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Kitchen Cabinetry

These are the Early Stages of the Kitchen. You can see that the Island is just Framed in and the Crown Molding isn't up, yet. We had a terrible time with our first Cabinet Installer -- what a nightmare.... I had to 'let him go' before the Kitchen was done -- he fought with me every day. Luckily, we found Trevor, our favorite Carpenter (and he's still single, for all the Ladies!), and he saved the day! He fixed all the mistakes and completed the job.

Dwight, Steve and my Dad worked on the Island to complete that job -- it looks fantastic!

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This is the Trash Compactor -- it's 15" Wide and 24" Deep, so I left that opening for it when I designed this Kitchen. Took us ages to actually find the right Compactor, so we just slid it into place when it arrived. Of course, Dwight had an Electrical Plug installed directly behind it so it could easily be plugged in -- it's the easiest Appliance on the planet -- just plug and go!

This is a Whirlpool Model.

Renovating Tip: Sometimes a simple change like up-dating your hardware (the knobs in your kitchen – no, not your husband’s friends! Ha,ha,ha! ) can make a huge difference in the overall look of a room.  You may be able to paint your cabinetry if you don’t want to replace it.  If you are replacing the cabinets, Check out your Local Hardware Stores selection.  You can check for price, availability, installation fees (don’t try this alone!), and for some ideas in general that you like.  They will provide you with a computer printout of what your completed kitchen will look like, if you arrange to meet with a Kitchen Designer and draw one out together. 

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Did you know that you can paint your appliances?  It works, too.  You can hire a painting service to do this if you’re worried about the outcome.  If you are getting new kitchen cabinetry, you can order matching covers for the appliances.  Ask at the cabinet place for details to see if that is feasible in your kitchen. Sometimes your best bet is just to bite the bullet and buy new appliances.  My favourite new appliance (who knew you could have a ‘favourite appliance?!) is the Upright Freezer.  I’m putting one in the new house, it’s sooo cool!  It looks like a refrigerator -- some the same height and almost the same size, and some a little shorter. You can arrange to have the door open from the left, if you have the fridge and upright freezer side by side, so access is even easier.  Anyway, it saves ‘losing’ all those items at the bottom of a regular freezer that you can’t remember and find a couple of years later… Also, there are some really neat new small appliances that will add more efficiency to your kitchen.  There’s a roasting oven that that just plugs in and sits on your countertop – great for big dinner events when you could really use another oven. 

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