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Mmmmm, I love Chocolates! My favorite thing to get as a gift is Chocolate, and one of my favorite gifts to give is a lovely Box of Chocolates, so it's no big surprise that I would eventually 'build' my own Chocolate Shop on my Site! (My other two favorites to Give and Get are Flowers and Books...)

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Ooooh, and did you hear that new Study that suggests that Dark Chocolate is good (well, sort of 'good'...) for your Heart and maybe your Cholesterol? And I picked up some really Dark Chocolate for Dwight, who is Diabetic. Apparently, it's not too bad as long as the cocoa content is high enough, which seems to make the sugar level go down... anyway, he can have a wee bit of the Dark Chocolate Bar every so often.

I love Dark Chocolate the best, but I'm open to all sorts of different chocolates! Scottish Sweeties and Chocolates from Belgium are always fantastic, and there are some great companies where you can buy chocolates for yourself or as gifts, online. I buy stuff online all the time -- it's less expensive than sening it my slow-poke mail, and much faster and more reliable, too. Not to mention a much larger selection of Products.

I'll work away at finding some great Companies, so it makes your 'Chocolate Search' short and sweet! ha,ha,ha!

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< Personalized Chocolate Gifts for All Occasions> Add your family photo to a holiday gift for free. Delicious World's Finest Chocolate. > Remember these World's Finest Chocolates from when you were a kid? What, you're still a kid?? haha! I am particularly fond of their Chocolate Covered Almonds, and I love the idea of personalizing a box of chocolates with your favorite photo, or your Business Logo. Businesses are always looking for something more interesting to hand out to their Clients at the Holidays, and a box of chocolates with your Business Logo on it is a great idea. Nice to have as Thank you gifts for your Clients, year round, too. Hmm, now that's a Good Idea! <World's Finest Chocolate Your business logo on each gift for free. Wide price selection. >(Oooh, I just popped in to have a wee look at the chocolate for myself -- big gasp of surprise, here -- and they have a great Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe on the World's Finest Chocolate Website... scroll down to the bottom of their home page and you'll see the link. Yum!) More Personalized Products

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Luxury chocolates>

<><> Purdy's is one of Canada's Best Chocolate Shops -- we have two delicious boxes in our Pantry right now! Their Chocolate Shop is always jam packed full of choclate lovers at the Malls, and now you can order from Purdy's online! Yippee -- chocolate to your doorstep! <PURDY'S CHOCOLATES>


< ><Gourmet French Chocolate. Chocolate, as beautiful as it tastes, from RICHART. Buy online. >

Get a free chocolate message card with any box of Petit RICHARTs. Our all time best seller features 49 pieces of gourmet chocolate from all 7 of RICHARTs signature flavor families. This is a $10 value. One per order and must use promo code FREEPLAK at checkout.

A box of RICHART completes a dinner party and makes special occasion more memorable.

Need to impress a client or thank your best customers? RICHART chocolates make great corporate holiday gifts. Let RICHART chocolates be your corporate gift specialist with your company logo or message engraved directly onto an edible chocolate card.

<Toast the New Year with our Luxuriance Assorted collection. Order online.>

< > Forget about waiting for someone else to get you the right gift -- go ahead and buy this for yourself... God Knows you're worth it, right?? ha,ha,ha!

RICHART is dedicated to producing fine chocolates for chocolate lovers around the world. This devotion to creating fine chocolate and the art of the chocolatier is unmatched by other chocolate companies. RICHART gourmet French chocolate collections combine the finest chocolate and best ingredients the world has to offer in beautifully presented specialty gift chocolate boxes (ballotins). An unforgettable chocolate experience, RICHART’s luxurious French chocolates are as beautiful as they are delicious and please any palette. RICHART specializes in luxury chocolate gifts with products ranging from $26 - $750. Year round, RICHART offers an extensive range of chocolate collections perfect for holiday gifts, Valentines, Easter, corporate gifts and weddings. <Gourmet French Chocolate. Chocolate, as beautiful as it tastes, from RICHART. Buy online. >

< Petits Richart Discovery Ballotin from RICHART> I love, love, love the Miniature Chocolates... makes me feel like I'm being a tad better than I really am being! ha,ha,ha! Plus, they're cute! (And for the record, I wouldn't pass up on the Regular Size Chocolates, either -- I'm normal like that!)

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<Fannie May Candies Brand Logo - Red >

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<Find a delicious assortment of chocolate wedding favors at guaranteed low prices at My Wedding Favors.>

< Wedding favors and bridal shower favors>

< Delightful Deliveries> <Shop America's #1 Gift Basket Website>

<Ghirardelli Chocolate> Delightful Deliveries features delicious gifts from Mrs. Fields, Shari’s Berries, Ethel M Chocolates, Green Mountain Coffee, Ghirardelli Chocolate, Mrs. Beasley’s and over 40 other food manufacturers. Delightful Deliveries has been ranked #1 by Alexa for Gift baskets. They are a top 400 website according to InternetRetailer. They’ve been featured on NBC Today, ABC TV, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine and dozens of others. <Shop America's #1 Gift Basket Website>

< > Ailsa's Favorite Books - Ailsa's page There's nothing (much!) that I love better than a good cup of tea, some lovely chocolates and a great book to read (all curled up by the fire, of course!), so would be your one-stop shopping for that!

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I'm thinking you might like a nice cup of coffee, too!

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Here's a SHOP.COM - UK link -- you can find yummy British Chocolates in here!



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