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Ailsa's Flower Shop : )

Why, I've always wanted my own Flower Shop, and since I'm too allergic to Flowers in real life, this is the next best thing, right?? ha,ha! Seriously, I send a lot of Flowers Online, since this is by far the best way for me to Send Flowers and Gifts, now. You can see exactly what your Floral Arrangement is going to look like, write a wee note to be attached to your Gift, and get a letter of Confirmation when the Gift arrives. Couldn't be easier or better, so Send Someone Nice some Flowers, today! Oooh, and I love sending Gift Baskets, too - mostly to my 'male friends' - lol! You know, you want to send something nice to a great man, but it's not like you can send a man flowers, usually, so a great Gift Basket is a really nice gift, and always appreciated - who doesn't love a great gift basket?? And I send Gift Baskets to my family, too, since they have lots of flowers - or, if I really love them (hahaha!), I'll sometimes send both! lol! GiftTree> < >

I think when people are buying flowers, or other lovely gifts, online, it's great to be able to see what all is out there, and the prices on everything - it's one of the best parts of the internet, having all these great options, right at your fingertips, right? It's so easy to find just the right gift, for just the right person, fast and easy! Yahoo! Then everyone's happy!! Happy Flower Shopping! And Happy Gift giving! lol!

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< >< Beer of the month club> Cause some people love BEER even more than flowers! lol!

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Well, it's that Holiday Time of Year, again, so here are some gorgeous Bouquets for your own Table or the table of someone else you love! (So important to love yourself, first, right??)


< >< >< >< >

I've sent this lovely Bouquet, and they're gorgeous! And they arrive right on time, which is great! And, you can order right before you need the lovely gift, gift basket, flowers, whatever you like to give, with only a tiny bit of notice - has the fastest delivery times, for sure, and really gorgeous gifts! GiftTree>

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You know what one of my favorite new things is? Forcing Bulbs Indoors! Yep -- I have big, big dreams that it's closer to Spring than it really is up here! ha,ha! I asked Dwight to pick up some Flower Bulbs for me, and he said he didn't know what Flower Bulbs were... puhleeeease!

Anyway, the easy-schmeasy way to do this is to put some Rocks in a Glass Vase (it doesn't really have to be glass, now that I think of it, but it's fun to watch the roots growing, so I like glass better...). Put the Flower Bulbs in 'Flower End Up', and ad water to the top of the Rocks. Tulips on the Rocks, you can call them! ya'ha,ha! Put them in a Sunny Spot and Enjoy!! Kids love this, too...

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Silk Plants are great for decorating your house and balcony - I have some really gorgeous silk plants and floral arrangements - very pretty!

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