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Building Timeline -- STAGE 6

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Sept. 8th

Moving Day! We used Smooth Moves out of Calgary -- very easy move. Funny to be 'Home'! House is lovely -- very nice 'feel' to it!

Sept. 9th

Had the Cleaning Service in to clean our other house, ready for the new owner. Had Hauling Service pick up 'leftovers' from the other house.

Sept. 10th

Tiling in Bathroom. Ordered a Construction Cake for Aidan's 3rd Birthday from Safeway.

Sept. 11th Aidan's 3rd Birthday! Nothing to do but unpack and celebrate!
Sept. 13th

Still no Freezer. Next time, we'll order the Appliances at least Two Months in advance -- it would be better to put them in the Garage as soon as the house is at Lock-Up and have the Appliances there when you are ready to move in than wait 'til the end... live and learn!

Sept. 14th

Steve, Dwight & I Tile all day -- Front Entry & Kitchen. 1500 sq. feet of Tile (floor only, and just the upstairs...), not including the Countertops in the Kitchen, Baths & Bar, and the Bath Surrounds. That's a lot of Tile!

Sept. 15th

Ray & Dwight installed the first Dishwasher (there will be two) in the Island. Yahoo! More Tiling... Steve & Dwight installed the Washer and Dryer!

Sept. 18th

Dwight, Steve & I tiled the Front Entry Stairs. Tricky little accent Tiles take a long time to install!

Sept. 19th

A Shade Above put on the Tinted Film on the Rake Windows. Looks great and really cuts down on the blaring sun in the Afternoon. Thanks, Trevor & Mike! Dwight & I did the Silicone on the Bath Surround Tile. Dwight installed the Shower Rod & I installed the Cabinet Handles. Almost done the Main Bath!

Sept. 20th

Dwight & I put in the Towel Bars and Toilet Roll Holders -- lots of 'little' things to do to make a house look complete! Dwight installed the Shower Head -- woohoo -- finally, normal showers!

Sept. 21st

More Tiling! The rest of the Dining Room and the Front Entry. Dwight, Steve & I worked all day at that, then Dwight & Steve installed the Toilet in the Main Bath.

Sept. 22nd

Many, many discussions about the Shelving. Decided on Wire Shelving -- got it all at Rona-Revy.

Sept. 23rd

Trevor & I installed the Shelving in the Master Closet (huge!) -- looks great and is very functional. Steve installed the gorgeous light in Closet -- thanks, Steve! Finally got Internet Service -- who knew it would be so tricky to get the Internet in the Country!

Sept. 24th

New Furniture arrived for Living Room – gorgeous! Installed Wire Shelving in Pantry. Over 45 linear feet of Shelving – think I’ll add one More shelf all around – you can never get too much storage!

Sept. 28th

Installed Closet Shelves – looks great! Fridge & Freezer FINALLY Arrive. Great Combo – tons of space. And here's a great Bonus -- Home Depot felt very badly for not having the Fridge & Freezer Combo on time, so they actually gave us the Fridge for FREE! Can you believe that?? Thanks, Home Depot!

Oct. 4th

My Dad is here to help Dwight with the Kitchen Island! It’s 9’ X 5 ½’, So lots of work. Laid the Top, then Cut in the Sinks. Attached wood Around perimeter of Island.

Oct. 6th

Dwight & Steve laid the Tile on the Island – looks amazing! Green Pearl Granite Tile, 12" X 12". Stunning.

Oct. 7th

Ailsa (me!)& Steve tiled the rest of the Kitchen -- finally finished. Electricians here all day.

Oct. 8th

Dwight & Steve Tiled Island – very big job – and set in the Sinks. Electricians finished downstairs and set up for Hot Tub, Doorbells & Under-cabinet Lighting. Nice Job!

Oct. 9th Trevor sheeted the Back Deck. The Brick delivered the Dryer.
Oct. 10th

Trevor & I put up the Crown Molding for the Kitchen Cabinets– tricky but Gorgeous – really finishes off the Kitchen!

Oct. 14th Finished Tile in Laundry Room.
Oct. 16th

I started Painting Trim for the Windows. Enormous job – must remember To hire this out the next time!

Oct. 20th Dwight & Steve installed the 2nd Dishwasher – yippeee!
Oct. 23rd

Trevor had to level out the Kitchen Countertops ( ol’ Dicky screwed it up) So they could be tiled. (Tile requires a level surface) Built Railings for Back Deck.

Oct. 26th Dwight, Steve & Ray worked on the In-Floor Heating. Very cool feature!
Oct. 30th

Insulation installed in Lower Level. Looks cool – now you can really ‘feel’ The Layout. We insulate between every wall for greater Sound Insulation.

Nov. 6th

Saw-cutting guy came – cut a big round hole through the cement in the Lower Level in preparation for the Fireplace.

