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Careers & Employment

Find a Job or Find an Employee!

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We are always on the look-out for new Employees since Dwight owns his own Business (D.K. Mechanical, Ltd.), and lately I've been thinking about going back to a 'regular' job, so these links will help us all with either Finding a Job or Finding an Employee.

<Construction Jobs>

<Marketing Jobs><Education Jobs><Manager Jobs><Part Time Jobs><Medical Jobs Available>

Education & Careers * Women in the Trades - Online Education - Careers & Employment< Win $5000 for School> - Careers & Employment - Business Cards -Get Your Degree Online - Books & Magazines - The Most $100k+ Jobs. Over 16,000 new open positions this month. Sign up now!>- e-Books of Special Interest < Looking for jobs in hotels, bars & restaurants? Search online database of over 14,000 hospitality jobs .>-< Would you like to like to earn extra cash from home just by filling out surveys? Click here and we’ll show you how > -<Post Your Resume> - < Click Here to learn more about University of Phoenix course offerings!>- <Find Old Classmates>

Find a New Job or Find a New Employee!

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<Access More Career Tools, Advice, and Information. Create a FREE Monster Account Today!>

Looking for a Job in the Los Angeles, California Area? Check out these links: -- Wide range of jobs and Job Fair Info. -- Police, Firefighters, Nurses in the L.A. Area ... check in to see if there's something for you.

Check it out -- I just found this, but it's a really good link if you're looking for a job in Southern California...

Anytime is a good time to have a good look at your life. Where you're going, where you've been, where you definitely don't want to go back to -- those sorts of things... and often you will want to increase your Level of Education, so if that's what you're thinking, pop in here for some Free Information for you to further your Life. Whether you are looking to begin your college education, or you are looking to upgrade to an MBA or Doctorate Degree, has a degree program for everybody! Get Free Information on getting a degree from an accredited or stats licensed online university from>

THE U is revolutionizing the way that teenagers and parents are choosing a college. Instead of spending lots of time and money traveling to college campuses to go on the infamous “college tour,” teens and parents can now visit the most popular colleges from the comfort of their own homes.

< - College Video Tours><For the price of just one college application essay, you can take your teen on 50 college tours! Watch a free college video tour now!>

THE U was started by a student at Columbia University who thought that there had to be a better way for high school students to make one of the most important decisions of their lives. Each college video tour features: interviews with students, tons of campus footage, and views of actual dorm rooms in addition to providing information on academics, professors, campus food, the social scene, and much more! We are selling our Complete Box Set of 5 DVDs featuring 50 schools and 14+ hours of content for just $39.99. In addition, parents and teens will receive a free eBook of “The 10 Best College Admissions Essays” just for visiting our site.

< >Here's a great opportunity to work while you travel, which is one of the best ways to really get to know the people of any Country., a leading online source for executive hospitality jobs at deluxe hotels, resorts and cruise lines across the globe. Currently with over 1,500 worldwide jobs, this number is growing with new jobs being posted daily. <Worldwide cruise ship jobs>< - Jobs in deluxe hotels & cruise lines>< - Worldwide restaurant jobs>

< ><Looking for a new job?><Free School Finder><>

<Post Multiple Jobs and Save on >

< >< > Let Monster do the work for you. Post your Resume FREE>

<Post Your Resume>

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< Looking for work? Visit  >Hate your job? Post your resume on and find a new one today!>

< Click Here to Post A Job>Find your next employee inexpensively. Post a Job on>

< > Workthing: Cut out the middle man, recruit online with the UKs largest job site network for employers direct, buy online today>

<Mamma Classifieds>

< > The Most $100k+ Jobs. Over 16,000 new open positions this month. Sign up now!>

< >< Get $10 off your first month's subscription to TheLadders $100K+ jobs premium newsletter; use coupon code 80802 through October 31, 2005. >

< - Free Tools for Job Seekers><Free Job Seeker Tools> has over 900,000 jobs to search. Every city, state, job type, and industry are searchable. Job seekers will be impressed by our wide range of clients - Fortune 500 companies to medium and small sized businesses. With so many jobs to search, you are bound to find a few great jobs that they want to apply to! Applying to jobs on is free for job seekers. There are two job seeker services that they can purchase: resume writing and resume distribution. Employers and recruiters can post their jobs on by filling out our form, and for a fee their jobs will automatically be listed to the 21 million job seekers visiting each month. Pop in and check out, today! <Over 1.3 Million Jobs Available><Post a Job Online - Click Here>

