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Super-Easy Cinnamon Buns... yum!

These Cinnamon Buns are delicious and incredibly easy to make -- and everyone will love you for making them for them!! It can be your little secret that they are just as much for you as they are for them! ha,ha! Finally, a Win-Win Relationship!

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Frozen Bread Dough (You know what? I have hardly any time, anymore, so if you are pressed for time and want to make these cinnamon buns quickly and easily, get whatever biscuits are on sale at the grocery store -- like the Pillsbury buns that you smack on the counter to open... always an exciting sound! Often they're on sale for under a dollar... Roll them out flat like in this recipe, put them in the oven for maybe 10 minutes.. they'll cook very quickly, make your house smell like Cinnamon Heaven! lol!)

Brown Sugar (I never measure a thing -- a lot of sprinkling 'til it looks right... go with what you like, and you canny go wrong!)


Butter (or Margarine...)

Pecans or Walnuts -- Optional...


** **

Step 1: Buy Frozen Bread Dough! You can find it in the Freezer Section at your local Grocery Store...

Take the Frozen Bread Loaf out the Freezer (still with me...? That's the hardest part to remember! ha,ha,ha!).

Put the Frozen Dough in a Buttered Loaf Pan. Yes, you can use Margarine, if that's what you like better. You might notice from the pictures that I'm a 'butter girl', but I'm okay with that -- I'd rather have a wee bit o' butter and lift a few weights than not have any at all, but I digress...

Cover the Loaf loosely with Plastic Wrap, and leave it overnight or all day, depending on when you take out the Frozen Loaf...

** **

Step 2: Once the Bread has Risen to well above the Loaf Pan, dump it out onto a large, buttered Cutting Board, or directly onto a large piece of Parchment Paper.

Turn the Oven on to 350 Degrees F. to warm up.

With nice clean hands, 'push' the dough into a large Rectangle. Skip the Rolling Pin -- your hands are faster....

** **

Step 3: Spread butter (or margarine) all over the bread, then sprinkle the whole thing with a good amount of Brown Sugar. There's no point in skimping, now -- this ain't no 'Diet Dish'! ha,ha,ha! Might as well make it as tasty as possible, so put a good layer of Brown Sugar on the Bread Dough!

Sprinkle the whole thing with lots of Cinnamon. I always make a 'Half & Half'Pan of Cinnamon Buns -- I'm very partial to Pecans (I've always liked a nut every now and then... many of my closest friends are nuts, in fact...! ha,ha,ha!), so I put Pecans on one half, and leave the other half 'plain'.

Then you carefully (as opposed to carelessly, which would be the Drinkin' Version of this Recipe! ha,ha!) Roll the Dough up, lengthwise -- this is easier if you've greased the Paper or Work Surface before you dumped the Bread Dough onto it...

** **

There's a happy boy who can hardly wait for the Cinnamon Buns, only Aidan likes his Cinnamon Buns "without the cinnamon... and I don't want any sugar... and I only want bread and jam... so I have to make his separate from the others, but I'll show you that later!

Step 4: So then you just cut the 'Roll' into 1" to 2 " Slices, depending on how big you would like the Cinnamon Buns to be.

Lift them gently from the botom into a Greased Pan -- I always use a Glass Pan for Cinnamon Buns, then I put the Galss Pan onto an Airbake Cookie Sheet, because the Airbake Sheet prevents anything from Burning.

I add a few more Nuts onto the top of half of the Cinnamon Buns, and then sprinkle a wee bit more Brown Sugar and Cinnamon on the top.

Pop them into the Oven for about 20 minutes. It's good to keep an eye on them, of course... and then about 5 minutes before they come out for good, take them out and with a Spatula and a Fork, flip each one over to take advantage of the Sugary Base on the bottom of the Pan.

** **

So that's what they look like on their way into the Oven, and that's what they look like right after they're done! You have to be fast about running to take a picture of them because they have a tendency to 'disappear' very quickly, but that's a good thing, no??


And here are two happy children -- that's Cara and Aidan, my little Kitchen Helpers ... although, I guess Cara ain't so little anymore -- she just turned 22 on May 11th, and she's taller than all of us, now! ha,ha! It's great to get your kids involved in the kitchen -- good for their tummies and good for their spirits! (That's my 'Good Mothering' Moment for the day! Also, don't let the kids drink Whiskey while they're baking -- that's just generally a bad idea! See how helpful my advice can be?? ha,ha,ha!)

Drop me a line when you try these to let me know how you liked them!

Happy Baking! Ailsa!

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