Nov. 11th 2nd Fireplace set in Lower Living Room – cool diagonal!
Nov. 16th

Prep work earlier in week for cement for Sunroom Deck & all Cement Pads around the house – thanks Burnco! Dwight, Steve & Ray worked All day on this!

Dec. 2nd

Put Bar Unit together for Lower Level Bar. I painted Trim, and Trevor Installed it. Looks really nice – I especially like the Rosettes.

Dec. 3rd Drywall installed Downstairs. Huuuge job! More Trim work…
Dec. 6th Dwight built the Bath Surround for the Double Ensuite Jet Tub. Trim work.
Dec. 7th-14th Trim Work every day – endless painting and installation!
Dec. 15th

Great Big Christmas Party – over 60 people! This House is perfect for Entertaining! Everyone loved the house!

Dec. 17th

Dwight Drywalled the Steam Shower (4’ X 8’, fully enclosed). Drywallers Finished all the touch-ups. More Trim work!

Dec. 18th

Another Appraisal. Still not over… Stipplers are done in the Lower Level – California Knockdown, our favorite!

Dec. 19th

Started Painting Lower Level. Chose same Suede Shade as upstairs. All Paint from Totem – our favorite Hardware Store!


Signed Off on Mortgage – Bank still holding a fair chunk of the Building Loan, Though.


Began Tiling Steam Room – 18" X 18" Stone tile – gorgeous! Lots of prep work Before the tiling started – rubber seal on floor and around base, first.

Jan. 19th

More Tiling in Steam Room. Diagonal on the Ceiling & Floor; straight on the Walls. Put up temporary Fence for our wee dog, Tia.

Jan. 20th

Lovely Condo Board told us to take down the Fence. Found a solution – a 100’ rope for Tia to safely play outside. Turns out, she loves it and has more freedom to run. Started looking for more Land to Build again…

Jan. 21st

Carpet arrives for Lower Level.

Jan. 23rd Carpet Installation complete! Thanks to Barry & Keith for all their hard work.
Jan. 25th

Dwight installed the Vacu-Flo from Costco – man, I LOVE it! Next build, that’s Going in first!

Jan. 26th

Bought Pool Table! Chose Royal Purple for the Felt – you can choose any color Of Felt before they install the table

Jan. 30th Pool Table Installed – looks amazing! Very unique!
Feb. 8th Dwight, Steve & I Grouted the Ensuite Shower & Bath Surround. Lovely!
Feb. 10th

More Trim Painting – I’m spending days and days on this! Thank God for the Heated Garage!

Feb. 11th

I became a Member of TEAM BUFF U.S.A.!!! WooHoo! Now I can sell the Buffs like they wear on Survivor to Schools, Organizations, Teams – anyone Who has a Logo (and they need 300 or more!!) can put them on a Buff! Cool!

Feb. 13th

I painted more Trim – Trevor installed the Doors downstairs. Crystal Glass Measured for the Diagonal 42" Ensuite Shower – glass is customized…

Feb. 15th

Took Valentine’s Day off – wasn’t that nice of Dwightie?? J Tiled and Grouted Steam Room – beautiful! It has two seats – one on either side of The Steam Room. Seats 4, but really nice for just 2!

Feb. 18th – 24th

I’m painting Trim, non-stop! Soooo much work! Trevor is busy with The Finishing Carpentry. Dwight cut round holes in two of the Steam Room Tiles – very Tricky – for the Floor Drain and the Ceiling Light.

Feb. 23rd

Dwight installed the Door Knobs (Satin Nickel throughout the house) on the Lower Level Doors – it’s gorgeous Downstairs! The Pool Table looks great And there’s an amazing amount of space. My Office has 5 Interior Windows And a French Glass Door, so it’s just stunning!

Feb. 25th Dwight’s 44th Birthday!
March 4th

One Year Anniversary of the Day we started the Build! Final Appraisal, today. Turned out we will still need yet another Appraisal…

March 5th

Dwight & I grouted the Floors and Countertops in Main Level Bathrooms and Front Entry. Looks beautiful!

March 7th

My 40th Birthday – not bad for a forty-year-old! (I find myself thinking this about Everything, now! Hope this phase is short-lived!)

March 8th

Got my new Desk from Costco – gorgeous Wrap-around in Maple Finish. Looks Fantastic in my New Office! Bought Curtains and Rods from Linens ‘N Things – They are absolutely stunning! Can’t stop walking by each room to admire them! Particularly adore the White Sheers on the Double French Glass Doors going into The Sunroom from our Master Suite and the beautiful Sage Green Suede-look that Starts in the Master and carries through to the Sunroom…soooo romantic! We’ll Make a Page devoted just to the Drapes!


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