< Click Here>Survey Annex is the largest database of survey companies, reward programs and focus groups where users get unlimited access to over 700 companies that will pay cash, incentives and rewards for their opinions. Users can potentially make from $4 to $20 an hour working part time. In addition, users receive full support and a complete guide on how to make this a part time or full time business from home.
There is a one time fee of $39.97 with no additional charges or fees. This is a lifetime membership that entitles the user to receive updates and additional incentives from time to time. We offer one of the most dynamic and user friendly platforms on the internet today. Join today!
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<6 FIGURE Talent WANTED! is the leading online career management resource for high-caliber professionals. FREE! Resume posting with full confidentiality! Search through thousands of $100k+ executive and management level opportunities. Also find all of the tools and resources you need to enhance and advance your successful career.

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< 6 Figure Jobs - Executive Job Seeker>

< >

< Looking for jobs in hotels, bars & restaurants? Search online database of over 14,000 hospitality jobs .>

< > Fill your vacancy in catering or hospitality via our pay-online service at> is the leading online source of hotel, restaurant and bar jobs. They have over 15,000 jobs with top employers, with new jobs being posted daily. You can access their user-friendly search boxes to find hospitality jobs across the UK and abroad and they can apply to the roles immediately online. With functions like jobs by e-mail, salary checker and career advice, they provide opportunities for you to plan and manage your next career move. has over 200,000 jobseekers visiting the site each month to look for their next job. If you are an Employer, you can now advertise your job vacancy to this large group of active jobseekers through their pay-online service. If you are a Potential Employee, pop in and have a wee look at what has to offer. A great Opportunity if you want to work while you Travel.<14,000 hospitality jobs across the UK with top employers>

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< Find Better Jobs:> has all kinds of Information and Services to help you with every aspect of Employment -- I was just in there looking at Reference Letters, but they have a ton of things to help you find an Employee or find a new Employer, whichever one you happen to need the most! ha,ha!

< >

< >

< ><Win a $5000 Scholarship>

< 6 Figure Jobs - Executive Job Seeker>

<Free Membership! ->

< 6 Figure Jobs - Executive Job Seeker>

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And if you're thinking about moving to the U.S. (as I am, since I think about this about ten times a day, every day -- more in the Winter up here in Canada! ha,ha,ha!), check out this great service.

< Do it Yourself Immigration Kits>

<CLICK HERE to order your Complete Do it Yourself K-1 Fiancée Visa Kit>

<CLICK HERE to order your Complete Do it Yourself B-2 Tourist Visa Kit>

<CLICK HERE to order your Complete Do it Yourself Green Card by Labor Certification Kit>

< Click here for U.S. Immigration Kits>

< >

The Most $100k+ Jobs. Over 16,000 new open positions this month. Sign up now!>

You can't go wrong with more Education, and I firmly believe that Online Education is the Wave of the Future in Post-Secondary Education. And I hope to see it as a driving force for people to attain their Grade Twelve Education, too.

< Get an MBA in as little as 10 months! FREE Info!>

< Earn An Advanced Degree - University of Phoenix >

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< >Earn a Degree Online! Achieve your career goals by earning a bachelor's or master's degree ONLINE! Get a promotion, boost your salary, land your dream job!! Click for FREE Advice and Information!<>

Online Education -- Online Education is the Wave of the Future, since it is less expensive than going to a 'regular' university or college, and you can do the work at home in your own time. It's a great way to get ahead! Click Here for my Online Education Page.

Everyone is asked or needs to ask for a Reference Letter or a Business Letter at some point in their lives, so I found a good Program to help you with that, since these are harder to write then you first start thinking about that!

< 3,001 Business & Sales Letter Software>

< ><Find Old Friends, Lost Loves or Anyone><Find Old High School Friends at>

Check out for all your Back to School Wants & Needs!

Recipes -- Cheesecake ,Cinnamon Buns, Salsa Chicken , Macaroni Salad ,Chicken Noodle Soup, Taco Spaghetti , Easy Pie Crust , Creamy Peach Pie , Great BBQ Marinade , 'Pass da' Pasta, Rosemary Steak, Onion Barley (an Aphrodisiac!), Stuffed Green Peppers, Fruit Puffs , BBQ Veggies, Apple Crumble for One , Barbequed Meatballs, Everything Else!!



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