending on how you look at it! ha,ha!) to the huuuge selection of Shows to watch! Plus, it's a necessity out in the Country -- and we don't have the hassle of dealing with Local Cable Companies, anymore, and that's always good!

Remember years ago, when the Local (and quite often mean...) Cable Company was the only game in town, and you'd have to take a whole day off work just to wait and see if they would actually show up to 'Hook You Up'?? Baby, those days are gone! Yippee! Freedom! We have had our Satellite System since we moved out to the Country, and wish we had gotten it years before, it's sooo great! And about $50.00/month less than what we were paying for Cable in the City with the Local Cable Company. (Actually, they were pretty nice -- it was a Cable Company in Santa Monica, California, when I used to live there back in the day -- they were the meanies, and I didn't know anything about Satellite back then. But I do now, so I highly recommend it!)

< DIRECTV by><Compare DIRECTV and to Cable TV"> (This is a great source for TiVo!)

< ><Time Warner Cable TV - From $39.95/mo. & $25 Cash Back...Sign Up Online><Digital Cable from Time Warner - HDTV, DVR, Premium Movie Channels, & Digital Sports Packages>

<Get a FREE Satellite System with DVR & HDTV plus FREE Install - Click Here >

If you would prefer to Call DishPronto, their toll-free number is 1-800-315-0788.They'll ask you if you have a Promo Cade, and it's Promo Code 10307... the Sales Rep will ask you for it during the ordering process.

You know how much I looove TV! I'm thinking you might love TV, too, and would perhaps like to to Win something fantastic, too!

< Click Here To Win! ><Join the Nielsen//NetRatings Research Panel and you could win a new car, a dream vacation, a dream home makeover or $50,000 Cash !>

The Official William Shatner DVD Club is a DVD-of-the-Month service for science fiction fans that helps subscribers discover rare & compelling genre movies efficiently and inexpensively. All new subscribers are given a Free DVD when they sign up for a no-obligation 30-day trial of the service. Each of the underground titles offered through the club are personally selected by William Shatner. Subscribers can own each DVD for less than the price of a rental. Discover Great Movies with William Shatner! Own Rare & Compelling Sci-Fi Movies every Month: Join Now to get your Free DVD!>

< Official William Shatner DVD Club>

< Find your favorite DVDs and Movies on eBay>< Sell your item at eBay!>(Just in case you've accumulated a large Record Collection, and want to make a tidy little profit off your memories!)

I looove Ali G - Sacha Baron Cohen's hilarious character... I laughed so hard, tears were rolling down mah cheeks, youse.... Ali G Inda House. Soooo funny! <Da Ali G Show - The Complete First Season

Oh, and I'm listening to the new Justin Timberlake CD,, Futuresex/Lovesounds and it's really, really good. I'm on Track 8 (Damn Girl), and so far, every song is better than the last... not very often that the whole album (do people still say that, or I am living in the past?? ha,ha!) is great! Amazon - <Futuresex/Lovesounds >

< Barnes & Music Store >

You can use this link to go straight into the Barnes & Noble site -- I buy most of my books and music through Barnes & Noble, because their prices are great and they actually ship to Canada -- I'm lovon' being able to buy stuff online that will be shipped without question now that I'm in the States! One of the many benefits!! Check the prices at Barnes & Noble for their CDs -- they always have the best deals!

I love this new Gnarls Barkley CD -- we play it on the computer and in the car all the time. Catch his new video for Gone Daddy Gone next Friday... cool song. The whole CD is great... you're gonna love it!

< >

< > You can get pretty much any TV, Movie or Music thing at This is one of my favorite online Shops!

< Trade DVDs at Peerflix><Start trading your DVDs today. No subscription is necessary. Click here for a FREE DVD today!><Buy and sell your DVD's today. Click here.>

< Yahoo! Music Unlimited> <Yahoo! Music Unlimited - Free Trial. Music To Play, Share & Go.>

TV Shows, Movies & Music * Check out my New Big Brother 6 Update Page! - <Catch every second of Big Brother 6 live on SuperPass>- Movies, Music & TV Shows - Ellen Degeneres: One of my Favorite Shows -- hilarious! - Ellen Degeneres Egg, because I Love Ellen and Easter! - Get a Wristband - Special Deal on Napolean Dynamite - - Find Out about the Wholesale Custom Buffwear (Like on Survivor!) - (Craig Ferguson's Fan Site) - The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson - <Join the Nielsen//NetRatings Research Panel and you could win a new car, a dream vacation, a dream home makeover or $50,000 Cash !> - < Pop in to get your Sports or Concert Tickets, today! >

