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Barbequed Meatballs

I'm just about to go upstairs to make these for Dinner, tonight, so I thought I'd share this incredibly easy and delicious Recipe!

Frozen Meatballs

BBQ Sauce

A little Water

That's it -- no kidding! You can find Frozen Meatballs in the Freezer Section of your regular grocery shop -- I always get mine at Costco or M&M's.

We are partial to the Kraft Original BBQ Sauce, but just use whatever kind you like.

STEP 1: I have an Electric Wok that is perfect for this meal, but you can use any Electric Pan, Pot or even pop it into the oven -- whatever you have! (Cover the Meatballs with Sauce, Cover and Bake for 45 minutes @ 350 Degrees F.)

STEP 2: Put the Meatballs in the Pan and Brown Lightly. If I've left the Dinner to the Last Minute (that would be the vast majority of the time! ha,ha!), I just pop the Meatballs in the Microwave for a few minutes to thaw them out.

STEP 3: Pour the BBQ Sauce mixed with a little water (just enough to thin the Sauce) on top of the Meatballs.

STEP 4: Leave this to Simmer for about 30 Minutes, or whenever you're ready to Eat!

I usually Serve this with Rice and a Nice Little Salad. Makes a Light and Tasty Meal!

You can use Chicken Breasts in the BBQ Sauce, too -- very tasty! (Not together, of course -- but for some other meal...)

Happy Cooking! Ailsa!

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