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Well, it took us a long time to actually find the time to start with the serious Decorating -- in these early pictures, it looks like an episode from ' Decorating By Monkeys'! ha,ha! But with a few trips to Linens 'N Things, the house came together really quickly. The Sheers are all Eggshell throughout the whole house, so that provides a nice sense of continuity (now did the monkeys think of that?? Noooo... too busy thinking about bananas, I bet!).

And now here's how the Master Bedroom looks! Much better, yes?? ha,ha!

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If you're wondering what our Paint Colors are, we have 3 colors, but all in the same 'family'.

The Main Living Room, Kitchen and Dining Area is Huge, so it needed a really nice, warm, strong color, so I chose Ralph Lauren's Suede Snowdrift, SUO2, # 44546. Turns out, I really love the color of Suede, and I happened to pick up a gorgeous Living Room Suite that looks like suede, but is a different kind of 'child-friendly' material -- fantastic!

This color is in the Main Living Room and the Billiard Room Downstairs on the Walk-Out Level, and it carries down the Stairs, too.

For the Interior Rooms Downstairs, we cut this color by a quarter (which just means it was lightened by that amount) -- so that includes my Fabulous Office, where I spend a good portion of my day on my Website(!), Aidan's Den, Cara's Den, the Exercise Room and the Bathroom with a Steam-room.

The color in the Interior Rooms on the Main Floor, which includes the Pantry (9' X 5'), Laundry Room, Aidan and Cara's Bedrooms, Family Bathroom, Our Master Bedroom and Ensuite and the Famous Sunroom, is a CIL Color called Barrister White, # 30YY 80/088. Basically, it looks like the Main color cut in half. Very creamy.

These are easy colors to decorate with, because they go with practically everything. I'm very fond of all shades of Green, although initially, we thought we were going to go down a Burgundy Path, but things change when you actually get into the house!

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I've just set up a new special page just for these amazing new Wall Murals. They can easliy and quickly add a great detail to what would normally be a great big plain wall. The vast majority of new Homes have Vaulted Areas and Spaces that are 'Open to Above', which just means that the Open Area (usually in the Great Room) is Two Storeys high. It's a fantastic Space, but often it leaves Home Owners unsure what to do to decorate it.

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Our Drapes are absolutely gorgeous -- every room is a joy to look at. When we first put them up, we'd all walk from room to room just to gaze at the Curtains! Now, that's a good sign that you've chosen the right thing!

All the Draperies are from Linens 'N Things.

In the Great Room, Dining Room and Front Entry, I used a Deep Green Satin Drape called

Crystal Satin , P-661 84Sage -- that's the 42"W X 84"L Panel, and I got 12 of those.

Crystal Satin, WS-661 06Sage -- that's the Matching 6 Yd. Scarf, and I have 4 of those, but I think I'll go back and get 2 more... they really give your windows a polished look. Each Scarf measures 42"W X 216"L.

Illusions Voile, Sheer Panel in Eggshell, a very gentle color. They measure 59"W X 84"L. We have 2 of these on most of the Windows in the house, so that provides a nice sense of continuity between the rooms. They add a lovely elegant touch to every window.

In Our Master Bedroom and the Sunroom off the Master, I chose a beautiful soft material that looks like a cross between Suede and Velvet -- it's soooo luxurious.

Glamour, P-871 84Sage. This is a 54"W X 84"L Panel. I bought 11 of these -- 2 for each of the 4 big windows in the Sunroom and 3 for the Master Bedroom, since we have three windows in there -- one very cool Interior Window, an Architectural Feature I am very fond of!

Glamour 6Yd. Scarf. I can't find the package for this, but the Matching Scarves are always offered with their Drapery counterparts on Linens N' Things, so they're always easy to find.

Each Window in the Sunroom has a set of Eggshell Sheers, including the Windowed Sundeck Door. Very pretty. These drapes are soft and elegant -- this is already a fantastic room, but these Window Dressings take it right over the top!