<Movielink Generic 125X125 Static><Movielink(TM)-Download Hollywood Movies & New Releases>

Screensavers *Free Screensavers *<Click here for Free Movie Screensavers and Wallpapers! No Spyware and Virus-Free><Click here for your Free Celebrity Screensavers and Wallpaper! Download now!>

< Web Only: Save 10% - 30% on all PC games Web Only: Save up to $25 on select MP3 Players >

< All DVD/VCR Combos on Sale* Save up to $300 on All Home Theater Systems Save up to 10% on select speakers* Web Only: Save up to 10% on select CD players* Web Only: save up to 12% on select cordless phones >

We have a lot (a lot!) of Disney Movies in our house, so I thought thi is a great deal for all of us!

<Animated 10000354 >

< > <Click Here to Claim Your Free American Flag! >( has and enormous selection of Flags. Pop in and see what they have and get your Free American Flag!)

<Free Shipping on all NBC Store orders $50 or more!>

<468A><Netflix lets you rent, watch and return DVDs from home - Try free for 2 weeks!>

< ><Get a FREE TiVo System with FREE Install - Click Here >

<Get DIRECWAY Satellite High-Speed Internet Access - Click Here >

< ><For the Best Deals on DIRECTV Satellite TV, Go to - Click Here>

< ><FREE Digital Satellite TV System with FREE Installation in up to FOUR ROOMS from DishNetwork! Plus, FREE Digital Video Recorders in every room! No equipment to buy! Hurry - offer expires soon!><VMC Satellite>

< ><Get 3 Months FREE from Dish Network! Plus, Free Equipment for up to 4 TVs and Free Installation. No Equipment to Buy! Order Now!><iDishNetwork>

< >< Rent DVDs online and have them delivered to your home. Now you can try Netflix, the original online DVD rental service, for FREE! Try Netflix FREE Now! ><Netflix>

< ><28,000 DVDs for $24.95/month! Check out Canada’s Leading Online DVD Service >

<Never pay late fees again. Join today!>

< The Apprentice "You're Fired" T-Shirt--$22>

< Holiday Gift Guide >

Need a Sex and the City fix?? These are a great read for any Sex and the City Fan! I'm right in the middle of reading 'Trading Up', and just finished 'Sex in the City' before that!

<Sex and the CitySex and the City ><Trading UpTrading Up ><4 Blondes4 Blondes >

< ><Seinfeld Re-Gift Set >

<Elf ><Shrek 2 >Oh, and check out the Shrek Karaoke DVD, too!

Hey, Here's Ellen's Book in Paperback -- and it's hilarious!<Funny Thing Is...
Funny Thing Is...

And here's another hilarious book that makes a great gift! If you love The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and his 'gang'/'posse', you'll love this!

<The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America the Book: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy InactionThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America the Book: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction >

And this looks really funny, too!<Naked Pictures of Famous PeopleNaked Pictures of Famous People >

You know I love The Simpsons (and have Three Spec. Scripts for that Show!)...

<Monopoly: The SimpsonsMonopoly: The Simpsons > I got this for Cara for her 17th Birthday, and we all played it together. Lots of good laughs!

My Bestest Friend, Greg, is a Disney Collector, so I'm always on the look-out for cool Disney Presents -- and these are very cool!<Monopoly: Mickey Mouse (75th Anniversary Edition)Monopoly: Mickey Mouse (75th Anniversary Edition) >

<Disney Chess Collector's Edition TinDisney Chess Collector's Edition Tin >

And let's just say you know a Red Sox Fan...<Monopoly Game Boston Red Sox > Is that cool, or what??

Remember The Far Side, by Gary Larson? Soooo funny! Every year I get these Calendars -- they're great!<2005 Far Side Mini Wall Calendar2005 Far Side Mini Wall Calendar >

Have a Star Wars Fan on your List? Check out their waaaay cool Guitars!

< - More Product. More Exclusives.>


The very first thing we did when we moved out to the Country was to have the Satellite TV System installed -- Thank God for that! I can't manage without my favorite TV Shows!

< ><FREE 2 Week Trial to Blockbuster Online! Rent DVDs Online! More than 25,000 Titles! Free Shipping both ways! No Due Dates! Plus, get 2 FREE in-store rentals a month! Start Your FREE Trial Now!><Blockbuster Online>

Here's a place where you can Bet on Survivor -- who ever you think will win! (Oh, and I think they have a Section for The Apprentice, too, and frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if they have a bit on The Bachelor, too, since the Producers keep very close tabs on the Winners..)<>

And if you like the Survivor Buffs and think you'd like those with your own Group Logo on them, drop me a line and I'll hook you up with a great Wholesale Price!

