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Exterior Finish: House Wrap

The House Wrap goes on after all the Framing is done and the Windows and Doors are in.... the Lock Up Stage. It's an exciting time, because once the House is Wrapped, it can then have the final Exterior Finish put on.

House Plans

Here they are putting on a Fine Wire Mesh over all ot the Wrapping, to hold the Stucco, which is the Exterior Finish that is allowed in our Estate Area. If you can possible Stucco your House, I would highly recommend it. It has a Higher End look than most Vinyl Siding (although you can get some beautiful Siding, these days), and the house will have a Higher Resale Value. Also, it comes in a huge variety of colors, and stands up well to the Environments, which is important.

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There's a better close-up shot of the Wrap and the Wire. There are different types of House Wrap -- usually the Company you hire to Wrap your House will have their own preference, and I'm sure they will be more than happy to tell you why they like the product they use the best ... and remember to get a few quotes on this, too, like all the other jobs in the House Building Process!

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