Disclaimer : The purpose of www.buildyourownhouse.ca is to provide my visitors with a solid understanding of the building process. As such, I have taken pictures (and video, but I still haven't figured out exactly how to get that on the site!) of the entire building process of our new house. Check out the Time Line of the actual house construction and other information as my site grows. Come on back in to see what's new 'At Home with Ailsa'!

If you're a long time Reader, you'll have noticed that I've added all sorts of things that just don't seem so very related to Building... that's because I have all sorts of things I'm interested in, so I just add whatever happens to be on my mind, or other stuff I'm working on outside my website... It's all very exciting!

My Website (www.buildyourownhouse.ca & www.BuildBuyRenovateSell.com) is designed to provide information to help you gain an understanding of the building process. I am not liable for any undertakings you will take. You are solely responsible for any actions you choose to take with your own building or renovation project. The material presented on this site is to the best of my information and is not intended to replace the work of any professionals in the building trades.


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