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Exterior Finish : Stucco

So here's our House, now! The Stucco went on in September of the Year we Built -- you have to get the Stucco on before the Frost really hits, for the most part. Some Builders who build year-round will go ahead and put the Stucco on in the Winter (we live in a very Cold Climate in the Winter), and it seems to be okay. If you are Building on your own, though, you can have the Scratch Coat put on and just wait until the weather is nice before the Stucco goes on. Typically, you need thre nice dry days for the Stucco for optimal results.

Initially we wanted a different Color Combination, but couldn't get it passed by the Architectural Controls in our Neighborhood, so I ended up saying to Dwight to just go ask them which Shade of Beige they wanted us to have, and just agree to it, because at that point I just wanted the job done. It turned out that we got Empire Quartz with a Tan Contrast Color, and we're really happy with the House Color. It's a very easy House Color to live with, so we were better off in the long run to have gone with this color selection.

Oh, and just so you know, the house is not pink -- it's just the way the sun is hitting the Stucco. Beige Shades of Stucco can take on Pink and Rose Hues, and Grey Shades can take on Blue and Purple Hues, so keep that in mind when you are choosing your Stucco Color -- or when you are accepting whatever color someone else gives you! ha,ha!

You can see I have a LOT of Landscaping to do -- luckily, I love Gardening...I just need to drag Dwight out there to dig the holes!

Note my Round-About Driveway -- took many, many 'negotiating' sessions to get Dwight to agree to this, but now, of course, he firmly believes this was his idea, too! Men! They're annoyingly useful! ha,ha,ha!

We were pleasantly surprised when the snow finally melted and we had a lot more grass than we had anticipated.

I did go out last summer and cast a lot of grass seed out, but I really didn't expect the results we got, so I'm thrilled.

House Plans

Here's Aidan at the Front Entry -- he's three and a half, now, and a going concern! He really loves the Land -- we'll need to get a Park set up for him in the Back Yard -- I already have one planned out -- we just need Dwight to agree and then do the work!) and Whammo -- our own private park! WooHoo!

This is the Exterior of the Sunroom -- you can see the Beam running across the bottom under the Door -- that's where the Deck will go. We have a 10 Man (and I Hope to God that is strictly a phrase and not something I will actually find in my Hot Tub!...ha,ha,ha!) Hot Tub that will be craned over to go into this Deck.

And here's the Back Deck off the Dining Room, so Dwight can have easy access to his Beloved BBQ! He's Mr. Rib King!

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