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Building Timeline -- STAGE 5

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Aug. 20th

'Dick' started the Cabinetry, today. Dwight & I changed the Shape of the Kitchen Island and the Back Deck off the Dining Room. Much Better Designs, I think! Booked Movers -- Smooth Moves out of Calgary -- we use them for all our moves!

Aug. 21st

Gas Inspection, today. Everything Passed. Bought the Fridge from Home Depot. Met with 'Dick'. Everything seemed okay. Some Cabinetry has been put together. Dwight & Steve tiled Cara's Bathroom Floor.

Aug. 22nd

Hot & Cold water to the house -- WooHoo! Finally! 'Dick' told me to buy all the Trim. Got a great price at Totem. Main Plumbing finished. Gas Meter installed and turned on. Dwight installed the Fireplace in Main Living Room. Some work on Cabinetry.

Aug. 23rd

'Dick' is actually working, today. He is fighting with me, daily. Driving me crazy -- won't do what I ask him to do, or follow any plans I give him. Refuses to build the Island to my specifications -- says I don't need such a big Island, and that my arms 'ain't long enough to reach it' -- ugh. I say, 'Just build it to the specifications'. He talks to Dwight to 'talk some sense into the little woman'...I think you can imagine the words I learned on The Sopranos in answer to that!! ha,ha!

Aug. 24th

Electrical coming along -- half done. Steve, Dwight and I are busy Tiling -- a really huuuuge job! Front Entry Bath done -- laid out tile for the Master Ensuite. 'Drywall Steve' & Eve do Drywall touch ups.

Aug. 25th

Dwight & I tiled the Master Ensuite -- floor only. Dwight applied Wood Fill to the Floor in preparation for the Carpet.

Aug. 26th

Hired our neighbor's son, Dustin, to help with the Cabinetry. Turns out that 'Dick' in fact did NOT have any employees -- hmmmm... Dustin is a big Football Player, so he saved the day and was able to hold up the upper level cabinets for installation. Thanks, Dustin! See you in the NFL! Went over Kitchen Island details with 'Dick' again... another 4 hours wasted! He gave me another huge shopping list of lumber - stuff he needed 'right away'. Dwight ended up taking most of it back, one month later.

Aug. 27th

My friend Kim's Birthday, today. Sent her a gift through this site from Martha Stewart -- really cool Flower Vase on the Tips & Recipes Page. I hear it was beautifully wrapped and a great gift -- WooHoo! Bought 3 'Park Benches' for around the Land -- great price at Totem (as always!). Also bought Toilets (4) and Kitchen Sink at Totem. I had another fight with 'Dick'. What a total nut. I feel sick when I see his truck in the driveway...yuck.

Aug. 28th

Lots of Sweeping -- a critical part of the job! Floor must be perfectly clean and free of 'bumps' before the Carpet can be installed. Interior Doors finally installed -- 'Dick' insisted on using Slab Doors instead of Pre-Hung Doors -- what a pain in the shirt that has become! Dwight will have to re-do them, since he's done a really terrible job. Steve, Chad & Dustin had to move 'Dick's' workshop to the lower level -- he should have been done already, and now it's in the way of the Carpet Installers. Mike McFadden from A Shade Above gave us a quote on the Windows - the top Rake Windows desperately need to be shaded!

Aug. 29th

Cara (our daughter!) started at her new school, today. It's a feeder school for the Fine Arts High School in Okotoks, so they have an amazing Drama and Choral Program -- Cara's thrilled! Aaaaah! My Van broke 'in half' on my way out of 'The Brick' parking lot -- not happy! Reaaaally deep curb caused the torques rod (part of the Suspension) to break. Won't go back there, again! No vehicle for a few crucial days! Kitchen Cabinet Doors are finally on -- had to insist that they go on! Is that crazy, or what?? Bought Cabinet Pulls and a Satellite System.

Aug. 30th

Underlay for the Carpet is in! WooHoo! It's really thick so the carpet will be nice and cushy! Cabinetry almost done -- looks great. Island frame is done. Dwight bought the Wall Tiles for the Bathrooms. E-mail from Florida State University about the Buffs! They're going to put their School Logo on the Buffs! Contact us if you'd like your School/Company/Town Logo on a Buff, too!

Aug. 31st

New Carpenter! WooHoo! Trevor Campbell built the Stub Wall around the Stairs (Interior). He's sooooo nice -- he doesn't even want to fight -- and he's single, too! We'll put him on the Dating Page! And the Business & Classified Page, too! Picked up Cabinet Mirror Doors from Crystal Glass in Calgary -- thanks to Lorraine and Garve -- they're so easy to deal with! And great prices, too! Tiled Pantry and half of the Laundry area. Carpet is 90% done -- looks fantastic! Thanks to Barry and Keith for doing a great job on the Installation! (They're also single and will be on the Dating Page!) Thanks to Tony at Deerfoot Carpet -- he's always so helpful! We love the Berber Carpet! I'm busy packing as much as I can -- moving on Sept. 8th!

Sept. 1st

Dwight, Steve & I are tiling all day. Long, long days, but the tile looks great! There's over 1500 square feet of tile on the floor alone in this house. There are three bathrooms upstairs, too, that need to be tiled (bath surrounds and the corner shower) and then the Kitchen Countertops will have the Emerald Pearl Granite Tile, so there's lots of work ahead! Garage Stair Rail is done.

Sept. 2nd

More Tiling! Deck off Kitchen framed. Dwight bought more lumber from Totem. Tested both Jet Tubs -- both 100%.

Sept. 3rd Dwight tiled all day. I packed -- 5 days 'til the move! Got my Van back!
Sept. 4th

Biggest fight of all with 'Dick'. Nut. I couldn't believe that the Cabinets are no where near done -- doors not done -- totally had it. Told 'Dick' and he was very confrontational. Job needs to be done -- we're moving in within the week. 'Dick' is furious because I said we should've used the Pre-Hung Doors, then Dwight could have installed them... he came out to the garage and told me it would be his last day. I said, "Good". I left and Dwight said he'd never seen 'Dick' work so hard! ha,ha,ha! Hired two men who claimed to be Tile Setters (Mor'On Tile Setters, I think they're called...!). Dwight tiled all day -- Steve joined Dwight at night and they tiled 'til 10. I bought two Dishwashers at Costco. (Yippee, no more Dick! Never thought I would be happy to utter those words! lol!)

Sept. 5th

Finally, the Toilet is in! No more running back and forth to the PetroCanada Station! (Although, they have the best fries & gravy!) Bathroom Countertop ready for sink! Barry the Carpet Installer finished laying the carpet -- looks beautiful! Both the Chandeliers are in -- gorgeous! Bought Faucets for Kitchen & Batts from Rona- Revy. Electrical done upstairs.

Sept. 6th

Working with Home Depot -- Fridge & Freezer were supposed to be delivered, today, since we move in on the 8th. I phoned them to find out when the Appliances would be delivered -- aparently they are held up somewhere on the East Coast of Canada, or something...anyway, they're not here, so frustrated. Dwight moved the Fireplace downstairs. Appraisal done -- can't close out the Mortgage until the entire Lower Level is done... Lots of packing!

Sept. 7th

Packed and cleaned. Swept the new house -- lots of sweeping! Dwight had to go get the Fridge from Home Depot, himself (with Steve). Door swing not done -- it was supposed to be changed since the Fridge and Freezer stand beside one another in the Kitchen, and they are supposed to open from the middle... Dwight covered over the Stub Wall around the Stairs with Drywall (until we have the Glass Inlay Panels done). Wall Tile done in Main Bathroom. Plumbed in Sink.

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