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Building Timeline -- STAGE 3

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April 25th

Window and Door installation is Complete! Looks fantastic! Laid out Kitchen Island and Lower Level Bar for Plumbing and Electrical. Interior walls complete.

April 26th

Paperwork for Draw money to the Lawyer. Ordered all Cabinetry from Totem -- Thanks to Nancy Williams for all her help! (403-256-4990)

April 27th

Found all the Draperies at Linens'N'Things -- put them on the site! Gorgeous stuff! Dwight, Steve and Pat Tamped the ground with gravel in the Lower Level.

April 29th

Met with Lawyer -- M. Terry Leonard. Fantastic Lawyer -- easy to deal with, Great Rates. or call 403-270-3556, Fax: 403-283-5069

April 30th Dwight laid out the Plumbing.
May 1st

Dwight, Ray and Steve work on the Plumbing and Heating, in preparation for the Roofer. Trees are in!

May 2nd

Roofer begins, today -- Black Slate Renaissance Roof. Rob's Roofing & Renovations 403-938-3501 or 403-861-1644. Plumbing & Heating work continues...

May 3rd

Cement Stairs for the Exterior Front Entry finally arrive and they're wrong -- only one riser -- Blueprints clearly show two risers. Dwight called company to resolve problem. They're going to replace the stairs -- should be here by Thursday... Bizarre weather pattern -- too cold to work on the Locks.

May 6th

Snow Storm prevents the Roofers and everyone else from working, today.

May 7th

Two feet of snow! Weather is craaazy! Dwight, Steve and Ray continue with the Heating, Plumbing and Air Conditioning (we'll need it eventually!).

May 8th

Dwight begins the Rough In for the Plumbing. Roofers can't work because of Snow!

May 9th New set of Front Entry Stairs arrive -- the correct ones, this time! Look Great!
May 10th Master Plumber on-site. Dwight, Ray and Steve continue to work on Plumbing.
May 11th Cara's 14th Birthday! More Plumbing (a huge job!).
May 12th Dwight and I laid out the Bar Area and the Basement.
May 13th Locks on the Doors. More Plumbing...
May 14th Got our First Draw -- only 43%, but enough to keep going.
May 16th

Plumbing Inspection -- everything passed! Garage Cement Floor poured -- thanks, Midoram! It looks fantastic!

May 17th

Roof Completed! Congrats to Rob and his family on the birth of their third baby,and he still got the roof done! Thanks, Rob! Great Job! Midoram put in the Gravel, compacted it, covered in heavy Plastic, then the Rebar -- ready for Heat Tube!

May 21st

Dave the Framer completes the Interior Framing and Exterior Columns -- great work by Dave and his Crew!

May 22nd Another Snow and Ice Storm! Crazy weather brings everything to a halt.
May 23rd Dwight, Ray & Steve begin installation of Heat Tube for Radiant Heat System.
May 24th Heat Tube is Installed -- just need to trim the ties -- that'll be my job!
May 26th Snipped a thousand ties (literally!) from the Radiant Heat Hose. (And, yes, it was my job!)
May 27th Dwight ran an Air Test for the Radiant Heat Hose -- 100%! Began to fix Front Columns.
May 29th Dwight tied down all the pipes for the Radaint Heat System.
May 30th

Midoram Concrete poured the Basement Floor. Barry Vos (our neighbour and Stucco Guy -- he owns Visions Stucco -- 995-9513) began to Wrap the House -- Garage completely Wrapped. Electrical finished in Garage -- ready for Insulation & Drywall.

Garage Doors Installed -- thanks Trevor from Overhead Door Calgary ( ) -- the doors look fantastic! Got the go-ahead for a Round-about Driveway -- WooHoo!

June 1st

Dwight & Steve build the Battons around the Garage Doors -- looks great! Barry continues to Wrap the House.

June 3rd Hired Drywaller. Installed Heat-tube for the Upstairs -- two Bathrooms and the Sunroom.
June 5th Dwight, Steve & Ray installed Heat-tube in the Kitchen, Bathroom, & Laundry Area.
June 6th Heat Tube all done! A huuuge job! Insulation in Garage. Irrigation System fixed.
June 7th

Garage Drywall began -- Bryce Owens (he owns Elite Drywall -- Dwight worked with him on another job last year, and I hear he does beautiful work!).

Elite Drywall, 403-861-7817, Fax: 403-276-1797.

June 9th Dwight and I laid out the Lower Level, today. Used Chalk-lines to designate the walls.
June 14th

Dwight measured for Ductwork. Lumber arrived for Basement Development. Drywall finished, Mudded and Sanded, ready for Paint.

June 18th

Stairs in, today! They're gorgeous! Alberta Stairs out of Okotoks. Ductwork ordered.

Vacu-flow rough-in done.

June 19th Vacu-fow done -- all pipes to garage. Gas-line prep. Secured stairs.
June 20th Dwight bought the new Hot Tub -- 8' X 8', green marble. It'll go on the deck off the Sunroom.
June 22nd Dwight,Aidan and I swept out the garage. Dwight & Aidan (2 1/2 yrs old!) mostly played soccer! Measured for Bathroom Tub.
June 24th

Fascia work began, today. Peter Dodge of Dodge Contracting -- 403-870-1088, Fax: 403-684-3552.

More Gas-line work (Dwight, of course...)

June 25th Gas-line Air Test -- perfect. More Fascia work!
July 1st

Bought a Riding Lawn Mower! Dwight's thrilled! Dwight & Ray worked on the Mechanical. Fascia and Eavestroughing Done! Looks fantastic! Thanks, Peter!

July 2nd Crane came to take the Hot Tub and Floor Tiles (3 crates of them!) to the new house.
July 4th

Basement Walls framed -- all around the Interior, ready for Insulation. More Mechanical -- there's a tremendous amount of work to do in a house this size.

July 5th

All the Lower Level Rooms are Framed in -- looks amazing! Cara's Den is huuuge! More Mechanical...

July 6th Dwight, Steve and Ray back for more ... you guessed it ... Mechanical!
July 7th Site Clean Up. Nice and neat, again!
July 8th Steve & Ray work on the Mechanical -- getting there!

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