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< Mexican Rustic Furniture -> Often in an older home, there won't be nearly enough Closet Space, so this is a great option that looks lovely and can hold all sorts of stuff. Often you can get these pieces so they open at the top, and you can put your TV in there, should you feel you have to hide away a TV... personally, I like any TV completely available to me the second I walk into a room, and can't relate to the need of some to hide them -- I need something where you could, say, hide a spouse, or something! ha,ha,ha!

< Children's Furniture at House2Home Furniture> Kids' Rooms can be quite small, so anything that's space-saving is great. I love the drawers under the bed -- very practical! I have all of Aidan's clothes ( he's 6) separted out so he can easily choose an outfit by himself -- and will still look presentable for the world! You know sometimes you send your child in to get dressed and they come out looking like a wee waif... that's never a really good look! Oh, and f you're battling with a small child about what they're going to wear, just put out two outfits and let them choose which one they want to wear. They feel in control of the situation, and you won't get a headache.Or have to drink so early in the morning...! (Kidding!)

< Solid Wood Furniture at> Oooh, I love the Backs on these Chairs -- don't they look comfy? I don't know about you, but I spend a tremendous amount of time sitting at the Dining Room Table -- it's comfy and cozy. And the longer I sit there, the more time I can take before I have to start cleaning up the kitchen, so really, it serves two purposes...!

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