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Man, it's almost time to do your Taxes!! Yikes! Where does the time fly? South, no doubt! But now we all have to buckle down and get the Forms in, or do what I did one year when I just couldn't get myself together to get My Taxes in on Time, and get an Extension.

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Here are some great Links for you to help you File Your Taxes...

<Urgency_180x150><H&R Block's Online Tax Products - Beating Tax Deadlines. That's my Advantage.>

<Banner 10000366><Time is running out. Complete your taxes with H&R Block's TaxCut Products.>

H&R Block is the world's largest tax services company. It served nearly 21.6 million clients in the U.S. and 11 countries during fiscal year 2004. Clients were served at the approximately 11,000 H&R Block retail offices worldwide and through the company's award-winning software, TaxCut, and its online tax services.

<OTP 3><Do your taxes online with H&R Block. Just plain smart.>

When it comes to tax preparation, whether you want to do it online or utilize the H & R Block software, they’ve got a product to fit your needs.

They offer several do-it-yourself online and software products designed to fit your individual needs.

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· Our Standard Online Tax Program offers a fast and easy way to do your taxes, with e-filing at no additional cost.

· Our Premium Online Tax Program comes with all the features of our Standard Program, plus a free consultation with a tax professional.

· Our Signature Online Tax Program offers all the tools to do your own taxes with the added security of a tax professional reviewing, signing and e-filing your return.

· Deduction Pro Download assigns accurate, fair-market value to hundreds of the most commonly donated household items, including clothing, baby accessories, linens, furniture, household appliances and more.

· TaxCut Standard includes everything you need to complete your Federal return. Answer simple, easy-to-understand questions and the program does the rest.

· TaxCut Deluxe comes complete with FREE e-file and FREE TaxCut State. (Both after-mail-in rebate.) With Deluxe you can also access IRS Publications, and the H&R Block Interactive Video Library.

· TaxCut Premium includes everything in Deluxe plus additional features to help with investment and rental income, home ownership and sales, as well as retirement planning and family tax strategies.

· TaxCut Premium Home & Business includes two complete programs with everything you need to file your personal and business tax returns.

· WILLPower has been redesigned for 2004 and includes updated estate planning documents and resources including Will, Trusts, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, and more.

· Kiplinger's Home & Business Attorney contains two complete legal products in one with new and updated forms, documents, and legal resources for 2004!

Just in case you might need a wee Drink after you're done yo' taxes! And only have a few bucks left!!

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Internet!! A great place to start dreaming!

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