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Wholesale Buffwear Connection -- You can totally look like you're on Survivor!

OMG, we are huuuge Survivor fans! Not so much Tia, our sweet little dog... she just likes squirrels and prairie dogs, and the like (deer, anything that looks delicious to a dog... she looves to bark at anything that moves, chase what she can... she has yet to be successful in any of her chases, Thank God... yick! I believe that she only wants the tiniest lick of a deer's leg, but one never knows! lol!) You can see how incredibly excited Tia is to be wearing the Survivor Buffs! hahaha! Poor girl! And to think I wanted to start a business where I made little fancy outfits for dogs! My model (the dog!!) was very, very wiggly, although she WAS pretty thin!! haha! Do you love the picture of Tia waiting at the door.. for the Love of God, please let me out of here?? (I'm guessing... it's hard to remember exactly what she said, that particular day! lol!)

The other lovely model is my daughter, Cara... she was a much more co-operative model! haha! I tried on the buffs, too, for a laugh, and frankly, I was a liiittle bit bigger back then than I am now (thanks to my favourite Apple Crumble Diet and many visits to the gym!), and I could not even get one arm and a shoulder through the buff, so those girls on Survivor must be mega-thin to wear the buffs as a top!

I always write a wee bit about Survivor on my At Home with Ailsa page.. I developed that many, many years ago, when I actually was at home all the time, and now I'm waaay too busy to write all that often, but I do love to do a running commentary on my favourite Reality TV shows, Survivor and Big Brother being my faves to write about... it's fun, and I looove all the human drama -- often better than some of the scripted shows (but I love those, too -- really, who says you can't be a fan of Reality TV AND regular scripted shows? I think the huuuge surge in Reality TV shows is forcing the scripted shows to be a lot better.... oh, and if you are looking for a phenomenal scripted TV show, try Mad Men. Cara picked up the First Season of Mad Men, when it was on sale at Target, and we watched every episode, back-to-back, then immediately ordered the next two seasons on Mad Men from Amazon -- OMG, it is incredible... Don Draper is sooo handsome (!) ... so we are addicted to it, now... see, there's plenty of time in the week to watch ALL your favourite shows :)

Because Cara loooved Survivor soo much when she was a little girl (Grade 6), I went in search of the Survivor Buffs, and one thing led to another, and wouldn't you know it, I made some seriously good connections in the 'buff world', so now I know a great fellow who can get you a great price on buffs like the wear on Survivor, but with any logo on them that you might like, so if you wanted to put your school logo on them, then all the students and alumni could wear buffs at a football game, for instance, you would have a sea of your own school colors, with your school logo... would be soo cool, right? Drop me a line, if you like, and I'll pass your info along to my contact, and you can find out the costs, see if that might work for you as a business or a fundraiser... or just something fun to do :)

Put Your Logo on a Buff -- makes a great Fundraiser, and is great for showing Team spirit at a Game -- a whole sea of buffs when Fans are wearing them at a Game!

I've Got Your Connection for Customized Buffwear! (You know, those things they wear on Survivor...) You can wear them as a hat, a scarf, a top, a skirt(not me, but maybe you!), an armband, headband, ponytail holder -- be creative! Put one on the Dog! (Finally, you can match your dog! ha,ha,ha!)

My Two Lovely Models are Cara, my now 22 year-old, and Tia, our sweet little Dog (she's 12, for all those who want to know!). I've got to get Trevor, our favorite Carpenter, to Model the Buffs for us, since Buffs are for Everyone! (For the record, Cara is much younger in these photos! Now she's tall and blonde! lol!)

There are all sorts of New Buffwear Products for you to Choose From for Your Group!

Original Buff , Polar Buff , Custom Buff , Combi-Buff (this one's good for Skirts or Tops!) , Cap Buff and Baby Buff.

Great for Sports Teams, Groups, Organizations, Places, Events ... anything you can imagine that has a Logo can go on a Buff!

Your whole Team and all your Supporters can wear Buffs with Your Teams' Logo on it! Wouldn't it be cool to see a whole sea of people in the stadium or arena wearing Your Teams' Buff??

Customized Buffwear makes a great Souvenir! Put your Event, Town or City Logo on a Buff!

You can create a Souvenir and Promote Your Business with Customized Buffwear!

Put Your Company Logo on a Buff!

Buffs are great for Retail, Fundraisers or just to hand out to Your Group!

Minimum Order is 300. Make sure you have the Legal Right to use the Logo.

Cool Buffwear : Customized Orders

Schools, Colleges & Universities, Sports Teams, All Groups and Organizations, Places, and Events! If you have a Logo, we can put it on a Buff!

The Cost per Buff is usually quoted in the Euro -- the new European Currency, so here's a great link where you can key in the amount of euros, and it'll instantly give you the amount in your own currency...the U.S. or Canadian Dollar, or any other type of Currency...

So if you're quoted a Buff with a Single Color and Your Logo at, say, 5.10 euros, that would be about $6.31 U.S., or $8.38 Canadian... It's really easy to use the Currency Conversion Service, and it's free, of course!

