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How to Build Your Own House, in 6 Easy-to-Follow Stages

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Pictures of the last house I built :)

This is a great way to quickly see the stages involved in Building Your Own House. The Written Timelines are all above the pictures of each Stage, and you can click on each box to see whatever Building Stage you are particularly interested in ... I love all the pictures, but I really love the pictures at the Drywall and Insulation Stage -- I thought that was so cool the way the Peak in the Great Room came together! We came in $40,000. under budget on this house, which was fantastic. I can't urge you enough to be extra nice when you are looking for your best deals, and go directly to the source when you are buying big ticket items, like windows & doors, lumber, cement...really, tell them you are the Builder, and try to get the Builders' Pricing.

Stage One : Stage One February 1st -> March 3rd (Read the Written Time-Line)

LandHouse PrintsExcavation

Stage Two : Stage Two March 4th -> April 24th (Read the Written Time-Line)

FoundationFramingWindows & DoorsDriveway

Stage Three : Stage Three April 25th -> July 11th (Read the Written Time-Line)


Stage Four : Stage Four July 12th -> August 19th (Read the Written Time-Line)

Stage Five : Stage Five August 20th -> September 7th (Read the Written Time-Line)


Stage Six : Stage Six September 8th -> Present (Read the Written Time-Line)


Quick House Overview

Home Safety & Emergencies

Tia, My Sweet Litte Dog!

Well, we really, really love our wee dog, Tia, so I created a whole page just for her! It's always fun to look at pictures of cute little dogs -- it can be a nice wee break in your day! Click Here To See Cute Pictures of Tia! (And Good Tips for Pet Owners!)

Ailsa & Tia At Home with Ailsa - My Update Page!

Click Here for the Complete Site Menu. It's a Great Big Site, chock full of all sorts of Fun Stuff and Useful Information... take your time and have a wee look around -- I think you might be surprised by some of the stuff you find!

Click Here for the COOLest house plans on the 
Internet!! A great place to start dreaming!

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Great Archived Real Estate Pictures

At Home with Ailsa -- My Weekly Update all about Building and Life in General -- with lots of laughs!

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Finally, the new Fireplace Mantel pictures! - -

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