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Great Ads!

So I put these on here because it saves me a lot of time to 'grab' these Ads to put on my Daily Update Page.

New Bidvertiser Ads

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QuestSeek Search Engine

























Smaller Search Box




Search the web:









































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Little Ad, Driving Info & Advice

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Free Coloring Pages

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Large Ad, General

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And now for the Sharebuilder Ads -- and Jonathan at Sharebuilder told me it was perfectly OKAY for me to ask you to Click on their Ads -- Every Click Supports My Site, so Click Away, Baby!! Thanks, Ailsa!!

Large Girl Ad!

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Big Guy Ad!

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120 X 240...< >120 X 90...< > Tiny < >

Half size... < >

ClickXchange ads



Free Stuff!

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Bruce A. Berman -- How to Get Rich!

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Find Out How To Get Rich!

Shareasale Ads

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<Federal Homes ::: The Nation's Tr!>usted Foreclosure Search Engine




<We Pay For Your Opinion!>


<Americas Best Kitchens>

<Get cute cellular accessories for your cellular phone!! >


<Bad credit is no problem! Apply here for an Auto Loan.>

<Free Money><Free Cash>

<A+ College Resources, LLC>


<What’s worse than needing legal help? Not having access to it! No matter what kind of legal situation you face, we can help you immediately. Go to >

Full size ppl...


Well, I just like this one!


<Cosolidate & Educate><Credit Counseling help><Are you debts making your personal life unhappy. >

<Reclaim control over your financial future!!! Put all bills into one affordable lower interest monthly payment. Free Quote >

<Add our Search Box to your site and make $$$ while your fans search top search engines.>



<Visit and discover ALL the answers to YOUR health questions!>



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Fantastic Freebies!

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