The Cost Per Buff is always dependent on How Many You Order, and the Number of Colors involved. And there's a Shipping & Handling Charge of about $1.00 U.S. per Buff, so you could add that in, too. The best thing is to get a Complete Quote for the Buffwear that's right for your School, Church, Company or Team... then you'll know exactly how much it'll cost you and how much you would make if you are running a Fundraiser or making an old-fashioned Profit for Yourself...

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Contact Ailsa at

Hey, I woke up a while ago with a little 'Divine Inspiration'! I've been corresponding with a fellow this past week about a Buff Order for his Christian Group. I had suggested to him that if they were to find a Logo that had a wide appeal to Christians everywhere, that a lot of Congregations could 'get in on it', so-to-speak. You can make it Non-Denominational by using the Peace-Love-Grace in the Peace Symbol Shape -- we all want World Peace, and doesn't everyone have a genuine interest in helping out people in need??

Anyway, I woke up with these images in my head, so I quickly drew them out, and now I'll post them here for you to see.

For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to write or draw right on the picture, so just use your imagination and visualize these Potential Logos on a Buff. I ran outside this morning to take the Pictures of the Sky, which I think would make a nice Background Color.

Both of the Sky shots are add thes potential Logos in the center.

I know, I know...that's pretty primative! I'll get Steve, who is coming over tomorrow to help build the Deck off the Sunroom, to show me how to Write on the Photos. This will give you a good idea of the Buffs for now!

So, now for the Big Idea! Congregations (or anyone else who is interested in this project!) could Choose a Color and Logo that would appeal to a lot of people.

They could Get the Actual Price for their Buff Choice (just drop me a line and we can get you a great wholesale price!).

They could Add $2.00 or $5.00 per Buff that would go to a Charity.

Then they could Add $5.00, $10.00, or $15.00 per Buff that would go into their Church Fund.

Now, wouldn't that be a Great Fundraiser, and add a lot of money to local Charities?? I'm telling you, this feels like Divine Inspiration!

This is a Good General Principle for all Groups thinking of using the Custom Buffs to Generate Funds for their Team, Group or School.

I'll be sure to Post Pictures of the First Group (and probably every group after that, since I really like to Post Pictures! ha,ha,ha!) to Buy the Buffs. We could keep a running Tab of how much money is going into the Church Funds and Charities, and what the money was used for -- wouldn't that be fun??

Have I mentioned before that I only really learned how to use the Internet Three Years ago?? That's right. Before that, I had to keep a sheet of paper with every single step I needed (back in the days when there were a million steps just to retrieve your e-mail!) -- and I was hugely dependent on someone else actually turning the Computer ON! For some reason, I couldn't seem to remember where the ON Button was.

When we finally got a Home Computer, I had completely forgotten how to use the Computer, so I would have to wait for Cara (then 12!) to come home from school to turn the computer on for me. My wonderful friend, Kim, carefully and slowly walked me through all the Basics until I got it. And then Steve (you may know him from the rest of the site as our old 'Webmaster Steve'!) came along and agreed to help me build my new Site to teach people about Building, Renovating, Buying and Selling Their Own House.

At first, I just gave Steve all my material for the site in 'Hardcopy', since I didn't learn how to 'Cut & Paste' until quite a bit later. I'll tell you -- 'Cut & Paste' changed my life! There was no stopping the amount of stuff I was sending to Steve! Well, Steve's Comedy Career was really starting to soar (he won First Place in Calgary and came in Second in Alberta, which he claims to be the much better role, given that there seems to be a long-standing tradition that many of the Comedy Greats -- namely Seinfeld -- ALSO came in Second!)

Anyway, I was soooo worried that someone would see him and scoop him right up for SNL (Saturday Night Live for the T.V. impaired!) or something equally great, then he would say "Ailsa who???" from his big new mansion when I phoned to find out how to add something new to the site, then I'd be totally screwed! So I got Steve to teach me how to manage the site all by myself -- I just need to call him every now and then to figure out new stuff... that's why you might have noticed a huge amount of new material on the site, lately! I'm completely in love with the site, and can't stop working on it! ha,ha,ha!

Okay, so that's a long story to get to this point -- I think that after my little inspiration this morning, maybe I was lead down this path for a special reason ... the number of coincidences and chance meetings that happened to get me to this point are amazing (including how I met Dwight and everything that even brought us to this Build...), so perhaps this is all Meant to Be!

So drop me a line and let me know what you think of this idea. I'll start looking for a Logo Artist who can make up some Professional Logos, then we can all go from there!

Contact me at

And here's a great Company that can 'hook you up' with all sorts of other Fundraising Ideas!

< eFundraising Superstore> all your fundraising needs!>

Oh, yeah. Here's another little idea I happened to come up with this morning that you might like to have made into a Logo and then Put on a Buff.

It's Think! -- Outside the Box!

What do you think of that?? Cute and thought provoking. Great for Students -- past, present and future! I think we'd all be a little better off if we could take a step outside of ourselves to see another's view or see another view for ourselves! There's a wee bit of my personal philosophy for you! (Me brain is showing through, again! ha,ha,ha!)

If you want to use this 'Think Outside the Box' Logo, drop me a line and 'we'll talk'!

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And now for More Sports &/or College Oriented Stuff --

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