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Circular Driveway

I love a Circular Driveway, and we were fortunate enough to have found a Building Lot that allowed for the Placement of the house to run alongside the Road, which left plenty of room for a Circular Driveway -- Yahoo! It is incredibly practical, since I happen to like parking right in front of the Front Entry Door, so I can carry my Groceries directly into the kitchen without any hassle. I'm sure I could easily carry them in through the Garage, but I never do. Force of habit, no doubt!


As with most new Driveways, we had to wait for over a year before we could Pave the Driveway. If you are building on your own, it's best to let a full year or so pass by before you pave so any movement in the ground takes place when you are still at the gravel stage. I have no idea how many Loads of Gravel we've had shipped in for this enormous Driveway -- I would guess at least 15 Loads -- I'll have to ask Dwight to see if he can remember!

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We have an Oversized Triple Attached Garage on this house, so that made for a large area in front of the Garage to pave -- perfect for Basketball!

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In case you're wondering, our Land goes to the North of the House (on the Garage Side) another 125 feet, then another 225 feet to the South. The house is on 1.23 Acres, so that's a nice manageable amount of land -- enough to make you feel like there's lots of space, but not so much that you spend all your time working on it.

We paved right up to the Front Entry Steps, since there's nothing more annoying (actually, there are plenty of things more annoying, but you get my drift! ha,ha!) than stepping out your car into some gravel -- especially for women who are wearing High Heels -- your heel sinks immediately into the dirt! And that's just the sort of thing I like to avoid!

House Plans


That's my favorite big Cargo Van -- it ain't fancy, but it's very practical, so it's perfect for me! And then that's the beginning of the Paving Crew getting the Driveway Paved over by the Garage. You have to really watch to make sure they create an nice even edge between the Garage and the Driveway so you don't have a bump in between.

These are the really, really early days of the Driveway. Initially, Dwight wanted a straight Drive right up to the Garage, but that seemed insane (see how calm everyone is during a build -- if someone doesn't agree with you, suddenly they're insane! ha,ha,ha!) to me, what with all this space, 'n all! So I finally won that battle, and the Circular Drive went in. Dwight loves it, of course, and now firmly believes it was all his idea... as long as I got my way, I don't care a bit if he wants to believe that! yuff, yuff!

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