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Bathrooms & Plumbing

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All the early stages! The Shower Base is a 42" Diagonal. The Master Ensuite Bath is an Oversized Double technically can hold 3 people, but that's the sort of stuff for a whole other website! ha,ha!

We got the Shower Base through one of Dwight's Suppliers (remember that Dwight is a Contractor, so he has access to some pretty cool stuff). The giant Double Tub for our Ensuite came from Totem, one of my favorite Hardware Stores, as did the Oversized Single Jet Tub for our Family Bathroom.

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One very cool feature we put in for our son's protection (he's three and just a little mischievous!) was to install another switch in with the Bathroom Lights and Fan so that you would have to flip the switch first before you could activate the Jets from the Bath. If you're installing a Jetted Tub in any Bathroom that a Child would be in, this is a good safety idea.

This is the Main Family Bathroom -- we used the same Tile through-out all of the Bathrooms, but in progressively darker colors. These Tiles are 12" square, in a light Marble tone.

Note the gorgeous Shower Curtain... that's right, I got it at Linens 'N Things! I got the matching Sage Green Floor Mat and the 'Back Curtain' at Walmart -- they have a fabulous selection of Home Decorating Products, too.

This is our Master Ensuite -- it's soooo gorgeous! (Can you tell we really loooove our house??) Dwight's Shower turned out beautifully -- there were many, many discussions about how to finish this off... we gave some very serious consideration to Glass Block Walls, but not only was it very difficult to even find a guy to do the work, it wouldn't have worked out for these particular angles. The Full Glass Walls are gorgeous and very functional (but they ain't cheap -- everything has to be custom made for the Oversized Units...)

My Tub is very pretty. I'll have to take a picture of the Window at night, since it's too sunny to get a good shot during the day. It's a 'Faux Glass Block Window', which provides the look of Glass Blocks without the fuss.

Here's the new Mirror for the Ensuite Bath -- it's just stunning!

This Mirror covers the entire space over the 60" Cabinetry and up into the Vault, which I think is 11 Feet High, so it's really spectacular.


And the Bathroom off the Billiard Room is almost done -- here's the Mirror!

Dwight just installed the Sink, yesterday -- and there is still some Tiling to complete on the Steam Room. These things take a lot of time! He's been busy working on the SunDeck and Hot Tub, too.

See the Hexagonal Sink? Neat, eh?? We wanted to use interesting and High-end Products in the House, and Dwight found these at one of his Suppliers. Very nice Sinks!

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Now here are a few pictures of our Front Entry Bath. I was trying to get a shot of the Vaulted Ceiling, but that's a pretty tricky shot, so you can make out the Vault... Aidan really wanted to be in the Picture!


It's very tricky taking photos of the really big Mirrors (and wouldn't you know it, they're all big!!).

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