This is such a lovely Master Bedroom -- the Double French Glass Doors (also from Totem --and have Zinc Dividers, which make them even prettier...) lead into the Sunroom, a nice Private Retreat for us.

The Double French Glass Doors in our Master Bedroom have Pure White Illusion Voile Sheer Panels. They are crisp and clean -- very romantic!

These are the corner windows in our Master -- one looks to the Outside and the other looks into the Sunroom. I used One Sage Glamour Scarf (to match the Drape Panels) to go around both of these windows because they are so close together.

I just realized I don't have any pictures of the other side of the bedroom, so must run upstairs with my camera! I'll try to take the pictures at night so you can see the color better -- it's so sunny here that you can barely make out the Shade of Sage (sounds like the name of a soft-rock band, no?? ha,ha!).

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This is the Dining Room and Living Room -- it's an Open Concept with a 15' Vaulted Ceiling, which makes the space feel very spacious.

I carried the same curtains through both rooms to create a nice flow to the space, and it really works.

These Drapes are soooo luxurious -- very Elegant!

Here's Aidan's Room -- we wanted a nice clean 'boy's room', so we went with different shades of Green.

There are Three Bedrooms on the Main Floor of this house because I like my children to be close to me -- plus, who has the time to run up and down the stairs to get kids up in the morning??

I put Bow Windows in each of the Childrens' Rooms, since this is always a nice feature, and it really adds to the space without increasing the size of the Foundation -- you just Cantilever the Windows out. Local Building Codes will determine exactly how far you can go from the Foundation Wall, but generally speaking, it's about 2 feet from the Wall.

This is Aidan's Bedroom. I used a more Casual look in the Childrens' Bedrooms and Dens -- a nice, soft Brushed Twill Material. These curtains are particularly great because the come with their own Valance, if you will, which makes for incredibly easy decorating. They also really block the light, so that's very practical for sleeping and provides greater privacy.

Brushed Twill Button Down Panel, Celedon (think 'Celery'!) 728 TWL060. These are 42"W X 84"L Panels.

Aidan's Rooms are Green and Cara's Rooms are Burgundy. I glued 'gems' from the Craft Store onto the Buttons on Cara's Drapes to give them a nice 'sparkly' touch!

Brushed Twill Button Down Panel, Burgundy 728 TWL051. These are also 42"W X 84"L Panels. These curtains are all-inclusive, no-brainer curtains -- they even come with their own Tie-Backs, so your room is done before you know it!

This is the Sunroom -- one of my favorite Rooms in the House -- it's sooo beautiful! Dwight and I spend a tremendous amount of time in here drinking Tea and discussing our next Build! The thing about being addicted to building is that there's always plenty to talk about!

The Drapes in here are soft and luxurious -- very pretty and calming.

Oh, here's Aidan in the Green Wicker Chair! Think I'm going to paint the French Doors White -- Dwight wants to leave them the Natural Color, so we'll see about that!

See this cute little Bear Table? I put our Santa's Village (from Costco, of course!) on it this Christmas, and it looks like the wee bear is watching all the activity! Gorgeous!

The room with all the Bears is Cara's Den -- lots of room for her friends to stay over... I matched the Drapes in her Den to the Drapes in her Bedroom -- Burgundy Linen. She didn't like the Buttons that came on the Drapes (a built-in Valance, which I really liked), so I glued some 'gem stones' from a Craft Store onto the existing Buttons, and the Curtains look great and really unique.

And this is Dwight's Billiards Room! He loves to play pool, so this section of the Lower Level was designed specifically for the Pool Table.

Did you know that you can choose from a huge selection of Felt Colors before your Pool Table is installed? We took one look at a table with the Royal Purple Felt, and that was it -- we chose it on the spot!

The Drapes in this room are a Soft Gold with the Eggshell Sheers. The Rods are very cool-- they're Glass Balls with a Purple Tint, so they're a cool match to the Pool Table!