In case you're totally into Movies, and might want to place a little wager on that!


< badgeitunes105x31dark Shop at the iTunes Music Store. >

< ><Get Unlimited FREE Music Downloads for 30 days from MusicNet! Plus, get AOL 9.0 Optimized FREE for 1099 hours for 50 Days! NO Credit Card Required!><AOL 9.0 with MusicNet>

< ><No Credit Card Required! Act immediately and get your favorite music at BMG Music Service. Get 12 CDs for the price of 1 with nothing more to buy ever! Choose from over 13,000 hits in rock, pop, R&B, country and more.><BMG Music>

< >Act immediately and get your favorite music at BMG Music Service. Get 12 CDs for the price of 1 with nothing more to buy ever! Choose from over 13,000 hits in rock, pop, R&B, country and more.<BMG Music (CC)>

< ><Get a $20 Circuit City® Gift Card when you try Buyers Advantage® and start enjoying up to $1,000 in New Purchase & Return Guarantee protection!><Buyers Advantage>

< >The BEST offer yet! Get 5 DVDs for $0.49 each plus FREE SHIPPING! Get all of the NEW releases! Check out the great selection at Columbia House! Act Fast! This offer will be gone in no time!<Columbia House DVD>

< >eBay is the world's online marketplace where you can buy and sell practically anything! Over 6 Million items, so get shopping! Register now and bid!<eBay>

< ><FREE Software! Choose from products such as Pac-Man, Scrabble 2 and many more. All you pay for is shipping & handling!><>

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< ><Get Any Game FREE! Try GamePass FREE for a Month! RealArcade has over 180 games. Click here for a Free 30-day trial!><RealArcade GamePass>

<5% Off Sale from Ticketsellers>

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< >

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Download a Movie for 99¢ or Less! Only at Movielink!
-Hundreds of new and classic hit films
-Play on a PC, TV, or a laptop for traveling
-Always in stock, no late fees.

<Click here for the latest Movielink deals!>

< >

Here are some Great Links for All the Movie & TV Stuff you can think of, and then some!! I buy stuff from them all the time -- I just got the Wizard of Oz Handbag for Cara and The Sopranos Sweatshirt for Dwight!

<The Sopranos >< The Simpsons>< The Osbournes>< Sex and the City>< Pink Panther >

< Guinness T-shirts and Boxers >< New stuff here!>

< Ties>< Pens>< Stationery >< Money Clips>< Watches>

<Pink Panther>


<Sleeping Beauty> <Beauty and the Beast> <Snow White>

<Cinderella > <Princess Leia> <Xena >

~ New Products ~

Candy Caps

<Tootsie Roll Caps > <Candy Caps>

Looney Tunes Trucker Caps

<Looney Tunes >

Speed Racer Caps

<Speed Racer >

Superhero Caps

<Justice League > <Superman > <Wonder Woman >

<Batman > <Green Lantern > < Supergirl >


<New stuff here!>


Everyone's very, very excited about the upcoming release of the Star Wars Epic Series, so I thought you might like to make your friends jealous with this! ha,ha!


<Sony z500a Star Wars Phone>

< - More Product. More Exclusives.><Click Here for Exclusive Star Wars Original Trilogy Items from the Lucasfilm Archives! - More Product. More Exclusives.>

< Limited-Edition Star Wars Replicas><Master Replicas: Star Wars Collection>< Disney Showcase Collection>

<Save on all Star Wars Merchandise. Only at!>


Buy at
Star Wars: Episode 2--Att...
Buy From


Well, if you are Canadian, you'll probably know all about Anne of Green Gables! I've been to visit the Anne of Green Gables House when we were in P.E.I. when I was a teenager (and Prince Edward Island is absolutely gorgeous, if you haven't been there, yet...and if you are not Canadian, P.E.I. is an Island off the East Coast of Canada).

< Anne of Green Gables at the Sullivan Boutique>

< Anne of Green Gables Delightful, unpredictable Anne Shirley has been charming readers of all ages throughout the world over half a century. The most popular and internationally acclaimed Canadian novel ever written is brought to the screen in a sparkling feature length version of the multi-award-winning miniseries that captures the story’s fairytale charm. The story of the irrepressible, redheaded orphan who comes to live with brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert at Green Gables , stars Megan Follows in the title role of Anne. Veteran actress Colleen Dewhurst stars opposite her as Marilla Cuthbert and Richard Farnsworth plays Matthew Cuthbert. Come see this product and other wonderful avonlea merchandise at the>

Check out for More Books, Movies, DVDs -- You Name It -- They Have It!

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