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Well, we all know how great it is when you finally find a great Hairdresser, and I just found a fantastic one of Aidan, my little 7 year old son, down here in L.A. If you're a long time Reader, you'll know we moved down to Los Angeles from Calgary, Alberta, Canada last August. The first few haircuts were at various locations, and you could barely tell his hair had been cut, but at The Hair Architects, he comes out with his hair looking great!

Best place in L.A. for Aidan's hair cuts...

Hair Architects, 6865 La Tijera Blvd., Los Angeles. 310-338-1300

Here's a little Hair Horror tale for you, since you're here, now, and maybe feel like reading some more... haha! When I first moved out to Calgary, I asked Dwight (my Fiance at the time) where he had his hair done, then I would just pop into the same hairdressers.... man, sometimes I really pay for my insane need to save time by looking for something all by myself... okay, so when I went in there, I shouldda clued in that there might be a problem, because everyone appeared to have virtually the same haircut -- something that Jeff Foxworthy might have a field day with... can you see where this is going? Yep, I came out of there with a Mullet! Aaagh! So after my tears dried, I decided that I would always check the person's hair choices first, before breanging, head first, so to speak, into another Hair Disaster!

If you have a great Hairdresser you might want to put on here, let me know and we'll see what can be done... See you at the Salon! Ailsa

Hey, you can help spread the word about my Site -- here's a new 'Tell A Friend' that my friend James made for me. He's been working away to teach me some new things for my website that I desperately need to learn to make the improvements I really want. Oh, and don't feel restricted by the whole 'Tell a Friend' thing. You don't even have to really like someone to tell them about! What do I care? I'm just interested in loads and loads of people coming in for a visit -- maybe even buying something through the Site! And who knows??? Maybe they'll quit borrowing money from you by learning how to Manage their own money after reading my Articles! ha,ha! So here it is, and it's easy schmeasy to use!<

> Thank You!! Soon we'll be enormous! (And I don't mean just because of all the Caramel Apples, neither! ha,ha,ha!) Uh, oh... I see there's no apostrophe in the Friends Name Box -- must tell James! Rest assured ( I don't want you to lose sleep over this!), I do know it needs and 's... we'll fix it for you! See ya'! Ailsa

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