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Ailsa's Jewelry Page

Well, I adore gorgeous Jewelry, so I thought, "Why not create a whole page just for that??"

It's amazing what a difference to your look some fabulous Jewelry can make. Plus, can you think of a nicer way for someone to show how much they love you, or how much you love them?? ha,ha,ha!

I found this Jewelry Source ot of China -- don't let that scare you -- it's easy to order, and the prices are unbelievable -- you'll be getting these for every 'Girl Gift' you need, look like a hero!!

This is the Purple Jade and Pearl Necklace and Earring set I just ordered for myself (all part of the 'spoil yourself' plan! haha!) I think I paid $23.50 (Free Shipping!) for this gorgeous necklace and earring set -- I just can't believe these prices, and it's REAL Purple Jade (and Purple Jade is particularly lucky, too!!) You couldn't touch this anywhere else for under $50 - $100...

This is the Purple Jade and Pearl Necklace and Earring set I just got -- it's soo beautiful! I wear it every chance I get -- looks great with a low-cut top or dress... or less! haha!

I'm crazy about this stunningly beautiful Amethyst Tennis Bracelet -- $10.15, Free Shipping! Can you believe that?? It's craaazy, but it's true! I ordered one for myself, but now I'm going to go back in and order a bunch for my friends and family... and maybe a few extra just to keep around for gifts -- really, at this price, you can't go wrong, and no one will EVER guess how much you paid for it! I've been pricing them out, online, and in Jewelry Stores, and similar Amethyst Bracelets are going anywhere from $79. - $1,200. No Kidding! Man, I just feel so lucky for having found such great deals!! : )

And here's the Amethyst Bracelet I couldn't resist... these are the craziest, lowest prices I've ever seen on jewelery, and believe me, I look at a lot of jewelry! haha! I really want to show you the Sexy Purple Dress I bought, but it's a Family Site, so I'll pop it on my Sex Tips page (also good for keeping people happy, which ony good for making families happier, right?? And don't worry, it's just something little that you might like...haha!)

Dwight was in a real panic to get some Rings on my finger when he first met me, so now I have quite the collection of shiny 'baubles'! Just as it should be, right?? ha,ha!

Okay, so now I'm not married to Dwight, any more (yippee, I'm Divorced!), so you know what I did with my Wedding Rings? I put them all in front of me, had a good look at the diamonds, 'n such, (and engagement ring with a large stone, a wedding ring with a series of small stones, and an anniversary band with medium sized stones...). Anyway, I drew out some designs that I liked to take into a Local Jeweler, and together we chose a striaght line of diamonds, with the largest stone at the bottem, so it was one medium diamond, one small diamond in a line down to the main diamond from the engagement righ at the bottom, and I had the whole thing done in White Gold, which I love. I've gotta say, it's gorgeous!! It makes really good use of these lovely diamonds, and I don't have any 'bad feelings' from this marriage, so it's a really nice piece of 'memory jewelry', if you wnated to call it that. Frankly, I call it my 'Freedom Necklace', beciaew divorce feels like total freedom to me! hahahaha!

< - 3 CT Quartz & Diamond 14K Gold Ring> Man, how lucky would you get giving this gorgeous ring to a girl, hmmm? And who would ever guess it's only $145.00?? Wow! That is amazing! It's all about the stone, and the design. They have other shapes, too, if you prefer an oval stone... I'm gonna go in to see what other stones they have,to, since this would make a lovely gift for all sorts of people on my Holiday Shopping List! (Although, truth be told, only certain folks, would get such a giant gift... I'm thinking my Daughter, or maybe my Mum! But I want to see what all they have, since you can never go wrong with Earrings, or a lovely necklace, right??)

<Fine jewelry clearance sale! >

< Exquisite Jewelry, Exceptional Value!> Promise Rings, Black Diamond Jewelry, Hoop Earrings, Cross Pendants, Diamond Pendants & Necklaces, Poesy Rings, Engagement Rings, Ankle Bracelets, Smoky Quartz jewelry, Diamond Bracelets <Exquisite Fine Jewelry, Exceptional Value >

< ><Free Designer Jewelry>

<LS Deal of the Week>< - Click here to view the latest Jewelry Deal of the Week!> This is a great source for Religious Items & info about the Saints... very interesting. There are so many Occassions when you are looking for a lovely and unique piece of Religious Jewelry, so pop into the Religious Jewelry Store to see what they have for you or someone you love!

<$100 off diamonds; expires 10/1/04 3pm ET >

<14K Amethyst Flower><Clearance on Quality Jewelry up to 80% off>

<Blowout Bargains at Ora Jewels>

One of my very favorite things to do when I go to Los Angeles is to pop down to the Diamond District! It's fabulous down there, and the deals are amazing. What an incredible thing it is to be able to access that Merchandise at the New York Diamond District Online! WooHoo! Use your money you would have spent on Airfare to buy more Jewelry! ha,ha,ha!<Ora Jewels, NYC Diamond District's Best Bargain>

< >< >

< "The L Word" show jewelry collection >< "Queer As Folk" Jewelry Collection >

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And Diamonds aren't a girl's only friend -- many girls happen to love Tanzinite, Emeralds and all sorts of other gorgeous Stones! And you can never go wrong with a Birth Stone, since pretty much everyone is attached to their own Birthday and Birth Stone.

Let's start with some fabulous Tanzanite! It's my new favorite Gem!


<14K White Gold Tanzanite, Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring>

Hey, this is BRAND NEW! WooHoo! Tanzanites! They're soooo gorgeous!

<Tanzanite International Best Sellers Collection>

This is a brand new addition to my website -- I found when I was looking for some nice Jewelery for my Mum for her Birthday. They have incredible Prices, so I wrote to see if I could 'hook you up'! They have an amazing selection of all sorts of Personalized Jewelry, too, which is great for yourself or for a special Gift.

< >


< >


< >


Aquamarines are my all-time favorite Gems, because my Birthday is in March (March 7th...), and I love these new Square Cut Gems -- I think they're relatively new -- there weren't a lot of Square-cut Gems for a long time, there...

<Beautiful Pendants at Diamonds International><Bracelets at Diamonds International>

< >

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<Enter to Win a $1000 Shopping Spree at Diamonds International>


<14K Princess Cut 1.90 CTW Aquamarine Stud Earrings>

White Gold Cross Pendant, Sale Price: $ 145.00

Diamond Lace Cross Pendant, Sale price $99.00

<Locket Bracelet >


< Sizzling Summer Sale - Up to 50% Off! >

<THE GOLD RUSH IS ON at alle' Fine Jewelry's Sizzling Summer Sale. Save Big with 30%-50% off our elegant selection of new arrivals thru 8-13-04>


<Union Diamond - Your Trusted Online Diamond Source><Tying the Knott?><Looking for a Diamond Necklace?><Looking for Diamond Earrings?>

<Looking for an Anniversary Ring? Union Diamond Corporation is Your Trusted Online Diamond Source. Free Shipping with Every Order!>

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Check out my Page!

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Check out for Some Fabulous Jewelry!

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