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*** *** *** *** I hope these pictures work -- you know I struggle with this! The selection is craaazy, though -- I couldn't stop looking at this site, today, and I think we'll buy one of these gorgeous Wedding Dresses for CARA!! Yippeeee! I love a Wedding!!

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses at Amazing Prices! Wow, I just found this site, and it's incredible... I can't stop looking at all these stunningly gorgeous Wedding Gowns for waaay under $200. The vast maority of the wedding Dresses are between $85. - $135. OMG, where else ca you find any great deals like that?? I had to show you... * Tell a Friend * Tell a Friend about (Or Anyone you think will enjoy My Site... don't wait 'til you're friends with them! lol!)

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Aah, Weddings... everyone loves a Wedding. There are sooo many things to do to get ready for a Wedding, that it's nice when it's easier to find stuff in one place -- here! I love all the stuff that you can do (and get!) online, these days. This is gonna save everyone a lot of time and money, so that'll be good for your Relationships!

Now, I've had two weddings (ooh, will there ever be a third, you might ask... and to that I say, "One can always hope", but that's only because I was married for a long time, and I know how great marriage can be when it is good... that's the tricky part for me, it seems... keeping it good! ha,ha!). Back to the 'Two Wedding' bit... one was enormous and expensive, and the other an elopement and very inexpensive. Guess which one lasted the longest? That's right -- the cheap one. So the amount of money you put into the Wedding has very little to do with how well the Marriage will go. Do what you feel is right for you, and try to keep your focus on the marriage as much as on your wonderful Wedding Day.

There are a few things I wish I'd known from the First Wedding, though, and a couple of things from the Second Marriage.

1. Don't get too tangled up in the tiny details. The fights aren't worth it, but they may be a precursor to what disagreements in the marriage might look like, so pay attention.

2. If your husband-to-be has a greater interest in a Big Fancy Wedding than you do, figure out why before the Wedding. All Pomp and Circumstance? A need to seem more important? Perhaps a teensy bit gay? (Keep your eyes wide open, as they say...!)

3. Sometimes a man (or woman) will want a Giant Wedding so it's too hard to back out of at the last minute. I think that's a huuuge part of why I wanted to Elope for the last Wedding -- seemed like a better option. That, and I wanted to get married on the Beach, and had just bought a house...

4. Spend a reasonable amount of money on your Wedding, but make sure you don't spend, say, your Downpayment on a Home, for one Big Day. I know it's an important day, but every day after that is even more important, so keep that in mind with every new idea you might want to add to your Wedding...

5. Oh, don't forget to make sure your spouse-to-be is good with their money, because soon enough, it's gonna be your money, too, that they get to deal with, and if they're a crappy money manager, you're in for a rough ride. If you know for sure that you're really good with your money, but your spouse-to-be says you're not, let that be a Big Red Flag for you. I've written a whole article about that -- Marry Rich, just so you can have a much happier marriage, without someone wrecking it by being a jerk. (See how I tidied up that last line? It's all very 'family-friendly' up in here...!) Financial Issues usually appear during the Wedding Planning Stage, so please-oh-please, listen carefully to what's said during those 'discussions'.

6. Congratulations! You're Getting Married! WooHoo!! Now go buy your own house, so you can live Happily Ever After!

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses at Amazing Prices! Wow, I just found this site, and it's incredible... I can't stop looking at all these stunningly gorgeous Wedding Gowns for waaay under $200. The vast maority of the wedding Dresses are between $85. - $135. OMG, where else ca you find any great deals like that?? I had to show you...

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Wedding Facts I think you'll like!

This year, 1 out of every 64 Americans will get hitched
There are 2.4 million weddings every year

1.8 of them are first-timers down the aisle

$72 billion/year is spent on weddings in the U.S.

46,000 weddings will take place every weekend all across America

18 million of us will be a bridesmaid or groomsman

304 million of us will be wedding guests

$19 billion/year is spent on wedding gift registries

The average cost of American weddings: $20,000+

The average wedding guest spends about $59 for a shower gift

The average wedding guest spends about $126 for a wedding gift

Target is the top retailer couples choose as their gift registry <Target 90x90 Logo>

11% of weddings occur in both June and August -- but May, September and October are almost as popular (10% for each of those months)

99% of couples take a honeymoon with the average budget being $3,657

$51,591 is the average household income of newly married couples


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