Man, it's really hard to see the color in these Drapes, but they are a very soft Taupe - Gold shade.

Crystal Satin, P-661 84 Taupe. These are 42"W X 84"L Panels. I have 6 of these, since I also put these in the Front Entry Bath, which is always fancy, these days!

Crystal Satin, WS-661 06 TAUP. This is the 6 Yd. Scarf -- very nice way to finsh off the window!

There are 4 of the Eggshell Sheers, Illusions Voile, on these windows, too.

That's the Bar behind the Pool Table, but Dwight has been changing his mind a fair bit on how he wants to finish it, but I just want to see the thing done, so I can make my Tea down here when I'm working in my office! I think he has finally settled on sheeting it in with DryWall, which I will paint to match the rest of the walls, then trim it out with the Nice White Trim. I'll let you know how this works out! The Top Counter will Wrap around the Wall to provide seating for all of Dwight's Pool Table Buddies! ha,ha!

See how the Bar Fridge is too big for this space? We thought it would work a long time ago (which goes to show you that it is wise not to buy your materials too far in advance...!), but we will put this Fridge in the Storage Room and put a small Bar Fridge in here, instead.

When I was at Costco last week, I saw a gorgeous new Black Wine Fridge that was not on the market when we built this house last year. Anyway, it's about the size of a 3/4 Fridge and absolutely stunning. I stood and looked at it for ages, trying to figure out where it could possibly go in this house, but I'll need to add it in to my new design for the next house! I'm pretty sure it was a Danby Model, which is what we have in this house, since they make a lot of very cool and unique Appliances, including the Matching Full Fridge and Freezer Set.

Check out the Bathrooms, too, to see how we Decorated them. I would highly recommend the Tiled Countertops -- they're gorgeous and they're great for a new house or a Bathroom Reno (or a Kitchen Reno, too!).

Here's our Daughter, Cara, at the Front Entry -- they're both coming along quite nicely!

The Paint Color in the Front Entry and Front Entry Bath is the same as in the Great Room -- Ralph Lauren's Suede Snowdrift.

Cara was on her way to her Grade 9 Grad Dance!

I love Chair Covers -- I have them on all the Dining Room Chairs. Theya are absolutely gorgeous, and very parctical if you have children -- or anyone else who might spill on the chairs. Here are some lovely choices for you!

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You know what?? I am a total sucker for all things to do with the Beach, so I thought you might like to see this picture!


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Hey, are you into Astrology? I'm Pisces and a Rabbit in the Chinese Astrological Charts... it's fun and might give you a little insight into your life! At the very least, it always says really nice things that are good to think about yourself, anyway! You might be shocked to find out how accurate the Signs are! I'm working out a deal, right now, with a Chinese Company who sell Chinese Paper Art. I'll let you know when I get that set up -- their work is exquisite!

I finally got their link -- check out this company -- very cool stuff. I've sent them some ideas of what I think would be cool to add to their product line, including varying sizes of paper cut-outs that could be glued directly on the wall to create a giant Mural. So many of us have enormous amounts wall space, especially in Vaulted Areas and rooms with very high ceilings. I'd love to see Vines that you can add to (different lengths that you can use one or ten, depending on the space...), that could go around Doorways, or in the Kitchen or Bathrooms. So many ideas. Anna Chan, the Marketing Director for will take into consideration any ideas from us and set up the machines to cut the paper pieces when they get enough orders, so if you're interested in the Mural Idea, drop me a line or contact directly and let them know.

I think it would be neat to put murals on Roll Down Blinds -- that would make them very interesting, especially for a child's room.


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Trading Spaces is one of my favorite Design Shows -- Cara and I were hooked when we first saw an Episode of Trading Spaces in a Hotel in Hope, B.C., right in the middle of the Canadian Rockies! Vern and Ty Pennington are our favorites!

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