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We've got some pretty cool new Appliances in this House. I first came across the Upright Freezer about 3 years ago, and thought, "Hmmmm... surely they make an Upright Freezer that would match the height of a Regular Fridge..." Then I started looking around to see if anyone made a 'Full Fridge' -- no Freezer attached, just plenty of room for refridgerator stuff.

Well, wouldn't you know it, I found them at Home Depot ...this Matching Fridge and Freezer Set is by Danby, and I love it! Can't imagine not having this much Freezer or Fridge space, now, it's so practical.

The other great thing about having the White Finish on the Fridge and Freezer is that you can use magnets on them, which is essential with a 5 year old in the house (Aidan!) who produces an inordinate amount of Artwork!

This is one of our favorite new additions to the house -- the Trash Compactor. Perfect for Husbands who don't really like taking out the trash! ha,ha! This thing is soooo cool -- it compacts about 3 weeks worth of garbage into one bag -- can you believe that?? And it's fun to watch, too! Everyone wants to push the Start Button!

This is a Whirlpool, and it's very compact. This is the larger of the two models we looked at, and it's 15" Wide and 24" Deep.

Here's another of my favorite features in this house -- Double Dishwashers! Why didn't we think of this before?? Dishwashers are not a very expensive item (in the scheme of things!), and the added convenience of having two is fantastic! Both of these are Moffat Dishwashers, and we got them at Costco, my all-time favorite store!

Hey, if you happen to watch Bernie Mac, he did an absolutely hilarious spoof on his slight addiction to shopping at 'Cost Depot' -- I laughed myself silly, because he went through all the 'Costco Stages'! When you first start shopping there, you can't believe how great the prices are, and how much stuff you can get, so you end up having to build a waaaaay bigger house just to put all your cool Costco stuff in it! Have I mentioned that I drew in a 9' X 5' Walk-in Pantry for this house?? Yep, and it's jammed full! I'll never run out of Lunch Treats!

Another cool item I picked up at Costco -- it's a Convection Oven -- very compact. It's the ideal solution if you think you need Double Ovens, but you don't want to take up too much space.

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