Baldwin Hill Youth Football Association, Inc., Printable Page

P.O. Box 78182,

Los Angeles, CA 90009

Dear Sir or Madam,

On behalf of The Baldwin Hills Youth Football Association, I would like to thank you in advance for considering our need for additional funding to help support our Youth Teams. As you know, the costs involved in running a Volunteer Sports Program are very high, so we are hoping to gain the support of Local Businesses.

Our Neighborhood Children are between the ages of 5 and 14, and we are fortunate enough to have over 500 children in our Program. Unfortunately, due to the low socio-economic conditions of many of our families, it is a continuous strain on the parents and the organization to keep up with the expenses of providing the kids with their Team Outfits and the Annual Fees.

The Baldwin Hills Youth Football Association provides the boys and girls in our Community a great opportunity to play Football and participate in Cheerleading in a friendly, safe, and supportive environment. The children are able to grow in their love of the game and develop high self esteem, which will help them greatly in their future endeavors. Keeping our Youth Fit, Healthy and Happy builds future citizens who will be involved Community Members and contribute greatly to the wellness of the entire Community.

We are in particular need of new Helmets, particularly for the 13 and 14 year old boys. We actually need new helmets for all the Football Players, but one step at a time. Any support we can get in this area would be fantastic!

We are also in need of Shoulder Pads, Uniforms, Shoes and Socks. The Baldwin Hills Youth Football association is a Non-Profit Group, so we have the Tax Right-Off Numbers in place to make this even more beneficial to your company, or for an Individual Charitable Tax Deduction.

Thank you so very much for your kind consideration of our Financial and Supply Needs. We hope to hear from you soon with some great news!


The Baldwin Hills Youth Football Association

Tax I.D. # 237047084

Checks can be made out to:

The Baldwin Hills Youth Football Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 78182,

Los Angeles, CA , USA 90009

The Baldwin Hills Youth Football Association

Note from Ailsa:

So I went to this Youth Football Game in last Football Season, over in Baldwin Hills, a neighborhood in Los Angeles around the corner from my place, and it was hilarious to watch these tiny little guys in their Football Uniforms! My little guy, Aidan, who will be 8 in September, won't be big enough until next year to play football, but I really loved these teams, so now, of course, I want to help them to raise some money. Everyone else is in the stands watching the game, and I'm in the stands asking questions about how much money they have to support their teams... that's just me. Can't help it. Got a Good Cause? Tell me all about it, I'll see what I can do to help...

I volunteered to re-do their website and to raise some money for them, so I'm hoping my wonderful, extremely generous Readers (that's what I'm telling everybody you are ...!) will pass along my little Fundraising Letter to any Big Company or Corporation you think might like to make a Tax-Deductible Donation to this Youth Football Association. I think what I'll do is create a Thank You page on my site (, and make a nice Sponors page on the new site for the Baldwin Hills Youth Football Association. Might as well use all the great connections I've made over the years with my site to help out a nice bunch of kids.

Just so you know, the kids are between 5 and 14, and the Girls' Cheerleading starts at 5 years old (yes, incredibly sweet with their tiny little Cheerleading Outfits on), and the boys start playing football at 7 -- so cute in their Football Uniforms! The kids work really hard, and the Coaches and Support People are all volunteers from the Community. They put in lots of time -- now they just need more money, so if you know anyone who might like to give a little something, please pass along my Fundraising Letter. Thank you! I've got the best Readers out there -- lucky me!! (Oh, and if you would like to make a Personal Donation, every dollar counts and adds up quickly, so any amount is a great amount! Remember what happened with Oprah's Angel Network? That started with coins, so imagine what we could do with a small donations from a whole lot of people?? The kids'll have new Helmets in no time!)

Thank you! Every dollar helps out, so if your Organization, or you as an individual, would like to contribute to a great group of kids and get a tax right-off, we would appreciate your support! You know you're my favorite! (And it's not just based on the amount you might give -- it's totally about your personality, too! ha,ha!) Ailsa

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Ailsa Forshaw,

You know what just occured to me? What if My Wondeful Readers (that's you!) were able to pop into Amazon and purchase a pair of socks, or a helmet, or something that the kids really need (maybe a Gift Certificate, so they could get the right sizes, 'n stuff...), then send it on over to their address: The Baldwin Hills Youth Football Association, Inc. P.O. Box 78182, Los Angeles, CA , USA 90009.

Hmmm. Now I need to think how I could make that work, especially so you could still get a Tax Receipt. Wonder if the print-out from Amazon with the Baldwin Hills Address on it would be sufficient for an Accountant? Let me find out and get back to you on that!

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