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Emergency Fuel Cell Kits -- Portable Cell Phone and Laptop Computer Chargers

I just discovered this amazing new technology when my 10 year old son, Aidan, was doing his Science Project on Renewable Energy, this year, and we were both amazed by how incredible these Fuel Cell products are! They're unbelievable1 Initially, I wrote straight to the manufacturer to see if I could get good links for you, my lovely Reader (!), but they were not as fast as I wanted them to be, so I'm putting up the links through Amazon, where you are much safer buying from, anyway, since you know for sure they're legit, and for sure you will get the product you have ordered. I love Amazon -- I love anyone who is truly reliable!

So these Fuel Cell Kits are waaay cool.... you can plug your cell pone into them to charge your cell phone -- perfect if, God Forbid, there's ever a power outage (critical in California, where we live, because of the constant awareness of earthquakes...), but power outages can happen anywhere, for any number of reasons, and it's just good to be prepared.

I think this is very cool if you are going camping, and you'll be away from a regular source of power (remember, I'm Canadian, so camping is a huuuge part of our lifestyle! haha!).

There's a great litle tiny Fuel Cell Kit that is a portable unit for charging your cell phone or laptop computer that I think is very cool, and very practical, too.... must find it, then I'll put that link up, too :)

Fantastic for bringing light when you need it, too! It's not just about your phone, although, that's everyone's lifeline, now -- what would you do without your cell phone?? What? No texting?? Dat craazy! Get one for yourself, but for your family as well, so you can all stay in touch when you need to! It's good to be safe! :)

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Product Features:
Medis Fuel Cell Xtreme Emergency Kit (Box): A better way to prepare for the next blackout. Power blackouts leave millions of people exposed and vulnerable every year. And traditional batteries may not help when it's time to power up the emergency essential

Better than battery power- doesn't go flat on the shelf, doesn't need charging from the wall and doesn't contain toxic, hazardous chemicals
Instant power plus long shelf life- get emergency light and phone access the moment you need them and be prepared by stocking up with multiple Power Packs for home or office

Versatile- universally compatible with many smart phones and standard phones, MP3 players, Bluetooth accessories and more; includes connector tips for standard USB, Mini USB, Micro USB, Nokia tips, and bonus connector tips for increased compatibility

Green, eco-friendly, clean, alternative energy source- It's one of the greenest sources of backup power in the world and it's recyclable

Product Description:
Medis Fuel Cell Xtreme Emergency Kit (Box): A better way to prepare for the next blackout. Power blackouts leave millions of people exposed and vulnerable every year. And traditional batteries may not help when it's time to power up the emergency essentials such as a flashlight and cell phone. The Medis Fuel Cell Xtreme Emergency Kit is built around the world's first personal fuel cell, delivering emergency power to a wide variety of devices when a user needs it most. Unlike batteries, the Medis Fuel Cell does not self-discharge over time, so it's always ready to deliver instant power. Users simply activate the Medis Pack to access 20 watt-hours of instant energy for charging a user's cell phone multiple times (Number of charges may vary depending upon phone/device and amount of energy available in device battery) and the powerful 14-LED flashlight (included) for up to 100 hours, along with other portable devices. The Xtreme charging cable is powerful enough to charge a variety of devices including smart phones like Blackberry and iPhone, standard cell phones like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, iPod, MP3 players, Bluetooth accessories and more. Thanks to the Fuel Cell's long shelf life, users can stock up on multiple Power Packs for the home, office, car and boat, knowing that they'll always be ready for use. The Xtreme has universal compatibility with the included multiple connectors to recharge or power your portable devices using the included standard USB, Mini USB, Micro USB, Treo, and Nokia tips. Bonus connector tips included for increased compatibility! Medis' patent-pending fuel cell technology is an electrochemical energy source that generates its own energy without the need for outlets, charging, or limitations of batteries. Unlike the toxic contents of batteries, it's a green, eco-friendly, and recyclable energy source with full UL and CE approval. Disaster can strike at any moment. Be prepared with the Medis Fuel Cell Xtreme Emergency Kit.

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