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Building Timeline -- STAGE 2

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March 4th

Dig begins, today!

March 5th

Dwight and I visit the Site. Amazing! Garage and Trenches done.

March 6th

Window and Door Package ordered, Gienow Windows in Calgary, AB

March 7th

Lumber Package ordered. Big Dog Lumber, Calgary, Alberta, Canada -- Thanks to Ken Tang for all his great help!

March 8th

Paid for Floor and Joists, Big Dog Lumber (for Sub-Floor)

March 11th Footings for Foundation Cribbed, today, by Midoram Concrete.
March 12th Concrete for Footings is poured. They're 8" in Depth, 24" in width.
March 13th Cribbing Boards for Footings are stripped. Began Cribbing the Foundation Walls.
March 15th Interior walls are cribbed -- 9 foot ceilings in Basement.
March 18th Cribbing for Foundation Walls continues all week.
March 20th Coldest First Day of Spring in Albertan history. Too cold to pour the concrete! (-27 degrees Celsius)
March 22nd Cribbing of Foundation Walls Complete!
March 25th Concrete Poured, today! 7 Loads of Concrete, only 3 hours to complete!
March 26th Cribbing Boards removed. Looks like a real basement! Thanks to Midoram Concrete for a fantastic job!
March 27th Ordered Lumber for the Sub-Floor to be delivered to the Site on Thursday.
March 28th

Framing for Sub Floor begins. Dave Brunning Construction (403-995-9513)

Dave and his handy crew, Bruce, Jeremy and Jason!

March 30th Foundation Walls Damp-proofed with a Tar Foundation Spray
April 3rd Sub Floor is done!
April 4th North Wall (Kitchen) is up. West Wall (Great Room) well on it's way!
April 6th Dwight & Steve install Styrofoam Insulation around Interior of Walk-Out Foundation Wall.
April 7th Steve & Pat (Steve's friend and room-mate!) dig Trench (5" D X 12" W) for the Electrical Cables. (Steve = Webmaster/Comedian/Construction Guy!)
April 8th The Foundation Inspection is Passed in the morning. Dwight, Ray (Dwight's Dad and Business Partner) and Steve installed the Waterlines.
  Main Frame of the House is up! Amazingly fast!
April 9th

Cement Steps for the Exterior Front Entry are Ordered. Construction Material Hauled away -- great company out of Calgary - Reliable Quick Haul : 403-819-0153.

April 10th Gasline and the Electrical Lines are in -- Bobcat begins to Backfill.
April 11th Trenches around House are Backfilled. Much safer, now! Trusses for the Garage arrive. House Appraisal done.
April 12th Garage completed -- roof and all! Looks fantastic! Main Trusses arrive on site. Started Utility & Phone Accounts. Dwight met with our Mortgage Broker.
April 15th

Main Trusses are 50% Done. Continue to Backfill the Trenches around the House. Removal of Dirt for Walk-Out begins -- a daunting task!

April 16th

Culvert in for Driveway ( 28' of pipe). Begin building Driveway. Continue moving Earth for Walk-Out. Both Bow Window Trusses Done.

April 17th

Driveway Completed today -- gravel in, too. Front Entry Exterior Trusses Done.

Dwight rented a larger Generator for Dave to Sheet House and Roof -- waitingfor Epcor (power company) to do main tie-in for Electrical. Backfill to House is Complete. Main Trusses -- 70% done.

April 19th

House is completely Framed and Sheeted! Walk-out is complete, and the ground has been excavated -- we can see the mountains from the Walk-Out!

April 22nd

Windows and Doors arrive from Gienow Windows in Calgary -- they look great!

Thanks to Scott MacInnes for all his help with the Windows! Dwight and Steve fill Interior Trench by Walk-Out.

April 24th Gas-line hooked up, today. Both Bow Windows are in and Front Entry Door, too.

Stage 1 - Stage 2 * Stage 3 * Stage 4 * Stage 5 * Stage 6

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