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Windows and Doors

We had 38 Windows in this House, and they're all enormous! One thing that happened with the Windows that we really hadn't planned, but realized had happened when the Windows were installed and we first came out to see them -- they were much closer to the Floor than we initially thought.

When I first Drew this house (before the final Blueprints were done up), I thought I had drawn the windows in to be about three feet off the floor (like a regular house), but it turned out that our windows had been drawn into the Blueprints only a Foot off the Floor.

At first, we weren't so sure about that, but we absolutely love it, now, and our wee dog Tia loves it, too -- she can just sit down and peer out the windows all day long -- it's hilarious! ha,ha! And it's fantastic being able to see all the Landscape around the house without any obstruction, so we will do every house in the Future with the Windows a Foot off the Floor, since it turned out to be a great Feature!

That's the Back of the House -- the Windows around the Great Room, with the Fireplace in the Center -- that's always a nice Feature, to have windows completely surrounding a fireplace...

Then there's the Front Entry -- the Windows surround the Front Door -- it's really lovely. And the Third pisture is the Dining Room at the very early stages. Even way back then, it looked fantastic!

The first shot is the beginning of the Sunroom, which is directly off the Master Bedroom. Then the Windows that jog out, so-to-speak, between the Great Room and the Dining Room -- it's the perfect little niche for the Christmas Tree! Then you can see the Windows in the Lower Walk-Out Level. The Windows are large, so they let in a tremendous amount of Light, so that's all good, right?

Those are the Lower Level Windows in this room, which became the Billiard Room. Very nice! And then we're back in Sunroom, only now the Drywall is in, so you can see the Room taking shape.

House Plans

There! That's the niche area in the Great Room for the Christmas Tree -- beautiful, eh? It's certainly a nice way to live! And that's how the Front Entry Windows turned out -- very open and pretty Front Entry.

There's the Dining Room and the French Glass Doors from the Master Bedroom into the Sunroom. Very romantic and pretty!

Another shot of the Front Entry Windows, and then my unbelievably fabulous Office, which I adore -- it's all Glassed in. This is one of my favorite rooms in the house, sinc eI'm in here (the Office) so much, and I can see everything that's going on. I can work away and watch TV, see Aidan (actually, we just finished yet another game of Scrabble -- Aidan, who is now 5, comes into my office for a quick game every morning!). This Office is on the Lower Walk-Out Level, and if you are ever looking to ad an Office, and it looks like it'll fit nicely into your Lower Level, give some serious thought to positioning the Office Space into a corner, then Glassing it in. You'll love it!

Well, these aren't very good pictures of the Billiard Room -- I'll need to get better pictures of the Billiard Room and the Bar Area (there's a Ten Foot Bar in the Billiard Area.).

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