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Finally, the new Fireplace Mantel pictures!

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The first two pictures are the upstairs Fireplace in the Great Room, and the third picture is the Fireplace in the Theatre Room. What a difference the mantels made -- and what a massive fight to get them done...! So crazy. Remember Dwight didn't want them done? Claimed he loved the 'Contemporary' look. I lovingly called it 'crap'. Oooh. That's why people love me, I cheery disposition and my reluctance to say what I think...! ha,ha,ha! Anyway, I had to fight tooth and nail to get these mantels done, and I'm glad I did it. Sometimes in a Build, you just have to dig yer feet in to get the things done that just have to be. Of course, I love living alone, so I was prepared to accept the consequences (nay, look forward to them...), but now Dwight claims this is what he wanted all along... go figure! (Sadly, I cannot remember how to make these little pictures connect to the larger picture -- it's not working for some reason that is beyond me. I'll let you know when I figure it out. Just squint a wee bit until then!)

Now here are some very early Fireplace Photos... The one on the Left is the Frame for the Lower Level Fireplace, and the one on the Right is the Main Living Room Fireplace.

The Surround for Both Fireplaces is the Green Pearl Granite Tile to match the Kitchen, and it's gorgeous!

See the lovely curtains we had before we got the Draperies from Linens 'N Things?? It's Landscaping Cloth -- we needed something right away to cover the Windows, and it was a great temporary solution!

And here is the Fireplace at Christmas -- much nicer, no?? It's a stunning Living Room -- comfy and cozy, too!

And now for something completely different... (in honor of Monty Python!)...

Here's the Living Room with Real Curtains! Linens 'N Things to the Rescue!

I'll go get some pictures of the Fireplace in our Lower Level -- update soon to come!

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And here are some beautiful Choices for your Fireplace Surround and gorgeous Fireplace Accessories.

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